Limited Offer: Guaranteed Positive ROI with @smartsteem + ROI Calculation Explanation

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Hello everyone,

We've noticed that the current market-situation has had a negative influence on many of our customers and even on us, as well.

Seeing prices fall is, most of the time, not a great motivator to create posts, videos and advertise them with services as

That's why we decided to do something that will hopefully motivate many of you.

Guaranteed positive ROI with our bid-bot *

While our vote-selling market (@smartmarket) has had a positive ROI ever since its creation (currently 10%) - @smartsteem, the bid-bot has a max ROI of 10% as well but also a max loss of -10%.

Which means: bidding with @smartsteem would give at most an upvote with a positive ROI of 10% and at max with a negative ROI of -10%.

The Change: Guaranteed 1% positive ROI

Starting from today with a limited time-span, we've changed the max loss from -10% to +1%. Which means: you'll get at least an upvote with a positive 1% ROI.

As seen on the image above, you can confirm this change by going to and taking at @smartsteem's configuration.

ROI Calculation

Now, we also have to talk about the important topic of ROI calculation.

When we say guaranteed positive ROI - we're talking about the ROI at the time of the vote-purchase/bid. Which is calculated as follows:


Max is a motivated steemian who is creating high-quality posts and wants to promote his post to reach a bigger audience.

After creating his post - Max decides to use the vote-selling market and bid-bot from He takes a look at and sees that the next bid-round for @smartsteem ends in 10 minutes. So he transfers 10 SBD to @smartsteem.

Additionally, he decides to buy 10 SBD worth of votes from as well - but he wants the max-amount of visibility so he waits until his post is 30 minutes old and then transfers 10 SBD to @smartmarket.

Vote purchases on a post that is younger than 30 minutes, result in lower upvotes as curator reward is lower => more reward for the author.

After he sends his transfer to @smartmarket for the guranteed 10% ROI upvotes - he notices that @smartsteem upvoted his post and checks how the current bid-round went on

7.32% ROI. That's a solid number he thinks to himself and smiles.

Storytime: Explanation

We hope that you enjoyed our little story. Now, Max bought both votes from the bid-bot and vote-selling market. The ROI calculation is pretty much the same for both.

The data for this example is as follows: (NUMBERS BELOW ARE FICTIVE AND DON'T REPRESENT THE PRESENT)

SBD - 1.8 USD

Calculation: Ratio

First - we calculate the USD vote-ratio aka the payout from votes.


(0.5 * SBD_DOLLAR_PRICE) + 0.5

(0.5 * 1.8) + 0.5 => 0.9 + 0.5 => 1.4

That means - our basic ratio is 1.4 - which would equal to a neutral 0% vote.

For @smartmarket - with a guaranteed 10% ROI - this would mean:


1.4 * 1.1 => 1.54

And for @smartsteem with a bid-round ROI of 7.32%

1.4 * 1.0732 => 1.5

Now - these numbers represent the ratio without curation. But in the case of @smartsteem, votes are only cast once your post is 30 minutes old to prevent bid-sniping and are dynamically calculated for @smartmarket.

Calculation: Ratio + Curation

At 30 minutes - a voter receives 25% of his own vote-value.

This means - for @smartsteem:


1.5 * 1.25 => 1.875

And for @smartmarket - this is dynamic based on the post-age, but Max decided to buy votes as soon as his post was 30 minutes old, which makes the follow calculation:

1.54 * 1.25 => 1.925

Calculation: Max's Votes

Max send 10 SBD â 18 USD both to @smartsteem and @smartmarket.

From @smartsteem, he received a vote with a 7.32% ROI: (the ROI could have been between 10% and 1%)

10 SBD * 1.875 =>  18.75$

And from @smartmarket - he will receive votes equal to 10% ROI: (always 10% - guaranteed)

10 SBD * 1.925 => 19.25$

Calculation: Payout

Now, 7 days later - Max, is happy because his post was payed out. But in that time-frame the Steem price went to 1.9 USD and SBD to 1.7 USD - would that have resulted in a loss?

Let's find out and calculate the Payout.

@smartsteem - 18.75$ vote.


18.75 * 0.75 => 14.06$ (Payout after curation)

((14.06 * 0.5) * 1.7) + (14.06 * 0.5) => 12 + 7.03 => 19.03 USD

In the case for @smartsteem:

Max paid 10 SBD. 18 USD at time of purchase and 17 USD at time of payout.
Max received 12 SBD + 3.7 SP => equal to 19.03 USD.

19.03 USD - 18 USD => 1.03 USD (5.7% ROI - SBD price of purchase)
19.03 USD - 17 USD => 2.03 USD (10.6% ROI - SBD price of payout)

Now, the calculation for @smartmarket's votes is very much the same, so we'll skip that.


As you can see - even though STEEM & SBD price fell - Max still made a very good profit. Between 5% and 10%. And we are not even counting the visibility he gained with that promotion. Which is actually the most important thing here.

We really hope that this post made the whole ROI-calculation a lot clearer for you guys!

And remember, you'll always make a positive ROI with @smartsteem and @smartmarket as long as outside influence aren't making too much trouble ;)

Go to and promote your posts right now or send a transfer directly to @smartsteem & smartmarket.

We'll be waiting for you!

Team Smartsteem

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Nice to have you here!

smartsteem is my favorite. I love what you guys have done, great work.

Thanks for breaking it down. I was feeling discouraged using smartsteem with the bear market. Overall I think it is better than most bidbots, also more consistent.

Sometimes you get a higher return on bidbot if it hits before 30 minutes but then other times same bidbot will return a negative ROI. Plus it's a lot of work trying time a bidbot just right, I don't have time for that.

The vote value is $375.84. If I put $600 down, will i still get a positive return on investment or would I lose money? What's the best method? Just use the upvoting service out of the steembottracker?

With smartmarket they return what is not used. So in your wallet you'll see that you sent X SBD to smartmarket and then a few minutes later you'll see the difference Y SBD from smartmarket. It's actually quite ... smart!

As for smartsteem I don't know, I've never sent too much to a bid bot. It probably just sends your complete bid back but I want you to confirm that with @smartsteem @therealwolf.

I dunno, I love @smartsteem, but the last few times I have used it my curation rewards steadily drop and drop until I lose what I put in... What's up? I'e been losing steem lately using it :(

Yes that's been happening to me. I don't fully understand it yet but I don't think that is directly the bot creator's fault. They can compensate with a greater margin.

I think it is to do with the recent drop in crypto values. STEEM has dropped significantly (which is why I'm transferring all I have into it). BTC is down too. I think that's driving this drop in rewards so therefore I "think" but cannot be sure, that when the price rises again the rewards will increase.

So the price drop explains the expected USD payout however I don't work in USD, I work in SBD and that should not drop much and at the same time. IE my understanding is that SBD payout is dependent on the size of the reward pool and the demand on it (how many votes have been made). So this recent drop in SBD expected payout has me confused.

As you're paying for votes in STEEM currencies I recommend you think in those currencies because the USD exchange rate varies so wildly.

yah, that was exactly what I thought was happening myself. Still annoying regardless of fault :(

Just heard from @therealwolf in discord that the SBD is hard coded 1:1 with the USD in STEEM. So regardless of the external exchange rate in exchanges it's 1:1 here.

However I don't yet understand why that reduces the expected SBD payout. Reason is, if the reward pool has X SBD in it that should be independent of USD rate. Ie 1000000 SBD to be handed out whether it's US$2 per SBD or US$0.50 per SBD.

Unless the reward pool is actually in STEEM and then once distributed is converted into SBD at the USD to STEEM rate which I think would reduce the SBD payout - but I have to think that through.

Look at this post...

It's down to $5.88 now because steem is less than $2 bucks!!!

What I don't like about this is that Steem will go back up, but I will not see a return here. The other side sitting on the steem will though... That kinda sucks... I'm basically giving my curation rewards away... 88 upvotes and I will get back way less than I put in... but Steem will bounce back and then therealwolf profits. Not saying he is doing anything bad or on purpose, just a side effect of the machine, but that blows... really... It took me several months to build up 10 SBD :P I'm a minnow, I'm only gonna have like 3 SBD now haha... not a big deal I know, but like I said, minnow, not easy earning steem...

But it does mean I can not even use the bot now... As it is 4 SBD minimum, and I won't even get back enough to big again haha :( not haha

But it does mean I can not even use the bot now... As it is 4 SBD minimum, and I won't even get back enough to big again haha :( not haha

Hi @nanocheeze yes you're right. And whilst it's no biggie in terms of $ it's a biggie in terms of all the hard work that went in. However as you've noted the value will go up again. I'm trying to put posts together as we speak to take advantage of that :) Gotta keep at it. I've taken a "relative" beating too lol. I don't know how much, don't know if I want to know. I moved my own money in that was in BTC to play and experiment. Thing is, this is a learning experience and it is persistence that will win at the end of the day!

Smartsteem is one of best bot than all others.

I went for this promotion with one of the posts... no idea how well or poorly the post did... but I went for it anyway because I believe in Steemit! Bought myself more steem power today as well. Go Steemit! (by the way, thanks for believing.)

Hey @smartsteem, I sent 20 SBD this morning but for some reason the bot failed to upvote my post. Could you please take a look? Thanks!

hey @smartsteem can you please vote me.. I will always share your post.. can you help me pls I always appreciate your post and work..

Great support and breakdown. Thanks!

@therealwolf .. btw, i love smartsteem i've been happy to use it and sounds like you're taking care of it.
Just 2 questions, re @smartsteem post, if you're only accepting SBD can you disable the steem option plse! or plse refund when we forget.

Also... I'm not totally sure why it's not better to buy votes within the first 30 minutes/straight away, so we can gain more visibility, ok, plus a bidbot for an even greater hit. In this post you suggest bidbot before buying votes, because of curator rewards. Ok, but for us we might get more votes because we've got votes earlier...? if you see what i mean. I can see it's no exact science

@smartsteem i will obviously send you steem/sbd. Thanks for informing us by your meaningful post. This post was resteemed by my 1500 followers.

Question: since we are operating within the Steem ecosystem , why do we care about the USD price?

Wouldn't it be much simpler to just calculate SBD/STEEM ROI ?

I would also prefer knowing the SBD and Steem given for each SBD.

Yes @therealwolf this has been my question all along. Why don't we do everything in SBD/STEEM?

Currently we're trying to calculate the waves in the sea when all we need to know about until cashing out of steem is what's happening on the boat.

BTW today I noticed that the expected SBD rewards for my current trilogy of posts on dealing with bullies has gone down. I would expect them to fluctuate a little as the demand on the pool changes from day to day (people voting etc) however they happen to have gone down a lot at the same time as SBD/USD.

Anyone got any info on this?

Hi, thank you for contributing to Steemit!

I upvoted and followed you; follow back and we can help each other succeed :)

thats a smart move

This is an interesting topic @smartsteem, I consider it important to know the evolution of what you express, you have to look for alternatives, excellent, THANK YOU for sharing!

Great support brou very informative. Thanks!

well that is fricking awesome! I know what bot will be using to bid with, what is the minimum bid?
I am going to resteem this so hopefully my friends and followers who have been afraid to use bots or been burned by negative ROI in the past can also benefit.

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this is my article

crypto is boring and way over done, go out in your neighborhood and take some pictures and write about life there, then I will upvote you. If you want people to upvote you don't ask for it. Write something they will want to upvote.

thanks brother... appreciated...🤑🤑🤑

I would prefer to earn money without bot.It would be better for us.Bot=Loss


Your post has been very good. Very well, thank you for sharing something good @smartsteem (64) .

On Friday, I was trying to decide whether or not it would be worth it to use the bots anymore. The biggest reason is the falling value in the SBD's and STEEM, I already have, and why using it would only put me in the red if I were to cash out to USD after the upvotes. Yes, this is a very conservative view, but I am in finance, so that's how I do things.

This all came after me keeping a journal of my posts for almost two months on the amounts bid on each bot and what each bot was initially able to upvote my post with.

I created a spreadsheet to help calculate both the 50/50 split and 100% SP payouts.

I came to the conclusion that if you start fresh and use the lowest cost SBD's and STEEM to buy upvotes, then you'll do okay unless these things occur:

  • The market drops and so does the value of the upvote, you received and the value of the currency you receive relative to USD after the 7 day waiting period.
  • Uneducated people coming in and buying upvotes on a bot beyond its capacity and automatically throwing everyone else into a loss.

It was also quite obvious the only immediate winners, who had little or no investment in MY investment were the curators. And the biggest curators were the bots, themselves.

What I take from this is that even using higher bought STEEM or SBDs to try to reinvest into the system is SELLING LOW!!! Don't ever sell low. That's the most basic knowledge anyone needs for trading. Duh...

So, yes... Create amazing content. Use the bots with the cheapest SBD's and STEEM you can and STEEM on! When the market comes back around, you'll actually have more SBD's or STEEM (in the form of SP's), than you would've if you would if the market would've been higher.

So, yes... Ultimately, if and when STEEM goes back, this is how the profits are really made on the bot upvotes, and it's a direct contradiction or my statement about only buying low.

U need to take off yr black list too. U have taken my many bids without upvoting.

U should at least refund

hi there!!!
it sounds interesting, because what it is happening right now with the market we need to find another way to recover from red market.

good luck!!!!
have a nice day!!!!

Good breakdown - sometimes it's hard to know if bots will be worth the investment or not.

Thanks for making this change @therealwolf.

Also, I'd like to get our smartsteem account re-reviewed. How do I request this? For some reason we were declined whitelist status even though we only publish original quality content. To help with this, I've added a Steemit account verification page to our website here:

Additionally, is it possible to get an invite link to the smartsteem Discord server?

Thanks again.

Great post @therealwolf, really appreciate the deeper explanation. Do you know of other posts where they go into the actual coding mechanics of it?

ufff. no entiendo nada pero de igual manera disfruto estar aquí con ustedes...

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First of all your calculation seems INCORRECT. When the Steem price decreases the pay out also decreases. Or do I just have that wrong in my mind?

second of all I would say you need to calculate the ROI in SBD. ROI = return on investment. And what did Max invest?

Third, if I calculate his return in SBD or in USD I get a return of 9.32% instead of 7.32% assuming prices remain stable.

I am still too new to understand this but the fact that it has been this explained just means in the future i will be able to get the information easily.

I will resteem this so that when the time comes and i am older and wiser in steemit i will get the relevant information.

Thank you and hope i get to see more useful information like this in the future

Excellent!!! till today, i just bought the vote directly from smart steem. Never bid for the vote. Now it is clear to me, still I can have profit after curation. Thanks for the details. Your service is really amazing. I am using on my every day post. Hope to continue with you.

I really don't understand how all these promotional schemes work. Could someone help me get a grasp on this? Minnow builder, promoted posts, services like this. I'm still trying to figure out all the different variations of currency just for Steemit, let alone this.

@therealwolf, do all bid-bots calculate ROI based on $ value?

Hi @therealwolf. I would like to do a fundraising post for two Venezuelan users. I will use all the author rewards to buy SBI shares for them. I would like to use Smartmarket and Smartsteem to get the post on the trending page for maximum visibility, and hopefully lots of upvotes and Resteems. How much should I spend on both services to accomplish this? Which tag should I use? Thanks!

well hopefully can rise to be able to support many people

We have chosen your post to be part of our top ten post of the day. Thanks for enlightening the community about this.

Thankyou sir for this post

Wow, I just used this service after being away for a couple weeks. -10 ROI? Won't be doing that again! Too bad I just got white-listed too :(

Start inviting your friends today and earn your share of a 250 STEEM reward pool. The reward at the end of the program is calculated based on the amount of users you have invited. (Example: 10 users signed up using your referral code, and there was a total of 100 new sign ups during the program. You would be rewarded with 1/10th of the reward pool (25 STEEM). If you are in the top 5 list of users with the most referrals you will be rewarded with an extra 50 STEEM.

We still need to explore a lot in steemit there are so many ways to earn which we don't know

i love the team of smartsteem .

in this steemit platform now its great time to write good content in order to achieve your target ,
If we are interested in doing something, we will be successful once

thats very informative. thanks for letting us know .

While we are waiting for responses to our questions , let's take a moment to appreciate the superb service @smartsteem and @therealwolf has been providing

This is quite a good deal. I'm actually currently delegating with @smartsteem..

Good post for explaining clearly everything about the new change @smartsteem. Having a guaranteed return in investment should motivate more people now to write even more valuable content.Good job!

What's the minimum sp we can delegate?? [email protected] has delegated 30 sp but not received anything

Thanks @smartsteem for details explanation, a lot of thing I'm learn as a newbie in this awesome Steemit platform. I'm try to digest every item and to understand more details and hopefully I'll know at least 50 % of the content. Haha. My own KPI setting. Hopefully other steemian can help and guide me to feel what other existing steemian feel.
Thank you.

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@smartmarket is becoming more greedy and greedy. Instant upvotes under 150% is unprofitable and better to use bad-bots, - I speak as a regular customer of smartmarket

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that's actually awesome to know ! thanks for sharing :)

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The title has me very interested. I can see how this post wins a trending position. I'm going to have to do more research on the topic! I'm hopeful to maximize my activity on Steemit! It looks like this is one smart way to get the ball rolling in a positive direction! Thank you very much for sharing!

Yours truly,


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