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Hello everyone,

it is our highest priority to make sure that questions regarding are getting answered. However, often times questions are getting asked inside comments under our posts.

While we are working on a system which will help in these cases, for now - we are primarily giving support on our official discord server.

Additionally, you will also be up-to-date with newest updates.

So please join us on Discord:


We'll be awaiting your arrival!

Thank you.

Team Smartsteem

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I much rather prefer Discord to Telegram or Slack; however the problem with all 3 of them is that when you're in more than 3-4 channels the spam won't stop! Especially if you join channels for airdrops like myself! It's hard to seperate the noise from the news

airdrop community channels are really annoying . people looking for only free dollars with 0 investments are often found to have comments which hardly have depth and they can make any rumors if they fail to get something so I always prefer in hard works rather that free pots.

I am totally already there homie! Thanks for what you do!

hello friend. to my post was not done upvote,translated 15.00 sbd can you return them to me? @aleqssteemiter

I sent you 5 SBD today for upvote, but it havent received it, please refund or upvote for 5SBD.

Hey @fortnite-tv,

problem was solved via discord.


Sir plz more explain this project.

as he just said, join the dicsord and you can always get more info on

I sent 15 SBD and got nothing. I've checked the round and other people have had theirs? Please send a refund of 15 SBD.

Why is my vote value $20.11 and I only received $1.16 of votes??



Hey @seetheworld.sgp,

your post is always upvoted as soon as it's 30 minutes old. You can also use @smartmarket ( and those votes are cast even if your post is 1 minute old.


That's really a good method to help minows. I will definitely join this channel.

I will be grateful to you if you read my post- Is BTC a Blind Game click here
and give me ur suggestions I am waiting for your response. It will helpful for me to grow my Network.
Thank you :)

Will surely join .. I need more knowledge

how discord works.please will you tell me

Delegué 1 SP a @smartsteem y hasta la fecha no he recibido nada, ni votos positivos ni steemdolars. Algo pasa o hice algo mal, no sé...

can i know little bit more?

@smartsteem what you think tell us in brief

hola amigo buenos dias no entendi nada de como funciona y no quize acceder al sistema por evitar equivocaciones intenta publicar algo mas introductorio que explique como funciona el sistema que ustedes ofrecen:Gracias

I'm already in, but I like to know a little bit more about that!

@smartsteem Hey please help me to join me your community my friend please follow like comment share I hope you like my content plz support me brother.

@smartsteem Thank you, my friend, your blog is such an awesome and please support me and upvote me if you like my comment

I admire your work @smartsteem I'm there, you're amazing
have a good night

I hope you did not forget about me:

!st tihe had something like this and I am still waiting

more explain this project

I just joined the Discord server, inmediate attetion and great team! :D

Hey @endless.drugs,

we are glad to hear that!


Plz upvote my profile

hallo @smartsteem
according to some of the comments it seems that you take SBD from people & not upvote their posts , how much of it is true. I am curious to know the truth as i too want to send some , so please reply..........

Jay Bari

Hey @jay11884,

we have many, many happy customer. But we also have a few customers that are plagiarising content and/or trying to abuse

In that case, our Terms of Service ( are activated. Which sometimes includes restricting refunds in case of extreme abuse.

But as long as you're playing by the rules and publish content that you've created yourself, you will always receive what you're paying for!

Do you have more questions?


I love this, i can say it is another improvement. i will join the moving train @smartsteem

hello, how good to find them by discord, I hope to be able to promote part of my work soon and make friends, I invite you to visit my blog, I would be very motivated by your support. a hug with love.