How Is Steemit Changing - Part 2

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Account Based voting isn't coming to Steemit...
but we still may see it.

Let's look deeper into Steemit Voting.
Plus, more on Steemit communities.

I'll show you some facts in the Steemit and SMT whitepapers.
See what it means for Steemit.

Press Play For The Info:

How do you think communities and SMT's will affect Steemit in the future?
We're in some exciting times my Steem friends.

PS I'm hosting the San Francisco Steemit Meetup this month.
(almost 100 members)
If you're in the area drop by.
Get info about a new Steem phone app. Plus, tips for new & advanced Steemians.
See you there:

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Finally got to hear Ned interview. Looking back I agree with the shortcomings of the platform. Just like they mentioned, content hasn't really become better just because there is value to be make. I see sometimes shitty posts earning a lot and great articles making no money. This is mainly because has to do more with the users and visibility than the actual individual article merit.
I also seen that the e-commerce aspect hasn't really take off as we thought last year, there was a lot of people being on having a big mall like eBay or Ali baba, but for some reason that development didn't really happened. Finally there was the notion of steemit being a savings Bank and earning 10% interest which would make it more competitive than traditional banks, eventually that wasn't sustainable and came down crashing. So yeah, I love steemit, is much better than this piece of crap Facebook, but also think there is a lot of development missing. Notifications is one, following discussions is imperative to really have engagement. More funds for development is also needed, the companies born on top of steemit like appic and viewly hasn't really took the world by storm. Even dtube has been lagging getting prime YouTubers for some reason. I wish there was more community participations, better leadership and of course better utilization of the investments at the corporate level.

They're trying to crack a pretty complicated puzzle. How to incentivize quality curation. I think communities will have a big impact. It will be easier to have relevant conversations the same way you might due in a reddit feed.

Agree. Quality in the eye of the beholder.
There is a lot of development plug-ins for steem already, it's a surprise, including steemchat and notifications. But yeah this is not made apparent to users, as in the early facebook apps.
And is Steemit going to try mixing discussion forums with microblogging? Ok, i guess. Maybe it should just focus on microblogging, and not try to be a facebook for friends and family.

Interesting post, I don't particularly like the idea of one account one vote. I however like the idea of verifying identity where one person will only be allowed one account. I think this must be done sooner than later. Currently there are already a number of people raping the system with a huge number of accounts voting for themselves!! I also think the vote buying should be stopped, this in counter productive to finding the real good content, and the voting bods are making big money in the process.
Thanks again for sharing this video.

You're right. It would be great to see some sort of account verification done on the blockchain. Their may be a solution for that at some point in the future. I imagine when blockchain Identities become a thing it will completely solve the fake account spamming.

On the vote buying front... agreed. It clearly doesnt bring the best content to the top. It brings advertisements to the top. Communities may be the solution. They can be tailored to each groups needs and wants with SMT's. It could be a huge shift. Interesting times to say the least. I'm proud to be a part of it.

I agree with you. However, the vote buying part is a touchy one. It can be unfair but it does fund the steem project. People need to realize that this is a cryptocurrency rewarded blog site. Investors get rewarded here just as with any other cryptocurrency. If you invest little and expect to get a lot, you're being unrealistic, especially if you only invest time/effort. So far, vote buying is allowed. So take advantage of it while it lasts. If the rules change later, we will adjust to them. But for now, let's all make some money. After all, this is a money-making site.

With the democratic system of voting that would be brought by SMTs, account based voting which mean one account one vote then would come to Steemit. Steemit is actually at a very interesting time and what Ned said about SMTs is quite assuring.

And I wish I could get to be in the meetup. I love meetsup. See me and my friends on one of our meet ups

dear @olumideolowoyeye
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hey hey cheers @olumideolowoyeye
I agree, it's reassuring to see them working on improving Steemit. A wonderful work in progress with some of the greatest minds in the world breaking ground. It's cool to be a part of it.

Yeah absolutely, I totally agree with you. This is just the beginning, the more the people , the larger the value added, the higher the investment, more innovations. I’m proud to be part of this , I don’t ever want to stand out again when I can be outstanding on steemit

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I'm so glad I'm a part of this. there's a lot to learn on here, I'm sure I would

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The Oracle concept is interesting to assign one person one vote and limit gaming the system.

I have a different approach. It would a combination of what we have now and a verification level tied to stake weight and reputation.

Essentially Steemit INC does an airdrop to every account over a certain stake weight and reputation score who meet other criteria such as a certain amount of unique voting. That way the bulk of the community who is actually engaging here would become a bigger part of voting.

This would make the barrier high enough that trying to create a bot army to tap into the benefits would be unlikely.

That's a really interesting concept. I like the idea of rewarding unique voting.
The SMT whitepaper is dope and talks about all kinds of different angles. I wonder if we could build and SMT that incorporates that idea for a crypto community... just a thought.

possibly but the issue with the SMT to me is that to really fund it a person has to do an ICO or possibly if there was a killer app high powered STEEM holders could trade into it early but it might suffer from the same economics as STEEM then suddenly where a few hold enormous power and then it becomes somewhat impossible for others to catch up.

I think it will be a little more clear once SMT launch what it is capable of and if it makes sense. I think several of the projects that were thinking about the SMT are opting to just clone the code and start fresh which I understand why they are going that direction.

I think that everyone will be benefited by additional competition in the space and launching a new social media site that air drops STEEM investors who had over a certain reputation and stake weight could be beneficial as well.

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Great stuff bro.

Upvoted and resteemed, followed. Thanks for the clarification. SMTs and communities are the most exciting upgrades coming to Steem. If an SMT finds the perfect algo for a fair and rewarding Blockchain Social Media system that could always be ported into if the community agrees to. Either way SMTs are going to play a major role on the Steem blockchain. Those users complaining and leaving about votes not fair on Steemit can come back to an SMT that suits there needs. Either way its going to be a big win for Steem Power holders, since SMTs will run on top of the Steem blockchain.

It's nice to see that someone else likes this blog as much as I do. i re-steemed it too.


Shame you can't make it out to Tennessee next week.
We are having a meetup there on the 19th and filming episodes of Hots or Shots the whole week leading up to it.

you should get more crypto legends to your show. we love them.

homesteaders too. love your show

New episode will be out today.
Later this afternoon though, as I'm actually filming an episode this morning.

All the best for your shot!

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Hey killer Jonny-clearwater. We I get my little RV out on the road I'll put your meetup on my list. Sounds like you've got a lot going on.

STEEM has such a bright future! I can't wait for the SMTs!

Quality is subjective if you want quality then you need editors who actually curate content before it is cleared to even start earning anything. Sometimes its good to have moderators..

ijs satoshi never mentioned decantralization in his original whitepaper.

Really glad you posted about recent changes. Was hoping to get some Hivemind insight, but this helped me a lot. I never thought account based voting would get on a PoS and did already know about the early rewards bonus. I just never heard Ned talk about the direction of Steemit in this regard. It gave me confidence in the future of the blockchain.
Thanks @happymoneyman

great post

Always great to see steem adapting and experimenting with new models. It's clear that there are some weaknesses with the current model right now

One person, one vote has already been proven to be garbage as well. Then everything is a popularity contest. I don't want to move backward toward models that have already been tried on other platforms. I want a new model.

My solution is to develop a better reputation system. Three kinds of reputation. Artist, curator, and judge. Curators would be the ones finding quality content and giving out rewards. Judges would be responsible for checking the curators with flags and such. Artists make quality content.

I Guess I'll have to wait for SMTs to come out to see if this kind of functionality is even possible.

I think that account based voting is better than stake based voting, but I would rather prefer to devide the voting weight by a logarithmic factor so that big accounts still give higher votes but the difference between wouldnt be as severe as it is now with the whales that upvote themselfes with 200 $ payouts where as small accounts count 0.001


I wonder if anyone consider two level of upvoting: regular likes "up/down reddit arrows" and tipping (steemit upvotes). It could help mininions

I think that is an excellent idea. Tipping and upvote (reddit style) should be two different things. Money messes up people's voting choices.

Do you think there is any idea how to promote this concept. I REALLY would love to see content value measured by likes, not money spent.

Here's an idea: 1) Write a blog post about that idea. 2) Take that post to the trending page by using upvote bots.

You'll have more eyeballs looking at your post and who knows? Maybe the powers that be on Steemit Inc. would notice. Not guaranteed but it won't hurt to try.

Is it possible to upvoat comment with bidbot?

Some allow comments to be upvoted. What I'm suggesting, however, is to create a blog post about your idea and promote it.

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Good idea!! I can use it to building a community for example 50 or 100 people community.

Are all these updates done to the current steem platform? Or is Dan currently creating a competitor? Like a steemit 2.0? 🧐

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Asame post bro thanks

yeah indeed it is an interristing post

@happymoneyman I am extremely interested in the SMT aspect of STEEM. As a filmmaker, it would be incredible to use those tokens to raise money for projects.

But, we need a good explanation so we can start planning on how to move forward once the tokens are available to use.

As you know, the documentation to fully understand Steemit and crypto in general, is not user-friendly for the average person. I have spent hours on the phone trying to explain it to friends, and have had to hold their hand during the entire process. In fact, I'm posting their content for them in some cases.... Yeah...

Anyway, this next level is going to be even more confusing to them, but they are the ones who might be served best by using it.

Musicians, filmmakers, actor-producers, writer-producers, directors... Not always into the finance and promotion end of their businesses, so I really hope there is some really good documentation available.

Some of us who are both left and right brained can really help get the word out, so I look forward to jumping in and helping with that and benefiting from your content and that of others who "get it".


The SMT whitepaper is an amazing place to get ideas. If you read the Steem whitepaper followed by the SMT whitepaper you will have a deep understanding, even though most of it may take time to understand.

To your point, some people don't have time or want to read that info. I'm planning to make some simpler videos talking about SMTs. It will be a good place for you to get some ideas.


Most people's heads literally explode. Eyes totally glazed over. lol. I think SMT's will be cool.
Yeah, I need to read the white paper again. : )

Account based voting is easy to game.

Say you have 20,000 SP now. You just set up 2000 accounts with 10 SP each, and then vote material up 2000 times and benefit.

There was a reason Ned and Dan rejected account-based voting when they set up steemit.

Is that really much different than the way the system is being gamed today with bidbots?

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Account Based voting isn't coming to Steemit...

Such a relief.

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Was disappointed not to see a post so decided to see if your still active and came across this. :) Ned gave me confidence in the direction of Steemit.

i'm very sorry for such a late reply. have been away for several days but Im back now :)

just wanted to thank you for your previous comment.

ps. somehow Ned is not giving me much confidence. When Steve Jobs talk then entire industry listen. Hardly anyone unfortunatelly care about who Ned is :( He doesnt seem to try hard enough to make a professional impression on investors and media

The Hive mind is due to debut in weeks or months. Once the Steemit platform has been upgraded with the Hive attributes, then Ned will be judged by the holders of Steem. Until then, who knows what he is going though.

im looking forward to see how will this look like

Great Second part of this series really big thanks for sharing this changes which are happening and telling us about it in details

cheers @blazing... commenting since 2017!!!

It's really great to see such helpful post. Great effort, appreciated! @happymoneyman

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quit interesting, i am new here but everything seems so lively, i really cant wait for my first meetup.
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It will take some times until everything change, but hopefully soon, as we have many problems going on here. Keep up the good work :)

I wish I could make it to the meet up. I would love to learn and grow with people who already are successful.

I would love to see someone organising Steemit meetup where I live sometimes soon.
Otherwise I’ll be organise steemit community meetup myself.
Thanks for part of Steemit community

Well, change is inevitable and it would be much faster and bigger than we can expect. Either way, I see this platform will definitely go somewhere bright!

Occasionally on Steemit I wish there were different emojis for upvotes (kinda like Facebook) - would be good to see a scam emjoi next to all the scam attempts on here.

In all honesty I think that account based voting could work - but people will learn a way to manipulate this (circle voting/multiple accounts) - I guess we need to keep trying until we figure out what is going to work best

thanks for this awesome article.

Oh wow is that something about a phone app I hear? That is awesome. Do you have any more info on when it will be available?

very accurate analysis ...

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Steemit is best project.....

wow , i m just waiting for steemit app..steemit is so much beautiful..

wow , i m just waiting for steemit app..steemit is so much beautiful..

wow nice video

This post changed my thoughts about steemit as i am new user now i undersood how the steemit is changing

we are blessed to have you helping people through steemit and sharing ones informative post

Right sir,

communication is most important for today's fast and hectic life.

Awesome video @happymoneyman love 2 follow you all the time - great inspiration for me @valivarthi

That feeling, when history is happening in front of me ;')

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Thanks for this great informative video. Hope to watch more like this. Great video!!!

Yesss! Another great Steemit community member hosting events and helping build the steem community.

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Hi. I have a technical question. Please i need a reply if you know the real answer.

Before 3 weeks back any rewards less than 0.021 sbd were being delivered to the accounts as usual of reward x 0.75 then the answer is /2 ...half will be sbd and the second half will be / steem price and shifted to sp.

But since last weeks all of my rewards of less than 0.021 sbd are zero and are not showing in any means in my account...

Whhat is the reason pkease

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Steem will move on top, just waiting for little push. like, SMT and other promises. Then, we can see the real difference between steem and others.
Your explanation is great too. Thanks. it gives us more confidence.

I hope that can happen, but I'm afraid it might not be soon


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I am new to steem, please someone to help me understand how this is going. Very good and interesting publication.

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