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Last night my lovely friend @soyrosa tagged me in a post, where she was sharing a Twitter post that @bittrex had just posted

They asked "Let's hear it. What USD market pair would you want to see in 2019?"

Obviously, the answer is STEEM.

I think this would be amazing, for a couple of reasons.

  • It would bring new users to Steemit (FOR SURE!)
  • It would make life easier for the Steemit user who is not hugely familiar with the crypto exchanges. Remember how scary it was the first time you converted your STEEM/SBD to your local currency?

The easier it is for users to implement, the better!

I know it would make my own life much easier. Living in SA, we have an extra step to get our STEEM converted into our local currency, a local exchange called Luno, making converting STEEM to South African Rand a four step process. If STEEM was paired with USD on Bittrex, this procedure would be three steps.

Personally, the conversion of STEEM to BTC takes some calculation, and I am always so so nervous that I will stuff it up and sell my STEEM for a tenth of what I would like 😆, and having it be directly paired with USD would just be incredible!

Click HERE to tell @bittrex that they need to pair USD with STEEM! Our voices count!

I saw many replies were asking for a coin called NOAH coin, but only a few asking for STEEM. So let's get going and let them know that STEEM is the only logical answer to their question!

I call on some active Steemians to get the word around, @bigtom13 @broncofan99 @alexvan @velimir @morkrock @enginewitty @persius @ravijojla



I already did this earlier today, but great way to get the word out to those who haven't heard! 😃

Awesome! The more the merrier :D

I think if we got Steem added there it would be great for the community, and I have already given my reply voting for Steem, fingers crossed we have enough join to make it happen

Fingers crossed - I hope this can happen!

Lets hope so we need to get steemit and steem more visible and adopted

HI @princessmewmew

I am also in this fight man...I also tweeted bittrex and commented on their post.

I also made a post to make us steem people more aware about it.


steem to moon!

awesome! we can do this, together!

Hi, @princessmewmew!

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