The State of Steem Forum #4 - Steem Economics - starting in 1 hour, 8pm - 11pm UTC - MSP Waves

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Starting in one hour, State of Steem Forum #4 with special guest Steemit Inc CEO @ned.

This week Forum #4 covers Steem Economics.

Topics to be discussed include steem inflation, attracting investors, revenue streams and advertising.

CEO of Steemit Inc, Ned Scott will be presenting the newly released Steemit, Inc Mission, Vision and Values document.

The Forum will take place on the MSP Waves Discord channel between 8pm and 11pm UTC.

After this forum the remaining forums are...

  • Forum 5 (24 January) : Marketing, onboarding, PR

  • Forum 6 (31 January) : Communities, content creation, curation, retention

  • Forum 7 (07 February) : SteemCommerce, shopping with steem

All are on Thursdays 8pm - 11pm UTC/UK on MSP Waves.

To make the numbers manageable we will be inviting certain DApp/App owners, developers, community leaders and witnesses etc to participate as speaking guests.

Everyone is welcome and encouraged to join in the discussion through the live chat on the PAL/MSP Discord channel during the forums.

I am keen to make the discussions as inclusive as possible so if anyone would like to come on air for any of the particular forums please do message me in Discord (Pennsif#9921) and we will do our best to include you.

Forum 4 (Thursday 17 January) : Steem Economics

For this Thursday's forum we already have a keen bunch of steemians coming along to speak. If anyone else with a passion for topics such as steem inflation, attracting investors, revenue streams or advertising would like to come on please message me.

A number of other prominent steemians may be in the Discord audience chat including @acidyo, @drakos, @gtg and @shredz7. Steemit Inc are also invited to attend the forum.

I will be joined by @teamhumble as co-host of the forum.

The three State of Steem Forums held so far have been well received. Each has had up to 150 people attending.

The first was an 'overview' forum with 19 witnesses and community leaders giving their view on the current State of Steem including @aggroed, @anarcotech, @anomadsoul,, @exyle, @fredrikaa, @hr1, @imacryptorick, @llfarms, @lukestokes, @nathanmars, @paulag, @project7, @shadowspub, @starkerz, @taskmaster4450, @themarkymark, @therealwolf and @yabapmatt.

The recording of the forum is available if you missed it...

The second forum focussed on Steem Technology and covered topics such as nodes, RocksDB, SMTs, RC Delegation Pools, Account creation. It also explored the decision making mechanisms to move development forward as Steemit Inc pulls back.

The speakers on that forum included @blocktrades,, @helo, @knowledges, @shredz7, @someguy123, @starkerz, @themarkymark, @therealwolf, @upheaver, @ura-soul and @yabapmatt.

The recording of the forum is available...

Last week's Forum #3 covered DApps, Apps and Developments. Topics discussed included business plans, delegations and marketing.

The people who spoke on the forum were @arcange,, @disregardfiat, @dreemsteem, @fredrikaa, @hightouch, @imacryptorick, @jarvie, @paulag, @prc, @project7, @starkerz, @thecryptodrive and @therealwolf.

The recording is available in case you missed it...

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Where to find the forums & how to listen in

The forums will air on MSP Waves Radio on Thursdays from 8pm to 11pm UTC.

If you need to convert UTC time to your local time visit World Time Buddy

You will be able to listen through the PAL Discord server, via, Vimm.TV or on Twitch at

To join in with the chat during the forums please join the PAL/MSP Discord server.

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Link to the recording please.

It will be posted later on Friday.

Just in case you haven't picked it up already, here is the recording of the forum...

I am listening in! Getting lunch downstairs and ill be right back.

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