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RE: Limited Offer: Guaranteed Positive ROI with @smartsteem + ROI Calculation Explanation

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The vote value is $375.84. If I put $600 down, will i still get a positive return on investment or would I lose money? What's the best method? Just use the upvoting service out of the steembottracker?


With smartmarket they return what is not used. So in your wallet you'll see that you sent X SBD to smartmarket and then a few minutes later you'll see the difference Y SBD from smartmarket. It's actually quite ... smart!

As for smartsteem I don't know, I've never sent too much to a bid bot. It probably just sends your complete bid back but I want you to confirm that with @smartsteem @therealwolf.

I dunno, I love @smartsteem, but the last few times I have used it my curation rewards steadily drop and drop until I lose what I put in... What's up? I'e been losing steem lately using it :(

Yes that's been happening to me. I don't fully understand it yet but I don't think that is directly the bot creator's fault. They can compensate with a greater margin.

I think it is to do with the recent drop in crypto values. STEEM has dropped significantly (which is why I'm transferring all I have into it). BTC is down too. I think that's driving this drop in rewards so therefore I "think" but cannot be sure, that when the price rises again the rewards will increase.

So the price drop explains the expected USD payout however I don't work in USD, I work in SBD and that should not drop much and at the same time. IE my understanding is that SBD payout is dependent on the size of the reward pool and the demand on it (how many votes have been made). So this recent drop in SBD expected payout has me confused.

As you're paying for votes in STEEM currencies I recommend you think in those currencies because the USD exchange rate varies so wildly.

yah, that was exactly what I thought was happening myself. Still annoying regardless of fault :(

Just heard from @therealwolf in discord that the SBD is hard coded 1:1 with the USD in STEEM. So regardless of the external exchange rate in exchanges it's 1:1 here.

However I don't yet understand why that reduces the expected SBD payout. Reason is, if the reward pool has X SBD in it that should be independent of USD rate. Ie 1000000 SBD to be handed out whether it's US$2 per SBD or US$0.50 per SBD.

Unless the reward pool is actually in STEEM and then once distributed is converted into SBD at the USD to STEEM rate which I think would reduce the SBD payout - but I have to think that through.

Look at this post...

It's down to $5.88 now because steem is less than $2 bucks!!!

What I don't like about this is that Steem will go back up, but I will not see a return here. The other side sitting on the steem will though... That kinda sucks... I'm basically giving my curation rewards away... 88 upvotes and I will get back way less than I put in... but Steem will bounce back and then therealwolf profits. Not saying he is doing anything bad or on purpose, just a side effect of the machine, but that blows... really... It took me several months to build up 10 SBD :P I'm a minnow, I'm only gonna have like 3 SBD now haha... not a big deal I know, but like I said, minnow, not easy earning steem...

But it does mean I can not even use the bot now... As it is 4 SBD minimum, and I won't even get back enough to big again haha :( not haha

But it does mean I can not even use the bot now... As it is 4 SBD minimum, and I won't even get back enough to big again haha :( not haha

Hi @nanocheeze yes you're right. And whilst it's no biggie in terms of $ it's a biggie in terms of all the hard work that went in. However as you've noted the value will go up again. I'm trying to put posts together as we speak to take advantage of that :) Gotta keep at it. I've taken a "relative" beating too lol. I don't know how much, don't know if I want to know. I moved my own money in that was in BTC to play and experiment. Thing is, this is a learning experience and it is persistence that will win at the end of the day!

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