A New Steem Competitor Being Built on EOS

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If you've been under a rock the last few days and didn't see the comment @ned made on @dan's post after flagging it, it simply said this:

flagging for self aggrandizement.

Also before the comment started receiving flags it was worth almost $3000 with the top two votes being @ned and @misterdelegation. It seems a few people didn't like that including @dan.

I have noticed two major things so far:

1. Dan is now expressly creating a competitor to Steem

Screen Shot 2018-02-05 at 12.32.01 AM.png

These comments from Dan on the EOS telegram came shortly after "the incident".

Screen Shot 2018-02-07 at 1.18.38 AM.png

Screen Shot 2018-02-05 at 1.14.42 AM.png

Screen Shot 2018-02-05 at 1.08.08 AM.png

As self aggrandizing as we can all be, I have a few things to say about these comments, as if anyone wants to hear them:

  • I agree the distribution is a problem, but it didn't seem to be prioritized as a big problem by @dan when he was at Steemit Inc. I don't know that for sure, but It seems he may have already been working on solutions to several problems, like bad actors (@berniesanders). Also, apparently @misterdelegation will help with distribution. Steemit Inc. has to consider costs so there is good reason for the company to hold STEEM and as long as they continue to work to reward contributors and benefit from curation, it is a beautifully working system imo!
  • There was already probably going to be a Steem competitor built on EOS, now it just may be done as clear adversarial competitors. Competition is a good thing and I think there will be a place for both.
  • I can't help but a get a bit tribal about Steem and I would guess that quite a few feel the same way.
  • The upvote from @misterdelegation has been removed from his comment and it was edited to say this:

Downvoted for aggrandizement.
The Streisand Effect here is intentional.
The vote and comment was strictly to make a point and draw out Daniel's long-running, subtextual, subversive intent to compete with Steem, to give the public alignment with his private discourse, which has long been filled with express intent to compete. And of course I will retract the vote. Dan left Steem expressly to create a competitor to Steem and is advertising it with a supposed “inside track” to the future here on our platform while acting like he is no competitor. And whether he leaves the platform for good today or 6 months from now to join his Steem-competitor depends on if we choose to see through his intentions and care. It’s possible I am making the mistake of caring. It’s hard to really say until these platforms have existed for a while 10 months from now. I would prefer to ship our tokenization platform, Smart Media Tokens (SMTs), which outcompetes any version eos can string together, and get moving without Dan clouding the marketplace. He asked me for the same months ago. This is reasonable and all business. I vastly prefer Steem and SMTs.
More info on Smart Media Tokens (SMTs) at https://SMT.steem.io

  • It's clear @ned cares, but I feel this could have been played better, of course that's easy for me to say.

2. Steemit.Chat is down!

Screen Shot 2018-02-07 at 2.36.39 AM.png

From what I gather @riverhead started powering down after the whole @ned and @dan debacle.

My Thoughts

To tell the truth, when this happened, it got me so fired up that started a power down. But after thinking about it for a while, I cancelled my power down. I love Steem and I can't wait for SMT's. I am still very bullish for 2018 and beyond and I am going to continue to work on building everything I started here. To be totally honest though. I will check out the new platform @dan builds on EOS as well. I'm guessing there will be a place for both.

The Steem Experience


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Interesting little power struggle, but that is all I see. Yeah, Ned could have behaved better, but Dan had his drama moments.
I am from the Corporate World, but I have never seen an executive resign on the blockchain in two short sentences with no concern about the investors which at the time were holding Steem at .07 cents.

Dan should be a little careful who he throws stones at.

On the other hand, I respect them both and could criticize them both. Shrugs the same could be said for nearly everyone I know.

I know Dan's brain is amazing, but his people skills aren't any better than Ned's are. Just another point of view.
I also had a slightly different take on Riverhead. I think he dropped out of the top 20 and is mad.

I look forward to the competition... It generally makes both teams better.


Good points! Great meme, lol. did you put that on dmania?


I will put it on dmania.

One more thing did you notice Dan's words... I want to USE steem

boys will be boys, some just have bigger toys.


I definitely noticed that word too!

I've been under a rock reporting on SpaceX, so I missed ALL of this. Thank you for the primer! Can I ask one point of clarification? Is he creating a Steem alternative only, or also a Steemit alternative for sharing stories, commenting, upvoting, etc.?

Also, I definitely agree with what @kyusho said (With success comes drama.) I was a so-called "power user" back in Digg's heyday and oh my gosh the drama that I witnessed back then. Sadly, that and a too-great-love for corporations ended up being Digg's undoing. (Which sounds like MySpace too, come to think of it.)

That said, drama will happen as a site grows. They just need to be very careful about flagging-as-censorship, since so many people fled here to get away from censorship. I don't think they'll ever have that corporate kowtowing problem so many other sites have had, thankfully.

This is randomly making me think of some of the drama Reddit has had over the years. There was the big Ellen Pao fiasco in 2015, but more recently, Spez editing users' comments just for his own kicks. He later apologized for that, but it was a big eye-opener at the time.

Anyway, now I'm rambling. I'm glad you wrote this story, because I had no idea this was happening. I hope they can get all this figured out soon.

Riverhead is giving operations of Steemit.chat over to my team and I and we have setup the servers today for it and Gandalf and Riverhead are being very very helpful in the transition.


Good news! Thank you @followbtcnews


Wow, that's great news, while checking out the Steemit Chat, i am not able to use it, so the transition is the real reason. Thanks for the update and good luck to you and your team, hope that you and your team will make the Steemit Chat more explorative.

Stay Blessed.

You have all heard the saying too good to be true. Steemit is like that. "What, Haejin is posting 10 posts a day and each one makes him how much?"
That's right abuse is killing steem. Or is it? When people hear they can get paid for posting pictures of their cat they are definitely interested. More money more problems.

Highly rEsteemed!
Now we're finally getting some clarity on the problem.
Looks like @dan and I are on the same side when it comes to how this economy was dispersed. I didn't come to SteemIt to help build another Zuckerberg in the form of @ned, no matter how many promises he writes on a Roadmap and then fails to deliver on. The interaction between these two is Sad and telling at the same time...

Why, since 2016 has NOBODY come close to building such a utilitarian Blockchain?
And Why, if no one else is capable of building a simple Social Media site on Blockchain do we have to EAT the fact that these guys REALLY MISSED THE MARK when they pre mined their crypto and stuffed 40% of the economy (greater actually) down their pants to act like nothing is wrong?

For the Moonshot event that SteemIt is, these guys are about to Nuke it!

Screen Shot 2018-01-29 at 10.54.11 AM.png


How will "bad actors" (I'm not an actor) will be kept out of this new competitor on eos? Government identification?

I want to live in a Dan World. Everything he says I agree with. I have seen many interviews and he seems to be a truly cool person only out for the good of the world and mankind. Financial gain is not his game.

So dan will create a new version of this while trying to control abuse ?
Could this be solved with code update ? Limiting self voting only to some % or value, and probably there will be mods on the new version ?
I think that this might also be prevented when the users themselves start moderating steemitself, downvoting, etc ?

Nooo but I love steemit. This s is disappointing to this going down here of all places

With success comes drama.

As frightening as this may seem to some, there are a few things we should ponder.

First it will take a bit of time to build a competitor, hey EOS isn't yet rolled out... so there is a lot of time, if it does indeed happen. Then you have Steemit as the first mover and so many people with large YouTube, Twitter and Facebook followings now here and touting it's benefits and drawing more. Worse case scenario... use both. If and when a competitor to Steemit Arrives, take your post and place it on both platforms.

So, everything @ned said is 100% true all along. What a shocker ...

Why can't we all just get along. I enjoyed reading this article although it did make me sad to use the simplist of words.
Upvoted AND Resteemed

I knew nothing about this. In any case a crypto newb has no business in a war between Crypto kings

Someone had to say it, it's been the undercurrent of all of our talks, upvoted.

This is one of these rare post, where I can only agree 100% on what you´re saying. I have exactly the same thoughts, and the only reason, why I didn´t write about it (or re-steem more on this topic) is to not FUD newbies coming on Steemit who are not able to see this situation clearly yet. It simply gives a bad impression and what Ned was doing is (even after his explanation) still highly unprofessional as someone who should be a role model. I´m not sure, if a competition on EOS is something that we should hope for, since the "first mover advantage" of Steemit is not yet that big and may trigger a "MySpace" vs. "Facebook" effect and we all know, how this played out...

This is the reason why price of steem doesn't increase instead of bitcoin rises this is the best time and crucial time of steem to increase if the drama will carry on then the end of steem disastrously

Wouldn't the nature of EOS be that anyone could build a steemit competitor as a dapp?

If so, it wouldn't really matter what Dan's opinions are on the subject

Thanks for sharing the info @richardcrill
We Hope the EOS build platform will be amazing


In Dan We Trust. I think we can be fairly sure that whatever Dan produces will be world changing.

If the owns of this platform do not want to act appropriately, I can understand why some members of this platform don't act appropriately. No wonder I noticed that steemit has been dull lately.

Dan and Ned have been acting immature lately. Steemit can be improved and it should not be too hard to do what's needed. There is a sense of inaction and careless being attributed to Steemit Inc. management and I have a feeling that is justified. Closure and handing over of Steemit.chat is yet another step towards bad things that can happen to Steemit (and Steem).

It's high time that the highheadedness of Steemit Inc. leadership gets over and gets the required work done. Having said that, I am looking forward to a fanstastic year for Steemit and Steem.

And I will definitely get my hands on anything that Dan launches. I love Steemit but my belief in Dan's abilities is also great.


Steemit really needs to be improved and fast as competition is right around the corner. I see and hear of better designed and better looking than Steemit.

this is very helpful post.It help how to comunicate with steemit tream.
So thank you very much

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good post like your personality

Money and power corrupt, indefinitely. Have they been compromised, I don't know.

And with money and power comes spotlight. So everyone can see what goes on behind the scenes.

Having been here over only one month, not too sure how I feel about all this. Time to start researching I guess.

Like you said, this Tribal feeling makes me want to believe @ned would do the right thing for the people "who follow him and Steemit" and thus I support ned over dan initially, but being a "minnow" I have no control over their actions. Nor do they care. So that tribal feeling could quickly change.

Very interesting all of this.... thx for writing

They both have a point and I refuse to choose between the two. That said, Dan is the Nikola Tesla of the crypto industry. If he thinks he can improve Steemit, I'm definitely going to be reading that whitepaper.

I'll be back!