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Executive Summary

As a long-time main witness who have protected STEEM blockchain and supported developers, we believe that we proved ourselves as an ideal candidate for the Development Working Group.

Who we are:

  • Main Witness (Top 20) since April 2020
  • Goal: To create sustainable development environment on the STEEM blockchain ecosystem
  • See witness candidacy announcement for more details
  • Members: @donekim(Korean communication), @glory7 (Global communication), @wonsama (technical support)

Application for the “Development Working Group”:

  • Steemit Inc. will select 5 witnesses to form a Development Working Group
  • The 5 witnesses in the Development Working Group will be responsible for recruiting developers for the community and reviewing proposals
  • We believe that we are in a perfect position to make unique contribution to the Development Working Group, as a long-time main witness who have supported developers and who may connect the Korean community to the global community

Our qualifications:

  • Guardian of STEEM: as one of the main witnesses, we participated in Softfork 0.22.8888 and Hardfork 0.23 to protect STEEM network stability and STEEM stakeholders
  • Sponsor of developers: we have supported STEEM projects financially in many ways, including STEEM power delegation (more than 100,000 SP), liquidity provision, and direct funding (for example, keychain mobile)
  • Representative of the Korean Community: we have been working as a bridge between the Korean community and the Global community by reducing language and culture barriers

Future plans:

  • Integration of existing projects: we will start with resuming promising projects that were not completed (for example, due to financial reasons) and combining existing projects that may create a great synergy effect
  • Invitation of outside developers: we will contact developer teams with great potential, including Korean developers who already proved themselves in other chains
  • Community rally: we will utilize this event as an community bonding opportunity by providing natural chance for members with diverse background may enhance understanding of other Steemians and help each other

Fellow witnesses, Call to Action

  • More witnesses should join: more the better! we believe that we could achieve a lot more if we work together.
  • Alliance already: @upvu.witness is already working on NFTs on STEEM (Steempunks, Marketplace, and more) with @dev.supporters
  • Let’s work as a team: we are open to any type of collaboration - hit reply now and let us know!

@justyy @steemchiller @symbionts @steem.history @dlike @dev.supporters @futureshock @maiyude @rnt1 @protoss20 @upvu.witness @roadofrich @etainclub @steem-agora @italygame @xpilar.witness @boylikegirl.wit @marcosdk @steemit-market @alexmove.witness @cotina @inwi @smt-wherein @ety001 @hinomaru-jp @newsteem.witness @rlawlstn123 @hoasen @matreshka @juddsmith079 @scissor.sisters @leverfile @enjoylondon @jswit @upeross @steem-dragon @roundblocknew @cryptoking777 @beargame @menacamel @parse @starlord28 @steemit.kor @tomoyan.witness @exnihilo.witness @bangla.witness @ayogom @radiokorea @nutbox @steem-supporter @jianan @steemcurator01 @steemcurator02 @misterdelegation @steemitblog @rme


We have sent you dm's in discord to @glory7 and @womsama, please review at your earliest convenience.

Thank you for the reply, and @glory7 just sent you DM via discord.

A team of individuals who have proven themselves time and time again.

We hope that this will unfold into some great things.

May the force be with you! I really support your plans and will. Thank for your all efforts :)

My team fully agrees with your opinion.
We will be able to do many things together for STEEM in the future.

I am sure you will do a great job. So I support you guys.

I'm not a witness,
but still I definitely support you guys~

very good idea, I'm sure this team will do well, and thank you for your hard work. we support it.

this would be a great job to do, I'm sure you guys can do it, and I support it.

We need you for more development of Steem. I support you.


I'm rooting for you until the steam costs 10,000 won. Way to go!

Thanks for your great job. We'll beside you, as you did.

bring back steem in top :)

I support your team!
Let's rock!!

Anda seorang pekerjakeras,rasa percaya diri anda sangat tinggi

Eres muy trabajador, tu confianza en ti mismo es muy alta. Estoy muy seguro de tu éxito para lograr una buena meta..éxito para ti.


이 글은 SteemitKorea팀(@bitai)님께서 저자이신 @dev.supporters님을 추천하는 글입니다.
소정의 보팅을 해드렸습니다 ^^ 항상 좋은글 부탁드립니다
SteemitKorea팀에서는 보다 즐거운 steemit 생활을 위해 노력하고 있습니다.
이 글은 다음날 다시 한번 포스팅을 통해 소개 될 예정입니다. 감사합니다!

I'm rooting for your new project!!!!!

I'm sure you will do well !! So I support you !! 🙂

I will be cheering for your team.

Anda telah bekerja keras, kami sebagai pengguna akan mendukung kalian.
Teruskan pekerjaan Anda.

I am sure you will do a great job. So I support you guys.

Terrific news!

Witnesses are finally awakening. I once thought that there were not many passionate witnesses.
Hope we can communicate more.It will be better if my Dapp can apply for your support,Recently we released a version.

This is great! (just voted you as a witness, didn't know who you are).
Lots of engagement is a good thing, for STEEM!

good news. I support your team!!
I hope you have good news on your team.

Hello @dev.supporters! You are wonderful!

command: !thumbup is powered by witness @justyy and his contributions are: https://steemyy.com
More commands are coming!

It is very good news. I have never lost my faith in steem. Let's make steem great again.

Lots of good initiative, a big thumbs-up for you, 👍

Very impressive program for future steem progress, I support you guys @dev.supporters

a very commendable hard work, it's not a job to do I really support your hard work.


fighting!!! 응원합니다

I support your team!! I wish you well.

This post has been featured in the latest edition of Steem News...

After reading the contents of the article, I declare to support it.

포스트 확인이 너무 늦은 것 아닌지 모르겠습니다. 스팀의 긍정적인 발전이 더 많이 이루어지면 좋겠습니다. 응원합니다! (증인계정 @jswit입니다.)

I hope this initiative will bring many positive changes to STEEM! (witness account @jswit)

100% support you guys 👍

This post has been featured in the latest edition of Witness Weekly...

You can do it.

You did a great job when Steem had a hard time.
So, I support the chance you would dedicate for Steem communty.

Greetings friends from @dev.supporters i'm @josemen community founder Steemit Future

I congratulate you on the constant growth you have achieved as a witness in the steemit blockchain

I represent a community that was born to host the best content creators, our purpose is to promote steemit on social networks through our creative and quality content.

In a kind and respectful way, I request your help in the delegation of steem power to the community Steemit Future to have greater strength to support the members who strive to grow by giving the best in their publications.

Thank you very much for your prompt response

I support your team! Good luck!!!

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