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RE: bon voyage steemjet superstars - you are words and steem

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Talking about indoor games ad a means of teaching and spreading steem around the globe is such a nice idea. But we can consider some outdoor games, we know that most outdoor games hold popularity around the world. Organizing members in the force to form a team say football,tenis, badminton,volleyball etc and naming the various team STEEM will go along way to draw people's knowledge and bring them to light about the existent of steem.
I suggest some popular outdoor games can as well be introduced.
People around my environment loves football but a sponsor has always remain the barrier. If we can achieve a sponsorhip via STEEM this will not only advertise steem but will give them the assurance that they can achieve their goals via steem.
Thats my suggestion sir @dimimp.
@sancti works for @empato365


I still have that included in my preach STEEMJET initiative, maybe when it gets funded you'll help me out you seem to have a lot of expertise.

I need to know if you want upvotes (1000) or liquid steem (500) for your masterpiece

I'll prefer liquid steem.
Thank you sir.

Sir @dimimp,
I hope you're doing great?
I really want you to watch this.
please do well to check it out.
Kindly click on the link below

I hope you enjoy it....

500 liquid steem paid in full!

Great job dear @dimimp

Sir dimimp .... I love to be the part of Steemjet community.... if you like my work then plz hire me in your next batch with some delegations .... till now I have made this art work on my iPhone 6s ... please see my new art work and give your valuable comments on it

hello Sir @dimimp the boss, I want liquid STEEM payout. you said
Great work omowumi, I put you down for another 400

so 219/582

i love this image

You are really nailing this concept
let me find you another image

my payout.JPG

I know you must have skipped it by mistake. That is why I'm trying to bring it to your attention. I am sure you will do something about it. I will be happy if i can get the liquid STEEM. Thank you

Thank you @dimimp

I hope this reaches you

Please, I would also love to make a PERSONAL REQUEST from you @dimimp! ...Here is a screenshot of a comment I made in your post 12 days ago. I was robbed of my laptop on the 5th of may. All effort to recover it has been pointless and vain. I sincerely wish you grant me the wish of owning a LONDON USED/FAIRLY USED mac book (worth 420 steem) which I would clearly use to express myself better to enable more creativity and faster delivery.

I already began to power down 2 days ago... I would truly and sincerely treasure any form of assistance from you. Thank you. :)

this is the type of community i want to belong to so as toshare my knowledge with others and equally learn.
i am ready to be among the driving force that is moving this progressive train.
hire me @dimimp and you wont regret it
steemjet.. on the wings of superstar!

Thank for you sir...


I love esteem

Really sir you so great man.
You my most choice man.

Really sir you so great man @dimimp
You my most choice man really sir....


@dimimp you so great man really sir.
Congratulations sir for your post.... best of luck

@dimimp sir

Am samuel9135 ,your STEEMJET quarterly

You said if anybody need a steem bath that it me

But you forgot about me !

Sir @dimimp,
I hope you're doing great?
I really want you to watch this.
please do well to check it out.
Kindly click on the link below

I hope you enjoy it....

please do not put too much link be careful you spamming

Okay sorry about that friend @einstei1

He is quite busy
I know he will remember you just keep asking him
You are also a person of good heart
The book of remembrance will soon be opened

Thanks for the vote of confidence

Yeah, that's assurance of him getting back to us all soon.......missing him though 😊🙌

I want to work with you soon sir
Either in the health department or in the art
Please consider me @dimimp

Thanks for the upvote @dimimp sir
Long live steemjet

I'm very grateful and blessed for being choosen by you to win the top price in the time contest.
Sir, I confirmed that all winners for the contest received their award via liquid steem leaving me as an exception.I didn't mean to discomfort you. But dew to financial constraint i'll wish you pay in liquid steem. Screenshot_20180605-122236.png

you are on the list. the next time I get my cash key, i will send you the liquid steem

I'm very grateful sir For being awarded.
I pledge to preach steem to outermost bound of the world.

you have already given us so much with your superb logo mastery!

I like this you are comments


Once again sir... A pledge of loyalty to your course... Still very much hopeful I'd get employed soon... Thanks! 😊😊😊

yes, you are hired!

I'm most grateful boss!
Words alone can't express dis gratitude
Maybe I should put it in a song

oh wow! you are hired!!!! It will be a few days before i can get the powere delegated however. Don't be so shy in the camera, talk slower and more deliberate. you acn make a commercial for us!

Really communities

I'm so happy right now. Thanks @dimimp

Sir, @dimimp. will return when the voting has reinforced

Greetings my boss and friend. I would love you to take a peep into my blog as I dedicated some amazing photographs to our great community..
I am a co-sponsor of the competitions organized by @steemjetcontests and I feel privileged to be part of that. All thanks to your SP delegation.

I saw this, and am making notes. You and mrrpiusz should see what kind of collaborations are possible in your medium. You both have wonderful sense of color, and composition. I plan on dining deeper into the photography aspect of 2d art now that we have established some basic logos. looking forward to working morewith you 2 later!

How exciting it is to see you acknowledge our quota of contribution for the steemjet community. I will sure get across to mrpiusz so as to make plans in achieving the 2d art photography after which we'll get back to you with positive results.. Once again, it's a privilege to be at your service boss. Thank you for having us.

Sir, @Dimimp, I always follow you.
I love you so much and love your work too much.
Hope you like all of these comments!!

@dimimp this dude is one prolific guitarist and music /song writer, i will love to work with him in the music department He's got quality boss.

Waow! That's amazing.

His loyalty speaks alot
Thanks @dimimp


@dimimp sir it's your boy the STEEMJET QUARTERLY click on the link for more design's


This really lovely man

Am always doing my best for STEEMJET yes

As you always do


You welcome
But no forget me o



You are really so great [email protected] boss..

Thanks for you

Dimimp sir thank..


Hello Mr Sam. Your ideas are always really cool. How you embedded the steem logo on the train is absolutely brilliant.

Thanks you very much
I really appreciate

Nice contributions

Thanks you mate

Wow nice photography

Thanks you very much

Hello @dimimp, the steemjet photography department is still working hard for the development of this great community.
Photography Exhibits are still done weekly and I've been getting positive feedbacks from many members of the community concerning the exhibits.
I would love you to have a glimpse of last week's exhibit (Skyline Special). i hope you will like it.

you should try to do a collaboration with essiential to see what the 2 of you can come up with together.

sometimes collaboration is more like multiplication than addition if you know what I mean!

I plan on focusing more on the photography aspect of steemjet now that our logos are complete and marketing to people/fashion/style/mood takes priority.

I just hired a fashion designer I want to get her in touch with you 2 incredible photographers!

and you have logo design skills which is like being a pro at 2 sports in my book!

Either way, I am curious to see what the 3 of you can come up with!

I will talk more about this later

Wow!!! This will be really amazing Sir @dimimp
I would love to know more about the fashion designer that has just been hired, I think working together will help us in achieving massive progress.
@essiential is a photographer with massive talent and I will be glad to work with him. I won't also fail to mention @Ubongj, @faith49, and @sancti three great photographers too in the community who are also good at what they do and I think making up a 5-man team of photographers plus the Fashion designer will be perfect.

I would be looking forward to getting a feedback from you Sir, and once again @dimimp you are still proving to be a Wise Man with great initiatives. You just inspired a genius plan without breaking a sweat!!!

Thank You

They are really nice
Your department deserve steem bath

Most welcome to sir.

Thank you very much..



That are amazing. You and your department is doing well.
Best wishes for you @mrrpiusz

Hello boss. Here is my first Report for our community.. Working on something interesting and I'll make it known ASAP.

Nice contributions

Thank for you...

This video is dedicated to my lovely community steemjet.
fully subtitled.

Here is the lyrics
Steemjet is the treasure that I seek.

You were close to me and I didn't know.
The force I seek for many days,
was right beside me,
I can feel it.

When I close my eyes,
I see steemjet coming my life.
You have helped so many broken minds,
I wish to be part of the force,
we have
lordjames as pilot,
empato as the money man,

man you really need to take it easy on the number of posts here. people won't be able to download it if there are too many posts.

I will flag some down. I issued out a warning to him but he has refused to adhere.

Sir dimimp .... I love to be the part of Steemjet community.... if you like my work then plz hire me in your next batch with some delegations .... till now I have made this art work on my iPhone 6s ... please see my new art work and give your valuable comments on it

Thanks you brother.

@essential great job you are doing well.

Hello @dimimp!

Glad to have you back! I hope you are doing great and sound.

Well, the Steemjet has been moving well and I'm currently planning on carrying out some awareness programmes for Steemjet in some poor areas with no basic education.

There's also a program to teach crypto to the school kids and donations of school materials to help them.

I've mentioned this to the pilot and I'll be glad to have your support.

There's a budget of about 500steem needed to ensure that this works out. I've been sourcing for this and the program is kick-starting next month.

I believe this events will greatly promote the global adoption especially in the teeming third world countries.

Thank you @dimimp and God bless Steemjet

You are doing great best wishes for you @rextyge

Thank you @yameen for the nice words

Job well done

We have opened a new project of steemjet to fulfill our good target.If you help and support us we can go so far.

LOVE THIS CONCEPT. maybe it is going places?! (red/green/ dual circles)

Hi @dimimp, don't forget me please I need funding and I want to party hard too.

sorry, but my computer can't access files in this format. I am working on fixing this, but I am dim and it will probably take me a couple weeks at best. I don't have the greatest facilities on my end either!

I just neeed steem so that i can produce the song.
Its on dsound

Thanks you very much @dimimp sir ..
We have opened a new project of steemjet to fulfill our good target.If you help and support us we can go so far.
All Ready 13mamber added .
please Help this project

Sir, @Dimimp. I've been waiting for your post for a long time
But you are not posting any
Do you do it later or it's closed for now?

@mcshakil you copy my work you just removed steemit logo and make a circle hahaha not a right place. ok, no problem that you are Indonesian people but why you making this logo in Bangladeshi flag ??

If you want to do anything, make unique. It will prove that you are talented.

this is my logo... it's mean steem + jet_ Bangladesh = steemjet bangladesh.


mdnazmulhasan - that is a very sweet version of the logo

Thank you sir for select our logo.

Mdnazmulhasan is a very cool graphics designer


thank you boss

Nice one @mcshakil

Thanks you man

Thanks @mcshakil

Thank you

Nice [email protected] sir..

View this post sir its about our newbies and my new steemjet song to be produced soon

Greeting to you sir @dimimp .... I hope you have seen my posts regarding to Steemjet .... I wish to join Steemjet community for that I need your support.... I just need one single chance boss

Nice one

He will soon give you a chance.

@dimimp sir


Job well-done

@dimimp welcome back online, i want to use this opportunity to say thank you for empowering i and @etemi with steem to get gears , we set soon i' d make a post and tag you on it.

I can attest to the fact that you're doing really well. Your skills with the lead guitar is really commendable..

Yeah @essential he is really doing great. He is a master and skillfull here.

God bless you man.

Congratulations man

Congrats @mrprecious


Great work boss

Well hardworking [email protected]

You are right.

Yes brother he is doing great for us.

Thank you sir

Hello there @dimimp
Glad you are back on! If you could find some spare time to check the first 8 pages of the longer version, i would be thrilled. Let me know boss!

Ah, I see where you are going with this,

let me look it over and get back to you!

Sir dimimp .... I love to be the part of Steemjet community.... if you like my work then plz hire me in your next batch with some delegations .... till now I have made this art work on my iPhone 6s ... please see my new art work and give your valuable comments on it

Thanks boss!! @dimimp
I am really looking forward for your evaluation and for any notifications on these pages!
Really glad you found time for me too

You will be thrilled soon [email protected]