[WELCOMEDAY] Welcoming newbies on STEEM

in steem •  5 months ago

The newbies is crucial for STEEM success. And when one appears and make a proper introduction it’s just rude not to welcome him/her properly.

Each day I’ll welcome one new person in #introduceyourself tag with a warm comment and full upvote. If each of us will do the same, STEEM will feel much warmer for a newcomers. Let’s do it!

@lightheadfox - Cg artist and engineer turned entrepreneur. Man with a very turbulent life.

@pepumu - Polyamorous Illustrator Foodie & Gamer

@agent8815 - video game development

@nathvar - Arquitecto /Diseñador/ Artista

@gmad - That plutonian girl...

Thanks for a FISH!

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I find it dope how you take the time to introduce newbies to the community. We all must take the time and learn the steemit experience has so much to offer its members. The key to success on this platform is consistency along with making friends with others. Again I salute you in your efforts.




Your the best man! :D We need more people like you on steem ^^!


We need people like you, even more, pal! =))


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I do this daily, actually, and not just to one new account but at least 5 😊

I cannot always, however, give 100% upvote especially when I curate many accounts, friends, family and strangers 😊

Kudos to you 👍


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You are welcome to steem community