What would you do for Steem?

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Greetings, Steemians!

I just wanted to write a quick post concerning investment into the Steem Blockchain and what that means to me. I think the common vision for an investor is someone with a lot of money that is willing to back something for some time in the hope of getting a return when they divest. To put it in simple terms, they are often looking to profit only when selling it.

There's nothing wrong with this way of investing. In fact, interest from this type of investing can drive market prices. However, I think that we sometimes focus too much on these types of investors and that we do so at the expense other types of investors that may be more effective in growing Steem.

A unique aspect of currency is that it requires a broad degree of trust not from large scale investors, but from many small scale users. What matters for currencies is transactions. When many people begin to accept the currency as payment for goods and services, that's when it will take off. The same can be said of Steem. So while speculators are indeed valuable to the currency in the short term, long term success will see greater dependence on the aspects of utility and acceptance.

So my question to you, Steemians, is this: What would you do for Steem? What would you sell for Steem? What kind of service would you be willing to provide for Steem? What's holding you back from doing that now? After you finish answering those questions, flip them around. What do you wish you could purchase with Steem right now? Have you checked to see if anyone was willing to sell it to you? How much Steem would you hope to accumulate before you started using it to buy the goods and services that you need?

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I already sell Steam games (mostly HB leftovers) for steem and have people at @opgaming bought something from me. I try to improve my store better though, it's not attracting new costumers now. If you want to suggest something you might win prizes!

I'm also thinking of selling actual Humble Monthly gifts (ref link) for STEEM but not sure if there'll be a demand for them.

For trying to make steem better, this post is:


I think that is great. Have you had any takers?


Over the months yes, but not as much as I wanted to. I made good friends though and that's what matters

Currently I post contests to make my shop even better, here's the week 2 contest (even non-gamers can take part) I want as many of my questions answered by contestants.

Personally I would do two barrel rolls followed by 10 jumping jacks for Steem.


You should post a video of just that and see how much Steem it garners.

You're absolutely right. Steem should allow us to think of capital less like money and more like a driving force for the economy. I'm building building applications for steem to allow people to publish interactive environments to the steem blockchain.

Hi Moe,

These are of course very important questions.

I've actively exchanged Steem for fiat and received Steem for the SILVERengines proton colloidal silver generator that I sell.

With Steem presently as undervalued as it seems to be, I'm much more inclined to be willing to exchange things and receive Steem than I would be to sell any more of my Steem. Honestly, when I sold Steem last year, it was more a matter of desperation than anything else.

If SBD could really somehow be more strongly pegged to the value of the US dollar, I would be more inclined to use it as a currency. I suspect that was part of the intention of the original design, but we have of course seen its value fluctuate pretty wildly.

Having said all that, I think something that would really help Steem grow and be used more as a currency would be to create halawa-like cooperatives of Steem holders who would pool their funds and become private exchanges for fiat for anyone who wanted to transmit funds overseas. If there were widely available non-intrusive exchanges that charged reasonable fees, and wide enough adoption, such pools would gradually grow in value.

Thanks for a thought provoking article.