The Steem News @ 27 June 2021 - SPUD4STEEM is coming...

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SPUD4STEEM is only three days away on 1 July.

Season 3 of the Steemit Crypto Academy is underway.

Today's Steem News also includes news and updates about the the first Steem Mart, Steemit Weekly, Steem Business Magazine, Steem Meetups in Nigeria and Indonesia, PLAY STEEM, Steemit Iron Chef, the Steem.Amal Housing Project, some useful guides and how-to's, and many more contests...

1. SPUD4STEEM on 1 July

Organiser of SPUD4STEEM, @kiwiscanfly, has posted a reminder that the July power up event is only a few days away.

Thanks to the generous sponsors the prize pool now stands at 24,000 SP of delegation...

@kiwiscanfly has also published the current rules and guidelines again for those taking part...

CONTEST ALERTS from @disconnect

Disconnected Rat is doing an excellent job compiling a comprehensive list of all the many contests appearing on Steem every day.

There are currently almost 100 active contests with over 2300 STEEM on offer...

@adollaraday is delighted to have the support of @disconnect as an official fundraising partner.

2. Crypto Academy Season 3

Season 3 of the Steemit Crypto Academy has got off to a good start with the new Beginners Level Introductory Courses.

These are open to anyone with a Reputation of 50+, who has at least 125 SP and who has completed Achievement Task 4 in the Newcomers Community...

The regular weekly Academy Courses for all three levels - Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced - begin tomorrow.

3. The First Steem Mart is Open

@milakz has rebranded her store in Kazakhstan as the first Steem Mart shop in the world.

As well as having the new Steem name and logo, and accepting payment in STEEM / SBD, the shop is a great way to promote the platform and encourage people to sign up...

4. Steem Magazines

@papi.mati has published the second edition of the Steemit Weekly...

@oscarcc89 has produced the second edition of the Steem Business Magazine...

5. Steem Meetups

SteemAlive City Coordinator @talktofaith reports on a successful Steem Meetup in Lagos, Nigeria with over 20 people attending...

Indonesia Country Reps @radjasalman and @heriadi held a meetup of Steemians in Lhokseumawe City in Aceh...

6. PLAY STEEM Updates

Developer @etainclub continues to post regular updates on PLAY STEEM's progress...

7. Steemit Iron Chef Winners

@progressivechef has announced the winners of Round 6 of Steemit Iron Chef.

Congratulations to @crisvera, @yolimarag, @niven, @sanuri, @roquiro, @joelqui, @kejopo13, @elianisa09, @brigida-guerra and @elide for your delicious looking orange recipes...

This week's round of the cooking contest focuses on Cucumbers...

8. Steem.Amal Housing Project

Steem.Amal Program Manager @el-nailul reports on the great progress on building their first Steem funded house, including 3-D models produced by @sofian88...

Steem.Amal Engineering Specialist @klen.civil gives a further update on the house construction...

@miftahuddin has posted an update on the finances of the project...

9. Guides & How To's

@alejos7ven has posted details of what HTML code can be used on Steemit...

@ponpase gives details of how he bought STEEM with HIVE on Hive Engine...

Steem Infinity Zone founder @cryptokraze has produced a compilation of all his very useful Steemit Education tutorials...

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Complete news information about activities from the entire Steemit community. Including news on the progress of house construction as assistance from Steem.Amal to the poor. This is a humanitarian activity.

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Hi friend, I forgot to put 50% on you! Payments will come - I will personally send you half! Sorry)

Great job every week bringing the news in Steemit, good luck!


#onepercent #twopercent #affable

Thank you so much @pennsif for writing about STEEM-MART!!🤩🥰🤩🥰 STEEM-MART is so important to me and I am glad many people appreciate my idea.


You are welcome.

Are you on twitter @milakz? I wanna mention your mart to my friends

I am on Twitter as steem.skillshare 😉

Are you doing well?

Hello @pennsif I would love for you to help me spread the contests of my new community RECREATIVE STEEM that we have a community concept and very functional for steemit. We are a group of enthusiasts from Argentina. Here is the publication of an active contest:

Thank You for sharing Your insights... AND Steem News !!


Nice please help me on steemit.

Hello, good afternoon @pennsif, I have a little more than 3 years in Steemit, however in the middle of last year I have focused on learning and collaborating more in this community. Causally yesterday the name of your username came to me, so today I was motivated to look for you and because I am observing the great work you do in Steemit, congratulations for that hard work and responsibility.
I want to ask you a favor if it is within your means, 4 days ago I published my first photography contest in Worldofxpilar, I would love for you to help me spread it, so that it has more view in the community.
Thanks in advance. Greetings.

This is the link of the contest.

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