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We've implemented multiple updates over the last few days, which brought incredible improvements to

  • Super Speed - is faster than ever
  • Full Encryption Support & Encryption via
  • UI Improvements
  • Display Available Votes
  • Promotion Parameters (time delay, size of votes)
  • Detailed Payout
  • Bid Overview

Super Speed

First of all, the code behind got an upgrade, which increased the speed overall drastically (for example: how fast transactions are getting handled.)

We're currently voting between 20 and 160 times per minute. Which results in 28,000 to 230,000 votes per day! In addition with keeping the data (votingpower, steempower etc.) of over 5700+ Vote-Sellers updated and more.

This puts a lot of stress onto our servers, but due to the recent improvements, we've optimized everything to make sure that our customers aren't wasting any time.

And as you know - time is STEEM!

Full Encryption Support

While we supported encrypted memos for a few months now, the outgoing transactions from @smartsteem weren't encrypted, even if the initial transfer from the customer was encrypted - which put a strain on anonymity.

However from now on, all transactions which are initiated through an encrypted transfer, are also encrypted on the side of @smartsteem & @smartmarket.

And the best part of this is..

Encryption via gives you the power to buy upvotes and to bid-on-votes directly through the website. We're utilizing steemconnect for that, to make sure that we have the highest security standards.

And until now, transfers through were only available in an unencrypted format.

But with today's update - this has changed!

Whether you want to bid for votes with smartsteem ( or buy directly votes through smartmarket ( - everything is available fully encrypted.

The only thing you need for that, is your private memo-key, which you can get out of your password in multiple ways:

UI Improvements

Enhancing the website UI is an important priority for us. So far, we've made big changes to the buy-votes and bid-for-votes sections.

Check them out yourself at

Display Available Votes

Over the last months, our customers never truly knew how many votes were currently available for a specific post.

This resulted in good-luck transfers and often times refunds.

But from now on, you are able to check how many votes are available at a given time for a specific post directly at (

Promotion Parameters

We've implemented custom parameters for post-promotion via @smartmarket (

The parameters are a bit of text (json) that is added after the post-link in the transfer memo. {"delay":{"time":"5","unit":"m"},"votes":{"amount":"s"}}

But don't worry, everything is added automatically if you initiate the promotion via

Even if you want to send a transfer manually, the parameters can be copied via click on Copy Link

Time Delay

You're now able to send a transfer to @smartmarket with a time delay parameter, which lets us know that we should process the transfer as soon as the specific amount of time has passed.


In this case - the paramter says that the transfer should be processed in 5 minutes.

Possible units are m for minutes and h for hours.

Number of Votes

We currently have over 5700 vote-sellers and many of them are planktons and minnows, with really low vote-values.

And we are using a custom divider to make sure that a post isn't receiving 1000 * 0.001$ votes for a 1$. Instead, you might receive between 10 and 200 votes.

However, some users really want so many votes and some other users want as few votes as possible.

That's what the votes parameter is for.


In this case - the post would receive more smaller votes.

Possible parameters are xs for many, many smaller votes, s for more smaller votes, m for the normal amount of votes and l (large) for fewer votes.

Please keep in mind that multiple parameters have to be written like this:


Detailed Payout

The post-payout on STEEM went through a lot of changes in the last few months. Initially, set at 50% SBD and 50% Steempower, this value is dynamic - based on multiple factors.

We combined this with the ability to predict the payout, without any changes to the STEEM & SBD prices of course.

You will find this feature directly at

Bids Overview

When you send a transfer to @smartsteem, you're bidding on a share of @smartsteem's vote. Initially, we redirected our users to steembottracker to monitor the current bids & to check the last round.

But due to the recent changes in payout, the calculations from steembottracker became inaccurate, so we decided to implement it ourselves at

That way, we're also able to implement features ourselves. For example, when a round reached its limit, bids will be added to the next round and displayed like that (or refunded if the next round is full as well).

What's next?

While the recent changes & improvement are already amazing, we're not slowing down. Over the next few weeks, more improvements & features will be coming!

So make sure, you're following us and if you like - join us on discord:

Thank you for reading!

Team Smartsteem

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Hi there, wondering if you would allow me to translate this to Chinese and share it with the Chinese community? Thanks


Hey @susanli3769,

that is an amazing idea. Yes, please!



Great! Thanks for the trust. I have posted it. Just FYI-


you are welcome! if you need more support from me, pls feel free to advise. thanks


Hey @susanli3769,

very well done. Thank you!



You are more than welcome. Pls feel free to let me know if I can be of any help in the future. :) I’d love promote your project in Chinese community as I believe it will benefit them too. :)




Always improvements with @Smartsteem keep it up @therealwolf

@smartsteem woo interesting great job Guys

Congrats, you made the #steemitminute for today!
Click the Image Below to see the Video!


Hey @reseller,

thank you for mentioning us!


Hi I'm selling my voice to steemmarket since 30/6/2018 but I have not received any return since that time, although I caught the return on automatic every day please solve the problem


Hey there @samy.zoorb,

automatic payout is enabled for balances that hold at least 0.3 SBD / STEEM. Since you have less than that currently in your balance, the automatic payout hasn't happened yet.

You can either wait or withdraw it manually from

If you have more questions, then please let us know.



Thank you for your quick reply

Awesome! Been using your website to sell my votes and also buy some from time to time! I prefer this to any other service because it feels more like a open marketplace than a sacrifice to some devil. Knowing most of the profit goes to the sellers feels satisfying.

If vote bots should be part of the future of steemit, smartsteem should be it.

Great updates man! gonna check them out right away!


Hey @holm,

thank you for the great feedback!


Excellent work @smartsteem
I've been waiting for this update
It is based on everything that is currently happening around
I hope it will cover all the world around it
Thanks @smartsteem

It's really gud to hear about new changes which is beneficial to us and trustworthy but time taking too long so....

I'm very concerned about the future of advertising with Smartsteem. As traditional social media advertising continues to increase in price, companies will catch on to the opportunities available with Steemit and Smartsteem.

When advertising budgets are channeled intoSteemit influence, content will become advertisements in disguise. How will content creators compete, and how will a good content majority be ensured?

Does Smartsteem have any features to address this before it becomes a big problem?


There is a set limit for individual Accounts, plus they have a Spam protection. So from their side it's all good I guess ;)

Is any charges for joining smartsteem
I want to know about it

These are some really solid changes. Keep up the good work.


Is your bid bot @weupvote not working properly?


The one I Delegated to?

Seems to have been down for hours.


Yes that one.
Since you are the only one that delegated + there are more bots where you are the only one delegating, I thought you would also be the bot owner. Or is that an incorrect assumption from my side?


Early bird gets the worm. Get into bots early and reap unsold rewards

@smartsteem, Steemit have a good improvement and you have also dude you finding a latest news which is every one needed, Great job

what is the next step of steemit dude?

@smartsteem Here Are Good info tech. And Hi smartsteem its wonderful idea. Throughout the following couple of weeks, more changes and highlights will come!

Current ROI: 10% (Ratio: 228% to 260% at 15% - Increasing linear)

@smartsteem, I gave you an upvote on your post! Please give me a follow and I will give you a follow in return and possible future votes and comment!

Thank you in advance!


Great job guys. Been using and also selling votes on your platform for quite a bit now and seeing those improvements makes me and many others very happy. Good to see so many detailed settings now possible. Keep up the good work!


Great concept love to work on it.

Great work...

Fantastic work with this one, kudos

Fantastic work with this one, kudos

Very informative post.... n encouraging also....keep updating us with the latest news...looking forward for more blogs...

Well there are many projects which are coming in the market everyday, however smartsteem stanout in the crowd, because it has good platform to work on and at the same time we have good team backing this project, way to go ahead

pls do upvote , follow and response, thank u

Thats awesome, great job guys keep on improving :)

Wonderful project Roeland! You are the best.what a good idea, buy here and sell there with a good profit margin just in seconds. That's cool if you ask me. It may be a nice arbitrage opportunity, but it’s also risky and if doesn't pan out you might lose money on taxes. Nevertheless, investment in Steem is always a good investment.

Its quite interesting for early adopters. Let us try!

How can we participate in the team as a voter and gain some sbd or sp%?

Thanks for this update

Yes I am interested good

Can you buy votes for a post and then later on buy more for the same post?
Or does this mess it up?

Hi smartsteem its wonderful idea if you want take a look at my profile also

Great job guys! Really appreciate what you do for our community. 👍😎


Guys please help I sent 25 SBD to smartmarket since it was advertised on steem bot tracker but i did not get refund or upvotes please help.

Congratulations @smartsteem!
Your post was mentioned in the Steemit Hit Parade in the following categories:

  • Upvotes - Ranked 5 with 956 upvotes
  • Pending payout - Ranked 3 with $ 541,34

Great job! Smartsteem is a super service!


Thank you!

hello smartsteem sir,I have upvote your blog, your blog is very good, your blog has been explained very well by trike in detail which is very good. Please help me

great smartsteem thank you for sharing.

I gave you an upvote on your post! Please give me a follow and I will give you a follow in return and possible future votes!

Really a good news. Hope to see similar updates in furture as well

Great job.

Nice idea bro :)

excelente post


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lo siento no are lo mismo
ala próxima gracias

I have used smartsteem . You guys are amazing.

excellent publication interesting the evolution that Smartsteem has it real ?

I am gonna try this very soon.

Is it possible to accept money in form of USD ?

I sell my upvotes to Smartsteem, and I am happy with these improvements. Keep it up.

Good work.. happy to stay with u

Posted using Partiko Android

Hey smart work

It's very helpful to me. Thank you for reading.

Excellent educational material

@smartsteem how long does it take for you to transfer a bid and actually vote on a post.

Did you just send yourself 130 SBD to upvote yourself?

Surely all this accomplishes is to put the rest of the legit vote buyers into a negative ROI?

I hope I'm misunderstanding something??? Please show me where I'm getting it wrong.


We are paying for our votes like everyone else. 95% of the profit goes to delegators - we are not the ones profiting from a negative ROI.


Ah, OK, cool... P.S. Not insinuating anything dodge... just asking why not limit it to say 100SBD and let everyone that bought that round end with a + ROI.

Good that it is improving people will benefit

Great friends, continue with the good work!

Hi, Japan excellent played. Unfortunately Japan loss this game.

Hi @smartsteem can you adjust the ROI to maintain 20% or 25%...this will help minnow to grow

I'm SO confussed ! This is so hard! I Steemit is so hard to understand. I'm trying, but its like when you start a channel like I am. There is no chance anyone will ever see it if you don't have a huge following. Once its down the 'new' list.... its gone forever and no one will ever see it? Help ! please!

This is even more better news about this system.

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its nice project

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Cool update and smooth running of UI great work .speed is incredible increase

Reached out on discord multiple times to be re-evaluated for star ratings, but no response :/ I hope you guys will get to me someday :P @therealwolf @smartsupport

What's next? Giveaways!!!