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Hi @aggroed. I'm Ken and today I'm excited to share something that I feel will revolutionize people's lives on a macro scale.

The issue at hand has been on my heart and mind for years now. I would like to propose a solution that doubles as a full-fledged Steem business, distributing value to it's contributors and customers alike.

What is the Problem?

  • People aren't happy with their occupations
  • They often wake up and smash their snooze button
  • Lack of energy and joy
  • Struggling to make ends meet
  • No sense of purpose or calling
  • No control over their financial circumstances
  • Negative emotional states leading to depression and anxiety

What is the Solution / Vision?

  • Personal growth and self-awareness
  • Bridge the gap from employee to business owner. From self-employed to savvy investor.
  • To launch them into a fulfilling journey of self-development where they can grow into their full-potential and live the life they truly desire.
  • To help them discover the realm of abundance instead of lack.
  • To show them that it is possible to earn a living with alternative methods they actually enjoy instead of a job that makes them miserable.

What is the Mission?

  • To develop a strong community where people can experience self-development and encouragement on a personal level.
  • A training portal where exclusive materials in the form of courses, ebooks, podcasts, seminars, webinars, group coaching, private one-on-one coaching, and more, are distributed to people who simply want more out of life.
  • Different stages, or levels if you will, that one can progress through starting from beginner, to intermediate, to advanced.
  • Training materials to first be proposed and then approved by moderators before entering the portal.
  • Exchange fiat / crypto for training materials / coaching sessions that will assist people in their growth journeys.
  • Gamification to add incentive for growth in the form of armor and weapons that defend and fight the status quo to win the battle against mediocrity. The more one participates, the higher their growth ranking within the portal.
  • Native SMT will be rewarded for achieving certain growth milestones within a given time-frame.
  • Community can earn tokens by creating posts that discuss what they've learned and also by encouraging others who are moving through their own personal growth journeys.
  • Main Steem account to curate the community's posts / comments.
  • Content contributors and coaches for the business have incentive to add value to the portal because they will be rewarded.

Income Generation Models

  • One-time products: a single purchase of a particular piece or bundle of training material, sort of like an a-la-cart menu.

  • Subscription: monthly or yearly-based growth package subscriptions paid up front. Automatic distribution of materials via email or another medium each month.

  • Bet-on-yourself challenges: community members will have the opportunity to partake in occasional growth challenges where they put a certain amount of fiat / crypto down in exchange for specific training material and/or coaching sessions.

    Completing the growth challenge all the way through will win them the bet and they can recieve their prize. If they don't follow through to the end, they do not a prize but still retain the valuable training material they paid for.

  • Industry-leading contributors: once the community grows large enough to attract globally-known influencers outside of Steem in the self-development industry, we can invite them to contribute content to our community and charge a fee on each transaction within the portal.

Short-term plan

Over the next 3 months there are many steps that can be taken to make a minimum viable business.

Here is what has already been done:

  • Domain registered
  • Steem username registered

Here is some of what will be done:

  • Full branding suite
  • Social media pages
  • Discord server creation
  • Website / portal creation
  • Training material development
  • @fundition and Kickstarter campaigns
  • Brand promotion via @dtube, YouTube, and Instagram
  • Steem community involvement / feedback
  • Public launch

Budget and Team

The minimum amount of funds required would be $4000 for:

  • a professional portal site created
  • full branding across all social media platforms
  • paid promotions such as influencer shout-outs on Instagram
  • a mobile app but that can come later

Possible team members:

Hope you enjoyed this business plan @aggroed and I look forward to your feedback.



▶️ DTube

Idea look pretty nice to grow a people but as you mention below to take a subscription for how it would be charged in terms of steem or in terms of fiat and second need to take care is charges must be pretty low so people can effort in this bear market. Thanks over all good thought.

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Hi @kenmelendez,

I recommend charging people in SBD's since the price of SBD's is more stable than Steem.

One of the things that might be good is for the coaches to charge for in-person events, live phone calls and live video chats.

That would address @sn0n's concerns about charging for content that some people think should be free.

It would be more work for the coaches but I think it would also increase the value that members recieve.

Another idea is to categorize the coaches according to their Myers-Briggs personality type ( 16 Personalities ).

Some people don't consistently fall into a single personality profile but for the people that do, knowing who is dealing with the same strengths and weaknesses as us will help us choose the correct coach.

I wish you the very best with your project and look forward to when you announce the username and domain name. 😊

SBD in terms of you said looks good as compare to STEEM

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Right on, Chris. You have the mind of an entrepreneur that’s for sure. Appreciate the positive and detailed feedback 🙌🏻 I will highly consider those constructive aspects you brought to the table 🙂

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Hi @mihirbarot 👋🏻 Right now the subscription model is being worked on. We will have more info as the development of this project rolls out. Appreciate you stopping by and leaving a thoughtful comment.

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Looks like you've put some serious thought into this man! Have you talked with the people you list as possible team members about this project?

What’s going on, @gadrian? Thank you for noticing. I have a personal relationship with many of the possible team members and will be reaching out via Discord. That list isn’t set in stone either since it will be growing as new talent arises.

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That's awesome Ken! If you get half of them involved in the project, it will be something super huge!

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I am already excited to see it working. It is a great business plan because people are being rewarded for working on themselves. I personally like your bet ecosystem and it is wonderful.

You can add some skill learning program and educate them the high paying skills. I am really excited to see it working. I am eager to pay for such an platform. 👏

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What wonderful feedback! Greatly appreciated @hash-tag. Yes, I can’t wait to distribute rewards to people who are embarking on their own personal growth journeys. I like the idea you gave about the skill learning program and will be looking at ways to implement that.

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Sounds great dude if anything I'd like to expand the target audience to people in countries with corrupt governments who also really need help and where Steem could make a real difference even at the current low prices :)

Yeah man, that would be great. Glad you like the plan. I really want this thing to take off and Steem is the perfect place for that to happen.

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Awesome man keep me updated on this!

💁💕 Such a great and energetic video @kenmelendez I can really see how passionate you are about this. Now that i'm laid off i'm definitely one of those with a lack of energy and joy ( especially with steemit being slow and Steem plus Steem Monsters down right now!), im struggling to make ends meet and not being able to sell monster cards because the price of Steem is so low , certainly doesnt help . ❤ ( Love your new @gauntlette site by the way!)❤

💁Anyways I really think you have a great project / Steem business proposal going here and think @aggroed s going to love it as it involves most of the community here! A lot of us would love to go from employee to business owner or entrepreneur which I think can be done in the future , right here on the blockchain when things improve.

Did I miss what its going to be called,;or are you saving that!?

💁Love your mission Ken ! you have a very ambitious short term plan and I wish you the best of luck! I think more people would come on board if it didn't cost anything at least to try out or if there was a free way to join but with less info , then only pay when you want personal coaching etc. A lot of people are here on Steemit to try and make extra money because their broke or want to fund something and would join if it was free.
Keep up the great work, im sure you find your success you have the drive and ambition to do so! upped and resteemed! 💁👍👌

Karen, I am blown away by your comment. All I can say is thank you so much for your support in my endeavors.
I’m really excited about the business plan as you can tell. I didn’t reveal what it’s called yet but will when the time is right 🙂

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You are very welcome, I wish you much success!😊👌👍❤️

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Why paid subs? Information wants to be free. I've followed you for awhile, and appreciate the posts of yours. Sad to see a shift in focus to something more capitalist. Hopefully you find a nice medium and it can remain mostly free with one-on-one paid support or something. Looking forward to watching the project grow, goodluck, namaste

Hi @sn0n, thanks for this. A business has to have a sustainable way of generating revenue or else it just becomes an expensive hobby. It’s not a shift in focus as I’ve always had an entrepreneurial spirit inside of me and I will remain focused on my audience’s needs more than my own.

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Solid business plan, Ken! I especially like the part about "Bet on yourself challenges". This seems to be a popular thing these days and I know that business model has worked well in the fitness industry.

Utilizing SMT's to reward people in various ways is a great idea too.

I see you've mentioned me as a potential community builder. What would you see that looking like?

Excited to see you continue to develop this program! If you ever want to bounce ideas in regards to this project - I'm happy to share my thoughts/perspectives.

Community builders would be in charge of building awareness on the outside and participation on the inside. In other words, you would be rallying up the troops so to speak and encouraging engagement. Appreciate your feedback @coruscate 🙂

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