The Steem News @ 29 August 2019

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Hardfork 22 is happy and working fine.

The Steem Proposal System is causing confusion but gaining traction.

#change4steem could become a thing.

And there is news from DrugWars, SteemLeo, Typerium, Epic Dice, BEER and @yabapmatt.

To cap it off we've some Steem bulls and sleeping dragons.

1. Hardfork 22 is go

After the delegation issue discovered with Hardfork 21, the replacement Hardfork 22 has been swiftly and successfully implemented without problem...

@blocktrades confirmed delegations were working fully after HF22...

2. The Steem Proposal System...

More proposals are being submitted to the Steem Proposal System (SteemDAO) each day...

Currently there are 18 proposals listed and 50 SBD in the daily budget. Approximately 2000 SBD is being added to the total fund each day, of which 1% is made available to the Daily Budget.

The Return Proposal by @gtg is at the top of the list with almost 23 GVests of votes.

Because of the large daily budget request of the Return Proposal (240 million SBD) it is understood that any proposal will need to receive more than 11.5 million SP worth of votes (23 GV) to get above the Return Proposal and start earning a daily payout. [ @gtg please do correct me if this is incorrect ]

At present @immanuel94's Steem.Craft / Minecraft proposal is in second position with 3GV of votes.

There is still a considerable amount of uncertainty and confusion about the workings of the Steem Proposal System. The post from @apshamilton explores some of the issues with clarifying responses from @gtg...

Among the proposals submitted there are a couple from @demotruk and @jarvie testing ideas...

There is also a retroactive proposal from @thecryptodrive to reward @quochuy for some coding done to help discover the SteemPower staking interest rate...

3. #Change4Steem

@blewitt has been saving his loose change for a while and has now bought 750 STEEM with it.

Maybe we should all have Steem Piggy Banks to save our loose coins to invest in STEEM - every little helps...

4. DrugWars update

Drugwars has posted an update with more information about Jobs and Rewards, the Heist and the Map...

5. SteemLeo is a Brave Creator has registered to become a Verified Creator on Brave. This means the investment oriented tribe SteemLeo can earn BRAVE tokens from people who view the site using the Brave browser...

Steem commentator @taskmaster4450 believes SteemLeo shows great promise...

6. Steem and Typerium

Long time Steemians @jrcornel and @taskmaster4450 have been exploring the potential benefits of the newly announced partnership between Steem and Typerium...

7. Epic Dice tells more

Steem gaming platform @epicdice has provided more information about the recent events that led to their temporary shutdown after @mys's "above 99 attack"...

8. BEER crowdsale a great success

The crowdsale of the BEER token by @beerlover has now ended successfully, overshooting its target by 25%...

9. Happy Steem Anniversary @yabapmatt

Top witness and Steem Monster co-founder @yabapmatt has reached his two year anniversary on Steem. His story so far is a must-read...

10. Steem Bulls and Sleeping Giants

A number of top Steemians have been posting their positive outlooks for #newsteem post HF21(22) including @aggroed and @theycallmedan...

Others such as @exyle and @paulag have added their post-hardfork reactions...

KEY DATA [ from CoinMarketCap & @arcange ]

(change on previous day in brackets // n/c = no change)

Steem price US$ 0.161 30 Aug '19 01:10am UTC
SBD price US$ 0.812 30 Aug '19 01:10am UTC
CoinMarketCap Ranking #80 (-1) 30 Aug '19 01:10am UTC
FCAS Score 816 (n/c) / A / #15 30 Aug '19 01:10am UTC
No. of Whales 36 (n/c ) 28 Aug '19
No. of Orcas 337 (-1) 28 Aug '19
No. of Dolphins 2107 (+3) 28 Aug '19
No. of Minnows 9307 (-8) 28 Aug '19
Alexa rank ( #5,963 (-57) 30 Aug '19 01:10am UTC
Unique visitors ( 227,361 / day 30 Aug '19 01:10am UTC

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Nothing exciting today but cool to have the resume of what is going on.

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everything is fine now

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I think maybe you could do a proposal to keep making these posts consistent... it'd be the first content type proposal and I have no idea how it'd go over... but could be interesting. We could work on integrating them into steempeak again if it were long term I"m guessing @asgarth may be interested. Anyway just a kernel of an idea at least.

Neat idea. Thank you.

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