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Quality Content....

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  • Rapper Lil Pump(Hilarious Stuff look it up)

My main issue is, we want social media on the blockchain. But only quality content? Ever looked at Facebook, Reddit, TV? Music? Soundcloud? Tell me were I can find al that "Quality Content" over there? New Hip Hop yeah sure I like those new rapper but it's just straight up bulshit with a good tune, good Quality? Hell no!! Do I blast these songs more than I ever did with those other rappers years back Hell yeah reason why: It is not to heavy,not to serious.

If only Quality Content is allowed we wil not go mainstream.
Social Media can never be quality content, because if social media is only for quality content then 99% of the people on this planet wil not be able to post something.(just from looking at Facebook)

1 account 1 vote?

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1 acount 1 vote (Maybe I understand it wrong, but does that mean "a one vote a day" kind of thing?) will kill al social media platforms.
Facebook would not work, Youtube, Reddit.
On Facebook I would like my friends and familie because I am intrested in what they do.

Yeah some random viral thing might get a like. Sure a nice post on reddit get a vote, but that friend with his hilarious comments also gets votes.
On YouTube I would like to like more than 1 video.(I never gave one on YouTube but thats not the point of my story)

The Circle Jerk Of Life...

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Like Steem(it), other social media have the same problem: those with money are on top yeah sure maybe the early days you could rock it. But right now all social media is a big circle jerk, damnn life it self is a circle jerk dont believe me?

Go tell your boss how you really feel about him, let see how long you last. Go tell a Police officer what you really think when he pulles you over and gives you that bogus ticket. Tell the jugde to go F himself. Politics is one person one vote, but it's also one big circle jerk bulshit.

But since humans are both pray and predator in the animal kingdom we evolved bassicly to be circle jerkers, you will scratch mine & I'll scratch yours. We need it to survive take circle jerking out our evolutionairy path and we would be less than monkeys. Is that something we really want for our future? A world where everyone votes for total strangers they dont know? Instead of connecting and trusting those around you? Because that is already happening slowly, and I am not so sure this is a good way to go haha so yeah circle jerk, love it or hate it is has been around for thousands of years.

1 account 1 vote and Quality content impossible?


99% of the people aint going to produce any real content at all just: memes, selfies, cats & dogs. People follow who they know and connect with in real life, they just dont produce quality content, how would a one vote one account work then? I am not allowed to like their selfies?

Social media = The people

Social media = The people, and we are not all writers, acctors, musicians, comedians, some are house wifes, hard working dads, students, drug dealers and users, scammers and spammers, growers and smokers.
You want social media on the blockchain you want them on the blockchain too!!

I am a bit afraid the cannabis community & other less popular communities/not populair opinions wil take a hit if to much is changed!!

Honest Reward Systeem..


I would like to see a honest reward systeem, but that does not mean I want a equal reward system. There are lots of people better and worse than me at producing content that by it self it not equal so the reward should not be either in my opinion. A professor writing something to the blockchain has a right to profit more from it than I do, but then again maybe a hard working single mother has also right to profit more than me simply because of her contribution to society. This is why I think equal is not honest.

I agree about the lower rewards especially for abusers/spammers/scammers but the honest people/users, who may or may not produce quality content and the investors should not be hurt in the proces and it should not scare novice users and new users away, what is already happening with the need to produce quality content.

Changes comming to Steem!?

As I understand changes are not comming on Steem, but they could be a option with the Smart Media Tokens (SMT's) is what I understand from the post of @happymoneyman he explaines it better then I could and knows more about cryptocurency then I do, definitely check his post out, it explaines a bit of the confusing 1 account 1 vote stuff!!

How Steemit is changing part 2

I am no expert in cryptocurency and I am no programmer, I am not a writer, artist or actor hell I dont even have a proper college degree, I dont know anything about how to make it more honest and know nothing about producing quality content, I just blogg about my random life 😆😆😆😂 What are your thoughts on al the things happening on Steemit?? Let me know in the comments!!!

To see more of my random ass life growing some vegetables check out my recent blog post's:

Vegetable garden update, peppers are growing fast!!

Bought some seed potatoes garlic and tomato for the indoor vegetables garden!!

Time To Smoke Another One!!!
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Have a nice day everyone!!!


I hate the words Quality Content.
Interesting Content and the ability to connect is what is successful.
There are NO successful Author's sites, because the people who go there only want to get attention for their own stuff. They don't care to read anyone else's.
If I want to read a great novel I will download one that I am interested in. If there is a topic I want information on, I will google it.
This focus on Quality is ridiculous and hinders growth! :)
Nice thought provoking article.

Indeed intresting and connection thats a good prashing, ofcourse quality matters to some degree but what I consider quality might be the worse thing someone ever heard or saw in there life. Exactly I Google my information I need, and sometimes I even end up back on Steemit😂there is plenty of good stuff here!!

Thanks!! I was aming for that, some humor some stealth sarcasm hehe did you noticed the European "onion" (union) flag hehe democracy to cry over😂 (We voted against the € here in the Netherlands, but our goverment forced us into this EU with the € shitcoin) Thanks for your input, I hope you have a nice day!!


I agree with you.. “Interesting” > “Quality”

@ned what a honor to have you commenting here under my post!!Happy to hear you agree with us, I was expecting negative comments. Thanks for creating Steem, I love it! Many people I know have trouble posting, because they are used their Facebook selfie/meme, status update type of posting. This the only issue I run into convincing people to join and be active.
Have a nice day!
Greetings from the Netherlands!

That awesome to see @ned commenting here. Gratz for the recognition. I hear ya with the convincing people to join. I've been advertising on my facebook about how much steemit is better and they should all make the switch. I haven't been getting much interest so I've now been manually signing up my friends and family one on one and one at a time. We will build this empire together!

I'm happy to hear that, it is good to see your recent photos, tour and thank you for engaging!

Interesting.... That's a little subjective.



I agree with a lot of your general points but you are confused about the one account one vote thing - that doesn't mean one vote a day. Currently a vote by someone with a million SP basically counts like ~ one hundred thousand votes from brand new users. A true one account one vote would mean the million SP user just has an upvote that isn't really worth more than a brand new user. What would matter for a post is the number of users that upvoted it, not the amount of SP held by the user(s) that upvoted it. This is basically how Facebook or Youtube or Reddit or any other social media platform works - it doesn't matter if you are filthy rich on Facebook, your like still just counts as one like. Of course, it can't TRULY be one account / one vote here (because that would be easily gamed by just making multiple accounts). I am interested in seeing what mechanism they are putting in place to prevent that kind of abuse for any SMT that adopts this. Cheers - Carl

Yeah that's my thought too. It'll be gamed in a second!

Beautiful book. Does it say how to jerk your way through steemit cumming every time? ;)

Ok thanks!! Yeah I know I didn't know exactly, I saw a few other people discussing about one vote a day.
Thanks for clearing it up a bit!!
Have a nice day!!

In my reading of your article you may be missing the point that Quality content needs to be coupled with curation , anyone can create any amount ( hi/low quality) content but one of the goal for platform has to be to filter "high quality" content to top.

It's a bit like evolution , no one can define what that content will look like , quality content to one person is pure garbage to another one. This notion of quality content will also define the place of Steemit platform in the ecosystem.

I think we have to continuously strive for curating "quality content"

This image approximate recreation of Steemit eating FB's lunch and it tastes delicious !!

Most social media playforms are using a sort of curation. Curation is also highly subjective, look at pewdiepie the most subscribed person in the world. Do you like his content? Is it high quality? It is definitely the biggest social media person out there. He reviews memes, made by other people thats it. He has been more popular since he started doing meme reviews, why? Memes are one of the most popular content on the internet. It is the lowest of quality you can find, the joke in pewdiepie's show is the lack of "Quality Content" and that only adds to its value. Making it more in demand ? Is that not quality then? Same for the "cash me outside girl" denniella broccoli ? She is blowing up fast, but you wont believe how stupid it is. Yet some think its quality and now they make millions of dollars, thats going to be the future of social media I'm afraid😂😂and somehowe it makes me smile more I kind of like the stupidity of it all!!
Thanks for your input!
Hope you have a nice day!!

The stupidity of it can be fun and games with memes and such but there seems to be a sever dumbing down of society when people like cash me outside girl become role models. Not to say things were much if any better when I was a teen with the music i listened to.

Haha I have the feeling we are one big expiriment at the moment😂nobody knows wtf they are doing anymore😂 Religious people believe the earth is made by god, while some of the smartest people on the planet are convinced we are living in a matrix, like come on really? I thought we were passed this thousands of years old ideology hahaha I dont know anymore maybe the dumb people are the smart ones, and the smart are just to dumb to see it😂
Cash me ouside howbouthat 😂 but it looks a bit like dumbing down yes, seems logic enough you cant have a lot of smart people suddenly realizing how bad they are getting fucked.

With respect to pewdiepie , as "quality content" is subjective it is perfectly congruent that his stuff is quality content to most of youtube

I know its hilarious stuff hahah a few years back he tried so hard to make quality content, it did got him famous but he didn't enjoy what he was doing. I could not watch his stuff even if you would put a gun to my head haha the level of cringe. But now I watch most video's of hem hilarious dude!!

apparently it seems like forced quality content gets very boring very fast...example most of the stuff on Youtube Red

did you just edit a 6 month old comment?

Haha😂yess I did, did you just comment on me editing a 6 month old comment?😂 whaaat comment inception♾

it's all good broski..

Thank you!! I've been thinking the same thing lately. There is a group of people who think there so better then everyone else because they know how to write proper, have a nice computer and time to do a good post. Why should people stay on steem if they think there post need to be perfect? Yes there should be some effort that goes into a post, but not perfect. If i really want to see a great article about some news or something i can find that on a news site. I fell a post should be interesting, and the big thing that keeps me coming back to a steemians blog is interaction! If somebody dosent reply to my comments every now and then i stop paying attention to them all together.

"Why should people stay on steem if they think there post need to be perfect? Yes there should be some effort that goes into a post, but not perfect. If i really want to see a great article about some news or something i can find that on a news site." Exactly this haha I came here to see, chat with, reward and make money with ordinary people in a decentralized way not to reward the next pewdiepie(I like his content so I
probably would give him a vote every so often)or other top youtube'ers, hell they al already complaning famous people and media companies are taking over youtube if thats wat quality content leads then I dont know whats the point anymore, I dont watch TV just to avoid this bullshit, and if I want to see actors(musicians) ill go and watch some netflix.
But to be honest Steemit has quality content in my opinion, I see the Cannabis community around the world comming togheter, thats quality enough for me, I also recently started growing al kind vegetables because I got inspired trough post's here!

Heck yeah man! Ive learned alot on steem about growing cannabis, also some fellow steemians also encouraged me to start growing other stuff as well. Its nice to get an upvote, but when somebody always takes the time to say something meaningful thats what im really after!

But since humans are both pray and predator in the animal kingdom we evolved bassicly to be circle jerkers, you will scratch mine & I'll scratch yours. We need it to survive take circle jerking out our evolutionairy path and we would be less than monkeys.

Couldn't agree more! It's in our genes, and no soft tweaks will change that. We'd have to turn the steem blockchain 180° with a few hardforks... and I don't really see witnesses cutting the branch under any time soon!


Yeah no mather how hard we try, its just built in and will take thousands of years if ever to get rid of that stuff.

Exactly it works because if people dont agree with something they can start Circle Flagging to stop the abuse 😂has worked many times already from cases if seen on Steemit.
Forming a community to stop abuse is a good thing, but its stil a Circle Jerk that I use when I report a spammer/scammer to them haha!!

The way I look at it fighting the abuse is community-driven and has many supporters including me. But it also serves your own interest.

You want more organic upvotes? It has to be won! More circle jerking is good for you, cause that's how I look at organic votes! And then... come on, it's a half investment platform and only half social media, so you need to follow the money at least half the time :P