The Steem News @ 19 April 2021 - Indonesia is Steeming on...

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The Steem SEA and Steem.Amal teams have held a successful recruitment event in Aceh.

And also in Indonesia the house that Steem built (with the help of @sultan-aceh) is progressing well.

Today's Steem News also includes news and updates about a contest to help fight plagiarism, growth in the Mosquito Squishers community, a Steem Meetup in Venezuela, Steemfield updates and many more contests...

1. Successful Event for Steem.Amal in Indonesia

Country Rep @anroja reports on a very successful recruitment event held in Lhokseumawe City in Aceh, Indonesia yesterday.

The Steem SEA team, and the Steem.Amal charity program, have been working with ACT-MRI (Aksi Cepat Tanggap - Indonesian Volunteer Society) for field work assistance in North Aceh.

As there was a lot of interest in Steem amongst members of ACT-MRI an event was held yesterday to tell them more and sign them up to the platform...

@ponpase and @sayuti20 also posted about the event...

@waterjoe also made a video of the event...

2. The House that Steem built...

Also in Indonesia @sultan-aceh reports on good progress being made on that house that is being built, through Steem funding, for @tailah.bayu and his family...

3. The Battle against Plagiarism Heats Up

To add another dimension to the battle against plagiarism on Steem @tatjanastan has launched a weekly contest for people to find plagiarists.

There is is 50 STEEM in the prize pool so well worth joining the fight...

The Mosquito Squishers community, whose mission is to track down plagiarists, has doubled its front-line forces with the addition of a second main account @endplagiarism02...

4. Steem Meetup in Venezuela

Country Rep @anasuleidy held a succesful meetup for Steemians in Villa de Cura in Venezuela...

5. Steemfield Updates

@roadofrich's Steemfield project has now got an official English language account (@steemtpistia) to put out updates around the world.

The latest updates give previews of the Front Page, the Posting Page and the Wallet...

6. Contests, Contests, Contests...

As an offshoot of Steem News @pennsif now publishes a daily listing of the 'soon to close' contests on Steem...

@habercitr who runs the Steemit Contest Club Community has produced a compilation of current contests on Steem...

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Thank you for mentioned 🤣


Steemit is built different <3

The most joyful news: recruiting and charity.
I have already read both messages: about a house for a friend @sultan-aceh and about a meeting at Aceh @anroja.
I am delighted with the team from Indonesia. We should all follow their example.
This is what it means to be a leader who leads his team forward!
And the anti-plagiarism group gives us hope we will solve this problem on Steemit.
I would really like to know when the Steemit team will announce a festive meeting for the entire Steemit Community?
I would love to fly anywhere in the world for this meeting.

We continue to do good so that the wealth we get from steemit payouts can be useful for others, not just for ourselves.
Thank you @vipnata.

Its nice, my dear friend @anroja. Thanks for your reply!

You are welcome buddy

Thank you for mentioning me in this article. Regards

Hello Everyone.
MenFun#2 Contest started. You are all invited to the fun!

@okanbeyadmin of Steem Men's Club

Got this on my list now.

Thank you

Thank you very much, greetings @pennsif


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Thanks you for the mentionin your news.;.its great....;;";;

Thanks for the mention in your news, it's great.!
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steem x indonesia working on!
steem price went below $1 again, which is so sad :/

More sellers than buyers I guess...

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Thanks for sharing about steemfield. @pennsif
There is one thing I want to revise.
The steemtpistia account is not an official account of the ROR team (Steemfield).
Steemfield's English material will be available on the @steemfield account.

Thanks for letting me know.

They use this phrase on their posts that might confuse people...

This is an authorized translation by STEEM Witness @roadofrich

Maybe they should clarify their position.

Espero que la reunion que se realizo en villa de cura, venezuela de resultados para todo el pais en cuanto a steemit. A penas vamos comenzando falta mucha información y apoyo

@pennsif Thank you for mentioning me in your news
a pride for me

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