Upcycling STEEM #1 : 70 delegations of 70 SP for 7 weeks available - let's solve the Resource Credit problem

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Since HardFork 20 we've had this funny old Resource Credit (RC) thing going on.

I totally get the idea behind the Resource Credits and I am jolly glad that it does seem to have cut down some of the very worse spamming.

But now we have this weird, wonderful and rather absurd situation where newcomers basically can do naff-all when they get here. Three comments and you're out...

That really isn't very sociable at all !

Until RocksDB cuts down RC requirements for individual operations and/or some RC Delegation system comes into play the only option is SteemPower delegation.

Some of the big players like @oracle-d are able to provide free, instant signup accounts but they are not able to provide the required Steem Power delegations to give the accounts some legs.

At some point I assume there will be a central scheme set up to provide the required SteemPower for the new accounts.

In the meantime I'm happy to step up to the plate, and join others in providing SteemPower Delegations to give newcomers sufficient RCs to get fully engaged commenting and posting.

Hopefully this will go some small way to improving retention in the vital first few weeks.

I'm only a happy little dolphin swimming in the Welsh seas so my SP is limited, but as I reached 70 rep yesterday I thought I would offer 70 SP delegations to 70 newcomers for 7 weeks.

Talking with @bluefinstudios of the @welcomewagon I believe 70 SP for 7 weeks should be enough to get most newcomers through the critical first couple of months.

I haven't worked out all the mechanical details yet but I will be working with groups like @welcomewagon, @homesteaderscoop and @heyhaveyamet to identify newcomers that need the delegations.

I will also be looking for other similar onboarding and mentoring groups to work with.

I may offer some delegations directly to newcomers I spot but I won't have the resources to engage in any direct mentoring or support at this stage.

I will be monitoring all the accounts I delegate to and if anyone goes off the rails or goes inactive I will pull their delegations back to give to someone else.

Delegations Available - Contact Me

If you run any sort of project or community where you find newcomers who need delegations to get going contact me.

If you know any newcomers directly who need a delegation again get in touch.

Discord (Pennsif#9921) is the best way to reach me.

So that's the long and short of my Upcycling STEEM #1.

Hopefully this will go a little way to fixing one of Steem's current little conundrums.

Some people might say we should be charging for accounts...

Maybe for instances like SteemMonsters where there might be an obvious value proposition.

But in general, it's a big NO on that one from me. Certainly for the timebeing. Steem just doesn't have a strong enough pitch to justify charging for an account.

Finally just a quick shout-out to @nathanmars who is doing ace work over on DTube.

I didn't mean to steal your 7's 😃

If any other Dolphins, Orcas or Whales would you like to join me on the 70-70-7 project feel free to raise your hand and come to the front.

Thank you.

[ graphic by @pennsif ]


Great idea!

Interesting initiativ.
Im thinking to inform members in our food waste project about it. See if anyone would like to join Steem.

I would be delighted to help the members in your project.

I can also supply free instant signup accounts if needed.

You have me on Discord, just let me know.

That's sounds a good idea, let @pennsif know when you are ready.

Thank you.

Very nice! I'm so unclear about our future direction... I don't know what to make of new signups and lack of RCs for our new users.

I appreciate what you are doing though, in fact I appreciate many things you are doing!

I commend the sentiment, I really do- but this is not gonna be fixed by people having to 'step up'.

This is a massive problem (if it is ever to be adopted as a large social platform).

If it's not a social platform, it's just another crypto....(imo)

The 'sell' that allowed steemit to grow as it did initially, now seems to have been taken off the table...

Why does it have to become a LARGE social platform right now?
If Steem is to be a social platform, then better be social first, or else it will be just another crypto traded by bots.

This is a perfect time to prove Steem is social by proof-of-human.

This is a perfect time to prove Steem is social by proof-of-human.

humans are not coming...ergo, its less social that it would be if it was larger..

Humans will come, if humans will invite them.
Why does it have to be larger to be social?
I find it less social on Fakebook with billions of members.

Humans will come, if humans will invite them.

Based on what? - The massive reduction in active users over the last 12 months?

Based on the fact they will come - and then find out that they can only post once and make a couple of comments each day - and they they can't do anything?

Why does it have to be larger to be social?

...to increase demand for the product, and thus steem price.
It has to grow to be successful as a platform

Comment on the second part.

...to increase demand for the product, and thus steem price.
It has to grow to be successful as a platform

Only an investor would call social interactions a product and focus on its price. Only an investor measures success by endless unsustainable growth.

I have no problem with investors or their focus on money, i don't even mind someone making money from my social interactions, its their choice/belief in life.

However, if everyone on this platform has to have the mindset of an investor and only focus on price, then there is no social "product" left.

Fakebook is "successful" cos users who generate content are not motivated by money but by social value.

Anyway, here are two photos from todays food waste pickup up, a whole pallet of eggs:



Only an investor would call social interactions a product and focus on its price.

I'm not an' investor', all my money in steemit has been made here.
( 350 ish now and I have withdrawn a fair amount to pay the rent - when steem was at $4)

Price and value are not the same thing, like rescuing perfectly good eggs - it has value - its not the price of them.

'The product' is the steem price, not the social interaction.
The price is partly derived from the quantity of social interaction. (the demand to be in steemit)

Well done on the egg haul, matey!

I hate waste, especially with foods.
When society throws away good food, it has reached a terminal state of decadence, imo..

What are you gonna do with so many eggs, btw?- You can't live on omelettes for the next 2 months!

(I have done my share of dumpster diving, when I was penniless and traveling..)

I want to update my statement:
Humans will come and stay, if humans invite them.

If this is to be a social platform, there has to be more human interaction not less.
Looking back at the short history of Steem, i saw people come for the tokens, set up voting and comment bots and left to be social on Fakebook.

Does not have to be a bad thing, if you only can post once a day as a new user, many forums have such restrictions to avoid spam and build sustainable communities.

If other real users on Steem want new users to be more active they will delegate SP and create even more social value.

I will comment on the second part later, have to run to rescue more food waste. Peace.

I was wondering whether it would become possible to delegate Resource Credits separately from delegating SP. I have lots of redundant RCs that could be used to facilitate the involvement of others and that will be true of many other people, too.

Hi Shani, Resource Credit delegation would be a far better solution.

That needs blockchain level development, and I suspect a HardFork.

Alas that sort of work is not now going to come from Steemit Inc. This would likely be up to the community to fund an appropriate developer or two to do the necessary coding and then get a majority of top 20 witnesses to push it through.

Employing development capacity @blocktrades might be an answer, but I am not sure where sufficient funding would come from for that.

That might be a somewhat crude analysis of the process but I believe it is there or thereabouts.

Top 20 witnesses where art thou...?

Too true 😐😐😐

I totally agree with your comment.

I really would rather not be doing this. But until some more 'wholesome' solution is found, this may just keep a few more people onboard.

Sadly I believe the current new joiner numbers are low enough that this sort of initiative will be enough.

Why the numbers are so low is a whole other story...

Right...I agree. It isn't ideal, but it certainly isn't ideal for people to sit back and say "we can't be part of the solution"

We have seen it help many people who are incredibly grateful and DO stay because they have a community that helps them.

Individuals can't help everyone, but a lot of individuals can do a lot more!

Thank you for doing this @pennsif! What you're doing absolutely MATTERS! 😊

happy new year!

Thank you @whatsup.

The current 'onboarding' situation is far from ideal but I hope this helps a little.

I would argue, initiatives like this help alot to onboard real users.
We dont need more bots on Steem.

I run a charity project called Mission:Agua-Possible (to bring water to a thirsty Venezuelan farm). I come in contact with a lot of accounts that don't have enough SP to post or interact. The problem is, because they can't post or interact, we often have no idea they're even there. It's quite a sad situation. Many users have signed up but are totally unable to use the site, because they can't afford or are unable to invest money up front.
Anyhow, I just wanted to thank you for assisting newcomers. Everything helps!

Are you on Discord? Contact me there Pennsif#9921.

I may be able to help some more.

This is a nice and a good ways to help promote the platform most especially by encouraging newcomers to be able to post ad share their talented ideas to the community in steem. The resource credit issues needs to be resolved in a way that will encourage those newcomers with less steem powers to be able to interact and socialize with the steemit community

I totally agree.

So newcomers are still very limited then? That's not a great look for a social network. I hope something comes into play to help with that as you can't reach everyone. I hope you can encourage a few though.

Yes alas it is still a problem.

A bigger and better solution is needed for sure. I'm just sticking my little finger in the hole in the bathtub for the moment.

Sounds great.

If I hear of any steemitmamas having RC issues, I k ow where to get help for them.

That will be great thank you.

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This is a great initiative to start the new year. Although I don;t have that much SP. I would be willing to delegate to one redfish to get them started in the way you suggest. It might be a nice campaign to start that each user (who can) adopts a Red fish.

I don't think RocksDB will cut down RC requirements for individual operations.

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