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We have all survived the forking times, and are heading over into a brand new future of a better blockchain. At times, it was a rocky ride, but in the end, we are sure that you would agree how it was worth the wait. In the drugwars world, most of our players have noticed how jobs have been implemented into the game. It took us more time than we initially announced, but we wanted to keep the possibility of issues and bugs at a minimum so we tested it a bit longer, just to be on the safe side. Now that those jobs are available, some more info about them is needed. In this post, we will also discuss some other things that many of you are interested in such as steem account creation, heist explanation, and more.


We always try to make things understandable to our players, and whenever we see the same question asked repeatedly, it means that it is obviously time to explain it additionally in a post. We have noticed how the heist is still a mystery to some so we will provide information about it and show you how it works by giving you an example. We even have a teaser, or spoiler alert if you will, about something that will happen on 5th of September.



Ever since jobs have been implemented into the game, a lot of players are taking this opportunity and doing them often. We have already explained how individual jobs really are individual. Characters you will battle against will not be the same for you as they will be for another player. This is because they are summoned based on your strength. This assures that jobs are equally difficult for everyone, even the strong players. Job level 5, for example, will be equally difficult for someone who has just started playing the game and has small production, as it will be for a player who has been playing since the very start and is producing massive amounts of resources. Jobs will be challenging for everybody but they will be worth it. Amazing rewards are waiting for you upon their completion, including DWD tokens, so head on over there and battle against some FBI, military, or police units. Many more are waiting for you. Are you strong enough to take them by surprise and win?

What about gang jobs?

Gang jobs are a bit different. Any player that is in the gang can start a gang job. Any other player from that same gang can participate in that same job until the time runs out. That participation is not mandatory. Rewards from gang jobs are shared among not only those who have participated but all active gang members. This means that a gang member who has not participated in the job will get the job reward as long as he has been online, in the game. Before the rewards are given, the game will check the last day in drugwars. If you have been playing drugwars during that time, you will get a part of the prize from the job. This is also the reason why some players have noticed their resources have gone up suddenly. Some even had them in red (capacity full). This is because your gang was on a job and you automatically got your share of the reward.



A lot of players still find the heist part of the game to be a bit of a mystery. We hope our next explanation will fix that and help you understand this interesting possibility of earning DWD tokens. If you are producing enough drugs for all your needs and have some extra, or if you really want to get rid of your drugs, this is a great way to earn some money on them.

How does it work?

Every player has an opportunity for extra daily income from Heist. You can invest your drugs, and based on your investment in comparison from other players, get DWD tokens in return. Players who invest more in the heist will get a bigger piece of that prize while those who invest less, will get less. Since you can invest as many times as you want during the day, information about your prize will be temporary because other players are also investing, which means you have to keep a close eye and invest more accordingly if you want a bigger reward. Just under the heist, there is information about how much drugs have been invested so far from all players in total. The next piece of information is your Vest, the amount you have invested so far. The last information, that is in green color, is your reward and percentage of the total reward. Let us look at an example and go over it:

In this example, the daily heist prize is set at 400 DWD. This means that 400 DWD will be split among players who have invested in the heist. You will get the same percentage of the reward as your percentage of invested drugs is. If I have invested 500K drugs, and the total investment from all players is 500 million drugs, my percentage of invested drugs is 500K/500million=0.1%. 0.1% out of 400 is 0.4. I will get 0.4 DWD tokens as the heist prize. Keep in mind that as long as players are investing in the heist during the day, the total investment is rising and your percentage is lowering. You could have invested 500K in the morning and your reward was saying you would get X DWD, but as the day goes along and other players participate, that number will drop. It will no longer be X. It may even drop to ZERO. How is this possible? Imagine that you have invested 100 drugs and the total investment from all players is 500 million. Your percentage is 0.00002%. For 400 DWD, 0.00002% is 0.00008. You will not see that as your reward because the rewards are shown with 3 decimal places. Do not trust the info about your heist prize until the very end of the day. That info will change as more players participate in the heist.



Have you noticed how the drugwars map looks and acts a bit different now? The map loads much faster now, and we have included your targets on it. Some of them, not all. You can easily remove this feature by clicking on the hide targets or you can get the map to show you different targets by clicking on refresh targets. For some, this will make it easier to find targets since both their names and images will be visible on the map. We have received questions about making the search for targets easier and quicker so we made this simple feature that will allow you to see some names and faces of your opponents directly on the map. You will no longer have to click on territories to find a target. You can, of course, still click on territories and find more targets.




Consider this as just a teaser. There will be a separate full post about this in a day or two because you need the full info. For now, you need to know that we are starting the first Drugwars season on September 5th where we are implementing reputation for all players. Your reputation will go down if you attack players that are much weaker than you, and it will go up if you attack those who are equal or stronger. At the end of the season, the player with the highest reputation will get 500 steem plus a lot of unique prizes. Your reputation will go up and down based on what you do (who you attack). We are even thinking about adding additional prizes (maybe even punishments) for players with high or low reputation during the season. This will make the game more fair for smaller players and prevent strong players from attacking the weak. We want to bring honor to drugwars. As in real life, there is no honor in attacking the weak. Would you fight a child in a boxing ring? You would not. "Picking on someone your own size" will be rewarded in drugwars. Keep in mind that if you do nothing, your reputation will go down. Just like in real life or at any job, doing nothing will diminish your reputation. If you leave drugwars game for a certain period of time, do not be surprised to see that your reputation has gotten lower.



We have informed you about the creation of steem accounts for players who log in with their social media accounts. Each one of those players will get a steem account from dugwars. This will enable the withdraw of DWD tokens to Steem Engine, and all our players will be able to trade their DWD tokens on the market. A steem account will allow our players to slowly become familiar with steem blockchain as well. We will provide guidance and help on their journey. You can read all about this in our previous post:


Are you excited about those reputation points? We are preparing a post with detailed information and will inform you about everything you need to know. For now, expect the 5th of September to be the first day of the rest of your drugwars life :)

Curious about what you mean about players who are stronger or weaker then you. A player who has never recruited troops and only upgraded their drugs might have way more upgraded value then someone who just started and recruits troops to attack right away.

So is this based on army size or what?

If I answer this now, it would ruin the reading of the next post for you :D Spoil alert: it will be a fair system that will especially help those who feel how "the big ones" are attacking them. Stay patient, details about this are coming in a day or two, but you do have good questions and your interest in this matter should be rewarded. I will call my pet bot to give you a DWD token, just be careful. You never know if he will be naughty or nice so take his words with some humor and enjoy your token :)


“I’m so proud of you. I just wanted to tell you in case no one has.

Here is 1 DWD token for you.”


Where are you Marty? I miss you 😢

Awwwwww, someone misses Marty. That is adorable. Accept my apologies, Marty will be back soo. I promise. Here is one DWD for you so you don't mind the wait. I will call my pet bot to give you a DWD token, just be careful. You never know if he will be naughty or nice so take his words with some humor and enjoy your token :)


“You’re not going to master the rest of your life in one day. Just relax.

Here is 1 DWD token for you.



"if you attack those who are equal or stronger" What does it mean? The same lvl? The same army strength? Or maybe the same production? What with attacking drugdealers without an army? I should attack them without an army so not to lose honor?

Awww, so many questions. I love it when we get our players all up and interested. Details are coming soon, for now, all I can say is that it will be a fair system that will encourage you to attack someone who "of the same strenght" as you. What I mean with that word "strength" will have to remain a mystery for a while longer. Good questions and your interest in this matter should be rewarded. I will call my pet bot to give you a DWD token, just be careful. You never know if he will be naughty or nice so take his words with some humor and enjoy your token :)


"You have all that it takes.

Here is 1 DWD token for you.


To view or trade BEER go to

Hey @drugwars, here is your BEER token. Enjoy it!

Do you already know our BEER Crowdfunding

Reputation may fix many problems there, very good!

any update how will fights works now ???

There are some new things in the fights. The post about it will be published sometime today. All units move in clusters now.

Good job guys.

pretty confused what will happen. I hope it will reward the both the weak and strong players.

It will reward all players who will fight with honor and attack those who are of equal strength or stronger.

Great news and exciting developments coming up ! 🙌🙌🙌. Fully upvoted.

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And resteemed !

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Thank you for your support and for the resteem. You definitely deserve more than just words so here is a DWD token for you. Just be careful, my pet is sometimes naughty and sometimes nice. Take his words with some humor and enjoy your token ;)


“I love sarcasm. It’s like punching people in the face but with words.

Here is 1 DWD for you.”


The reputation feature is a good one, since I will admit that it does get a bit BORING just going around cleaning inactive players out. Although it will make the game more challenging, I think that a certain level of "challenge" is what makes a "game" a proper game. The game is becoming more complex, and that is much welcomed...

Yup, we are working on "complicating it a bit" hihi, but not too much. This is just a beginning, as far as the fights go, more will come soon. For now, the reputation feature, or prestige as we decided to call it, and different unit movement are new things that players need to familiarize themselves with. If you love a good challenge, you will love the game to the moon and back once we implement our next big thing, but, shhhhhh, I can't talk about that just yet ;) Here is DWD for you, just take the words of my pet with some humor and enjoy your token ;)


Cool, thanks! Just one other issue right now is that for the past WEEK the "jobs" feature was not working. Even when I began writing this message I thought it was still not working until I did a final check, and it now IS working again (but wasn't this morning). What happened to the jobs feature this past week? Just curious as nothing was written about it...

Forking happened :D The game was up and down and we were fixing stuff as they happened. Now that the hardfork is over, we hope that everything will be fine and that we noticed everything that we needed to.

Great. Since your communication has been so good overall, since you took the helm, I was kind of expecting perhaps a "hardfork issues" update which would have informed us of that. But I understand that you have a lot on your plate, and it is ultimately a small issue. I just missed all that JUICY loot from the "jobs" for a week. Oh, well - not the end of the world. Keep up the great work...

Oh sorry about that, but we could not post because the blockchain was down. We were, however, present on discord all the time and made numerous announcements. I am sorry you missed them. We tried to put the info in the game but since the game was down, we could not do that either. Discord was our only way.

“Mirrors can’t talk, lucky for you they can’t laugh either.

Here is 1 DWD for you.”


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This is very interesting. I've been holding off on attacking anybody and even stopped producing any troops since they just kept getting wiped out. So it seemed like a waste of ressources.

But now with the jobs and reputation I'm definitely going to start looking at that aspect of the game as well.

Do you think there's going to be a way to not have your troops defend a base? So you don't risk having them wiped out, but you can still use them for attacking and sending ressources around?

You can keep your units safe by moving them to one of your other bases while the first one is under attack, but yes, you would need to be online for that ;)

Keep up the great work, you guys are crushing it!

Cheers !BEER

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