Hardfork 22 Live

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Hello Steemians, at 11:00 AM EDT the Steem blockchain transitioned to Hardfork 22. Operations appear stable and it has been confirmed that all known bugs have been successfully patched.

As we disclosed yesterday, a check on downvote mana was producing a false negative that prevented large accounts from delegating Steem Power. Because the change was minor and easily reviewable we were able to produce a fix and come to a consensus with the Witnesses that the change should be hardforked in as soon as possible.

More Bugs?

Aside from the inability for large accounts to delegate, the blockchain continued performing as expected and no other bugs were found. User experience was unaffected by the hardfork and at no time were funds at risk.

We want to thank everyone for bearing with us through this process. We also want to thank all of the Witnesses and developers for their help and tireless work.

The Steemit Team


I am still concerned on how my voting power remuneration dropped down from 1.35 to 85 cents.... it is a big change considering the value of STEEM always on 16 17 cents. Any reason why? Thanks for your answer

It's a much bigger drop than expected. The explanations I have seen so far point to HF21 reducing author rewards from 75% to 50%, and all posts/comments that would get under 20 STEEM get further reduced, while those that would get over 20 STEEM receive an extra bonus.
My upvotes went from just under 5 cents, to just over 2 cents. I can barely make posts pay out without help... I had read all the announcements but was still unprepared for the drastic drop in author payouts.

For someone like me who has maybe $100 worth of Steem Power...
What's the point of even bothering to post content?
I thought the idea was decentralization, or did I misunderstand the reason for this platform to exist?
Instead they're just basically giving free reign to whales and shitting on new users?
That will definitely grow the platform...

My account was once worth over $7,700... until a certain whale shit on me. I lost my value over time as the price of Steem tumbled and during the time which it took me to power down. I chose to reduce myself to minnow sperm and migrate away from this sad platform which once held great promise.

steem price still going down you will see soon your vote power going to 0 if market still falling like this.

so unfair :(

thanks @vikisecrets :( it is so unfair :(

Nice - this is going be a interesting few weeks to see if all the compromises and balancing = success.

I would really love to see some tracking and charts as to what 'assumed wins' turned into actual wins, so if nothing else we learn for the next update.

My fingers are crossed for all wins and I'll certainly be pulling my dele and getting the upvotes going to give this the best chance possible to help the social media side of steem.

next update should be restoring the linear reward curve...

This has definitely been a controversial change. I'm not sure what will happen, but I really hope the objectives of the 'change in reward curve' are being monitored closely and some transparency is provided on how well it does within a reasonable timeframe; so sure if necessary/the change fails to achieve...it can be changed back in the best interest of Steem.

Let's hope so.

@steemitblog - one of the biggest issues you have to solve is the cut of rewards from those of us at the bottom. How about flipping it like giving to the people below so that the platform will continue. It seems some people have gotten greedy there at the top, who are going to be pretty much the only ones ranking in the steem with their $20 upvotes they'll be "earning" on ... maybe quality - quite possibly not - does it matter ...

if things stayed the same steem price would further decrease until there are no rewards. People who are posting for rewards are not buying steem, and curators were not incentivized to buy steem..

but now more with curation rewards means more people want to buy steem ( i just bought 6,000 due to HF21) which will increase the price and value of rewards and takle bid bot dominance. In time steem will flourish due to the changes ... including your rewards.

Also , curating is a full time job and much harder and more challenging than just posting,
Ive been doing both for 2 and a half years and can testify to that!

With steem at 0.16 u simply have to keep posting and be patient, and understand that these decisions are long term growth changes, and were desperately needed to ensure that more people buy steem, bid bots stop promoting shit posts to trending, and that steem bounces
Back up to plus $1!

So steemit, in general, is only for wealthy people with real world cash to burn? Money taken
From their refrigerators and gas tanks to buy steem?
I for one, am a poor person, I came here because I had been posting on FB and Weebly for years
And getting not one red ¢ for my words, then I hear of this platform where I'd be
Paid for my efforts, and I was for a while and finally DID cash out a few months ago
(after 2 yrs of watching my account value drop drop drop) and I got $434 USD.
Now, I can look forward to NEVER seeing my account value increasing.
Instead of being rewarded with Steem, I'm getting "tokens", and each new...I don't know
What to call them, Platformlets? give me different tokens.
Creativecoin gives me CCC, Palnet gives me PAL, Dtube gives me I don't know what,
And I don't see anyway to make them all mesh into anything coherent. Any unified
Value that I can see, understand and look forward to being able to USE for anything.
I've been plugging along making less that $2 per week (on average) for a very
Long time, these changes are very likely going to make me LESS apt to continue
Pity, as I see so many getting much larger rewards for things taken off the web, rephrased
By them so they can claim originality.

Thank you. You are very clear. I started to use Steemit long time ago, and after months I stopped. I am back on Steem and see very little improvement. I will stay here a bit. I do not expect to make any real money of Steem , SBD. My goal is to share information.

U entrred during a huge bear market.. sadly.. u will need lots of patience now as things are evolving

It seems you don't get it @eco-alex. You were talking about investing real world
Money to buy huge amounts of steem so you could them prosper and begin to get
Ahead in this "brave new world"
What has my entering during a huge bear market got to do with this?
I NEVER spent any real world money to buy steem, because I didn't HAVE real world
Funds I could throw away in this manner.
I don't play the lottery, I don't invest in the stock market/wall street, because
So once again, me and the majority of the people here in steemit, who are the ones
CREATING QUALITY ORIGINAL MATERIAL, are getting the scraps from the tables of the
Whales and witnesses.
There Ain't No Justice.

I had a look at your blog. Quite the poet u are! U have some upvotes from me and #EcoTrain, try tagging us in future and u will be noticed with content on our theme of “things that help make this world a better place. “ Steem on, hang in there!

Thank you. I must go now, I'm performing in a couple of hours, and
I have to travel then set up; it is a new venue so I don't know for
Sure where I'll be playing.

I just followed you @eco-alex

Oh well,
I tried. U dont know me, my situation or anything! Im afraid it is u who doesnt get it, trust me!

You're right, I don't know you I only read what you posted, that seemed
To be saying for me to succeed I need to spend money here rather
Than make it. I apologize for any misunderstanding; I never
Mean to insult nor demean anyone by what I say.
I just speak from my heart according to what
I understand at that moment.

I'm hearing a lot of "these changes were necessary," with very little explanation of how they will help. Interspersed throughout, there was also a rather frank and casual admission that it was designed for the benefit of those who have thrown copious amounts of money at the platform, rather than those who, you know, actually generate the actual content of the site.
I can't help but be reminded of Soviet Officers insisting cutting rations was necessary for the "Greater Good" and would lead to "a bright future for the Union." You sling all the right buzzwords and offer nothing to back them up.

We're "equals," in this together, comrade... lol

I'm looking for a gif of Raiden's "Exactly" line from the Mortal Kombat movie to post as a reply, but I haven't found one.

Also , curating is a full time job and much harder and more challenging than just posting,

Depends on what kind of posts you are producing ...
I am also doing both.

if things stayed the same steem price would further decrease until there are no rewards.

So, the solution that those at the top came up with was for the top to rake in more money, which probably won't lead them investing into the platform with real-world dollars because they are raking it in, than those on the bottom, who might put in money to get steem but if your homeless like me and/or just flat out poor won't be putting money in. - Fine, That's all good but how about supporting us at the bottom with all of your riches? I like this idea.

but now more with curation rewards means more people want to buy steem

Our voting power down here at the bottom is cut in half. This bonus curation you speak of only is going to matter if I can make 22 upvotes at 100% within the twenty-four period but it is set to only 11 upvotes at 100% in a twenty-four hour period. We at the bottom are going to make less for upvoting the small people we normally upvote. The only way now for us to make some decent coin through curation is to vote for those at the top!?! - I rarely upvote whales or read their stuff. I don't see them hanging around in these bottom pools either. How about more of them at the top support the quality groups that have formed so we don't all feel like we're getting fucked? (just a thought)

i just bought 6,000 due to HF21

Awesome. Congrats. I'd like to take the time to point out again that I'm homeless. Could you help a brother out with some serious coin? I'd love to be able to eat high-quality food and get a place to live. I'd even like to go to the group I write with here and say, "Hey, guys, we can all eat and pay rent this month. Parties on me!" - If only I was ranking it in like the top...

curating is a full time job and much harder and more challenging than just posting, I've been doing both for 2 and a half years and can testify to that!

True that! I've done a very little. Curating is very difficult. I'm amazed when I get a good curation from a person or read them on occasion on other peoples posts. However, I don't know about you, but I haven't seen too many people getting serious upvotes for their curation work, let alone if they get upvoted at all. From what I've seen and from my own habits, most people vote on the post itself, not the comments (curations) left down at the bottom. So, yeah, hurray for curating.

u simply have to keep posting and be patient

We, here at the bottom, were already making megger sums and now it will take about 3 times as long to grow while those at the top grow rather quickly no matter what they put out because they'll be able to get their $20 upvote and more. Right... - yeah, how about using some of that coin to support the established groups on this platform to ensure that you have writers that are willing to write for and on this platform. We really could use something to eat. It will help to keep our boney fingers moving.

I have got to agree with this... so sad for the small ones that so much of the rewards goes to the curators, and not to the creators of the actual content.

Pls see my comment below

You keep saying comment below.
Below means down the page.
I've scrolled DOWN and there are no more comments by you BELOW
Here other than "pls see my comment below"
You should get your orientations corrected.

Its true, but bear in mind that curators like myself put thousands and thousands of dollars (all my savings almost) into steem.. we have, temporarily, lost 10x on our investments and l have literally put my money where my mouth is.. and i am not complaining... im here for the long haul and believe in this great experiment! Patience is a virtue my friend..

And content creators who put in money didn't lose when the STEEM price decreased?

The solution cannot be to earn more STEEM: when I had about 60 k STEEM the value of my account was much higher than now, where my main account contains about 115 k STEEM. What matters is the value of STEEM, not the amount of STEEM you earn (be it by curating or posting).

Yes! Totally agree... if the price of steem goes up finally then were all set for everyone to benefit..

I agree with this. I think that part of the HF is to get smaller bloggers off the platform

Which is ironic given that "decentralization" was supposedly the watchword, nay, the entire founding principle of the site.

Pls see my comment below

You keep saying comment below.
Below means down the page.
I've scrolled DOWN and there are no more comments by you BELOW
Here other than "pls see my comment below"
You should get your orientations corrected.

Sorry it got uovoted! Scroll up now lol

Pls see my comment below

You keep saying comment below.
Below means down the page.
I've scrolled DOWN and there are no more comments by you BELOW
Here other than "pls see my comment below"
You should get your orientations corrected.

The original and current ethos of steem, as proclaimed by ned is to put steem in the hands of everyone! That includes you, but the bear market has made it hard.. temporarily.

The teamwork was strong, seems every one handled the issues in stride and kept working on getting things worked out.

The entire process was loaded with #newsteem.

Thanks to all that put in long hours to keep us up and running.

True. There's no bug-free software. Bugs are always there. Some are just not yet discovered (uncovered), while some are too small that they are just overlooked and labelled as "won't fix".

Although in this context, they're referring to the bugs they previously reported.

Before the internet most software was in fact bug free. Because you had to physically ship it

I see that Partiko is not updating....Looks like it stoped one hour ago.....

You can use eSteem to Surf Steem, better than Partiko. It has both mobile and PC 💻 apps.

Yes, I agree with this. I am currently using (and writing this comment with/from) eSteem Surfer 2.2.0.

I like surfer .... it is good to make long posts :)

Great! Don't forget to check out the mobile 📱 app while the web version is in work

Think dev has been MIA for some time, but not sure and not relevant here really.

They should have wrote "all currently known bugs have been successfully patched".
That would be completely correct.
Because you can't know how much undiscovered bugs are there in a software.
Or how much new bugs may you create by fixing the known bugs.

All agree, I think everyone understood it like this, my comment was not intended to be serious ;)

My down vote is still down at 71% ... Is this refilling slowly or is there still a problem???

Unlike the previous HF20, this time we experienced very few bugs (actually no bugs)!


Unfortunately, everything is working exactly as intended!

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I think the HF 21 is the end of Steemit. So many users will go find better platforms now that their rewards have been decreased. Why not give smaller bloggers more since they struggle. People who get 20 steem have no problems earning.

And the greedy ones that remain will see their account value dwindle to nearly nothing. Kharma is a bitch!

I don't think there are other blockchains that can do what Steem does. And if there are, they are ghost towns compared to Steem, not enough adoption there.

Tireless, not so much! :)
But we managed to get it right! :)

Let's hope no more bugs emerge.

I would like to see a financial update next with STEEM trading at 16 cents.
How long can you survive on STEEM below 10 cents?

Kharma is a bitch. Certain whales have gotten what they asked for... a go nowhere platform!

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