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A Steem Video Contest has been launched by @xpilar.

The Korean witnesses have held a meetup to discuss the Steem Development Incentive Program.

Today's Steem News also includes news and updates about Bangla Witness & Witness Voting, World Smile Nigeria, an Interview with Cryptokannon, and Contests on Steem...

1. Steem Video Contest

@xpilar has launched a contest for people to make promotional videos about Steem.

There is a prize pool of at least 18,000 SP in delegations. The judges for the contest are @xpilar, @stef1 and @pennsif.

The contest will be open for applications for at least 14 days...

2. Korean Witness Meetup

A number of Korean witnesses had an offline meeting last Saturday to discuss current Steem issues.

Among the main topics was the forthcoming Steem Development Incentive Program which has a budget of $350,000 to support development on Steem, and how to attract developers from outside Steem.

The witnesses present also agreed to set up their own independent self-development fund.

The meeting was attended by @oldstone (@steem-agora witness), @cjsdns & @ayogom (@rnt1 witness), @kakakk (@successgr.with witness), @glory7 & @donekim (@dev.supporters witness), @happyberrysboy (@upvu.witness) and @kopasi as host.

@dev.supporters have submitted their application to become one of the five witnesses that will form the Working Group that will manage and oversee the Steem Development Incentive Program.

The @dev.supporters witness is made up of @donekim (Korean communication), @glory7 (global communication), and @wonsama (technical support)...

3. @bangla.witness

Founder of the Amar Bangla Blog community, @rme, has put out a call to Bengali speakers especially to support the new @bangla.witness...

Community Admin @hafizullah has published a Bengali language guide on how to vote for witnesses...

4. World Smile Nigeria

@ubongudofot, who leads the World Smile Project in Nigeria, has published another budget update.

So far World Smile Nigeria has raised over 1,200 STEEM for their Solar PV upgrade project...

5. Interview with Cryptokannon

@ubongudofot has also done another of his Showcase interviews - this time with @cryptokannon, one of the founders of the Newcomers Achievement Program...

6. Contests on Steem

@disconnect continues to publish his comprehensive daily list of current contests on Steem.

There are 72 contests in the latest list with over 500 STEEM in prizes...

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The initiative to create content on YouTube for Steemit is great, that will undoubtedly attract more writers.

I loved seeing the interview with Kannon.

Thank you very much dear friend for this news. Blessings 🙏😊

It will be great if you can spread the news about @xpilar's Steem Video Contest to the members of the Venezuela Community.

Thank you

Oh yes, I reestimated it from the moment I saw it, and I will also be watching to promote it by the groups and when I write the diary 👍😃

Que bueno leer tus noticias en la mañana, me agrada saber que el incentivo podrá a trabajar a los testigos con más emoción, la entrevista estuvo interesante y como usuario "nuevo" me parece que fue muy llamativa. @ bangla.testigo ya tiene mi voto 🗳

Participaré apoyando la promoción de steem por @ xpilar, gracias por la información!

Hi! Me again 🙈
I got a msg last night from one of the Steemians I’ve been helping. He did a power up and right after that he couldn’t sign into his account. I’ve asked the CR’s to assist him. It seems that his account was hacked. Is there anyway that the power down can be stopped?
How can we help him? This man is on his knees!

Hi friend, in case of hacking he can change his passwords, using his master password. Otherwise he must start a recovery, using his master key.

Here are the links where you can do these things:

In case your keys have not been changed by the scammer, you can just change your master password:

Otherwise you need to initiate an account recovery request:

Awh thank you!!! 🎕
I will pass the message on to him.
His keys were changed so he will have to start a recover process.
I just hope for his sake it works. He is so down, been crying the the whole day yesterday.

Yes, I understand, I have already seen these cases, but tell him to have courage! the recovery process is usually quick. It is also a good idea to notify @steemchiller

Thank you!!!

Account recovery was started 5 days ago. Nothing changed so far accept for the fact that power down was started on the account yesterday.

Just to let you guys know that we got someone helping. 👏👏

Thank you so much for shouting us and include the news of Bangla.Witness. Have a good day and enjoy the support.

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