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@upvu is developing a new front end for Steem.

Steemit have expanded the Community Curators for December with the addition of Team Newcomer.

Today's Steem News also includes news and updates about Steem Marketing on Instagram, Press4Steem, Hivemind, Burning Steem, Cotina Fest 2022, World Smile South Africa, Communities on Steem, and Contests on Steem...

1. UPVU 2.0 - New Steem Frontend

The @upvu team are developing a new front end for Steem.

UPVU 2.0 is a third-party front-end web interface for interacting with the Steem blockchain and viewing blockchain data, built by forking ecency.

UPVU 2.0 provides features similar to Steempeak or, but differs in that it adds a few special features, including the UPVU dashboard and Steem-Engine explorer.

UPVU 2.0 includes drafts, scheduled posts, and a new editor. It is due to launch next week...

2. More Community Curators - Team Newcomer

Steemit have announced that they are expanding the Community Curator teams for December.

Team Newcomer will specifically be for supporting newcomers during their first three months on the platform. The team will be using @steemcurator09 with 500K SP delegation.

Applications for Team Newcomers should be submitted by 11:59 pm UTC, on Sunday 27 November...

Pennsif the Witness

After almost 2000 days on Steem I decided it was time to take my contribution to the platform to the next level.

I have therefore set up as a Steem witness... @pennsif.witness

If anyone would like to support what I already do, and what I am planning to do, by giving one of their 30 witness votes to @pennsif.witness I would be hugely grateful.

You can read my full witness announcement here...

Thank you.

3. Steem Marketing on Instagram

The Steem Marketing team led by @pollito22 and @o1eh are making progress promoting Steem on Instagram.

@pollito22, @o1eh, and @heriadi have posted updates about activities on the Spanish, English and Indonesian Instagram accounts...

4. Press4Steem

@rexthetech of the @SteemWOW witness team has posted a progress update on the new Press4Steem plugin for connecting WordPress sites with Steem.

The first version of the plugin, being jointly developed with @pennsif.witness, is due to be released before the end of the month...

@steemwow and @pennsif.witness are hosting the full Hivemind database for download for any witness running an API node...

5. Burning Steem

@remlaps continues to track the impact of Steemit's burnsteem25 campaign encouraging people to set a 25% beneficiary to @null to reduce the amount of STEEM, which potentially will increase its value.

In the past week there have been 929 burnsteem25 posts.

The total burnt since June has now exceeded 176K SP...

6. Cotina Fest 2022

Cotina Fest 2022 now has seven events taking place at different locations across Venezuela including Ciudad Bolívar, Barquisimeto, Carúpano, Aragua...

7. World Smile South Africa

Project leader for World Smile in South Africa, @patjewell has posted a fundraising update for the planned purchase of an interactive whiteboard for Cedarwood Learning Centre.

The project is fast approaching its fundraising target...

Country Rep @patjewell is also running a writing contest to help raise funds for the World Smile project...

8.Communities on Steem

@ubongudofot has updated the list of active communities on Steem...

9. Contests on Steem

@disconnect continues to publish his comprehensive daily list of current contests on Steem.

There are 79 contests in the latest list with over 800 STEEM in prizes...

@italygame run regular contests including Unforgettable Trip and Best User of the Week...

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Also check out @morpheussa's blog for regular statistics about activity on Steem.

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