Chibera - The Steem MMORPG!

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Chibera is ready to present you with the progress we've made since our last developer update!

What is Chibera?

Chibera will be the first real MMORPG directly connected to the blockchain. And you’ve guessed it - it’s the Steem blockchain. Features a crypto connected auction house, customizable player and guild housing. High fidelity graphics for up to 8K monitors!

All of that and more is coming to you from us. But today we'd like to show you guys that we're working hard on bringing you our vision of a fantasy world that is interconnected with the real world through the blockchain.

Current goals

We plan to hopefully gain more community support. Which will help supply a game that will allow users to turn what was once a passion into a real living using our auction house system to sell items, usernames and a large number of items. See down below for more information on supporting Chibera.

We plan to make Chibera cross-platform XBOX, PlayStation, PC, MAC, LINUX, MOBILE are a few of the platforms were currently looking to launch beta on.

Community benefits.

Not only are we going to be creating a gorgeous world for you guys to play in. We’re also thinking about the developers among you. We will be releasing a login system, an auction house system and other tools completely free of charge so you can easily connect your projects to Steem as well using Unity3d and Unreal Engine 4!

The very first thing we would like to show you guys is our development video showcasing one of the of the very basic mechanics that you will be able to see in Chibera working in real time - running and jumping! Don’t expect that much, it’s one of the earliest videos and simplest mechanics we have to show you guys.

We would also like to remind all of you about our contests. We have already given out more than $1000 USD value in perks and 300 STEEM to participants in our contests. And more are coming!

And of course, what would a post about Chibera be without showcasing some of our concept art and 3D models.







Chibers is looking for backend investors as well:

Chibera Looking For Founding Members And Investors World Wide.

Get perks with more payment options now

Chibera - New Crowdfunding and Funding Options!


You can help fund Chibera's using Steem, Sbd, Delegation, and Paypal:
Every person who buys a perk will be Entered into drawing into winning a custom Chibera I7 1080 ti liquid cool custom RGB custom PC with Razor mouse and keyboard.

Chibera has already managed to gain almost 22,000 STEEM in delegation and over 3,000 dollars in donations from the community! If you like the project be sure to check out our Fundition site as well!

Click HERE to enter the crowdfund

Some of you might also be interested in the people who have decided to associate with our project:

@thedegensloth - CEO & Part-time Developer

Degensloth is the mind behind the project. It’s his idea and he brought us all together so we can bring his vision to life.

@kralizec - Community Manager

The community manager and the conscience behind the project. His expertise with reviewing games and how the gamer community at large want games to be kept on track.

@sircork - Chat Moderator

Sircork’s knowledge of how the Steem community behaves and how to keep it in check is very important to us.

@steemitqa - Chat moderator

Steemitqa is well known to have his hands in everything. He is a very responsible guy and seems to be everywhere you can think of that is Steem.

@eaglespirit - Chat Moderator

Many of you will know her from the millions of discord channels she lurks in. When Eaglespirit came to us and told us that she knows how to write white papers we immediately took her on board seeing her as a huge asset to the project!

And others like: @sapphic ; @grey580 ; @improv ; @ecoinstant

Contact us on our social media accounts or discord!


Resteem and Upvote To Help Us Out

Be sure to also visit and like our social media

Chibera Facebook | Chibera Twitter
Chibera Instagram | Chibera Discord


One of the best projects I've had a pleasure of working on! I work on many projects. This is one of the projects that I'm feeling will have a huge impact on the network.

Chibera is a very undervalued project at the moment. Just like Steem Monsters came out of the blue, Chibera has a real chance to shake up this whole eco-system and put the Steem blockchain in the spotlight. MMORPG , is excellent use-case for Steem! With the line up of people we have supporting this I'd suggest you get involved in it somehow. It can be simply leaving comments, to coming over into the discord to say hi to everyone. Great chance to become part of something huge!

I've worked with @thedegensloth as community manager of Zappl and I can say he nothing but full interest in making Steem and dApps successful on this chain and for the entire crypto universe. He's a great guy! Let's support him/the team and the project!

Keep us updated on how the project is coming along. Is there a game that you can compare this too? Just for a reference.

Hello, am new to steemit. what is that you called "MMORPG" does it have any support to a beginner like me? thanks

Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game

Hey, @abrish welcome to SteemIt I hope you are enjoying your time. MMORPG is just a fancy name for an online game. It can help you once it comes out to earn some Steem so make sure to hit "follow" on the Chibera account. Thanks for commenting!

Its a type of game where massive players get into role playing mechanism and features of the game. Which, perfectly fit for this Chibera. I hope this will be developed well without rushing into completion. This is definitely the greatest steem app/game in the ecosystem and I am so excited to try this one. Wishing you the best for this project.

i did it. i expect also from you to hit that "follow" . good time

So you're building multiplayer game rather than MMORPG? How many players will be able to play on same server?

We cannot give you an exact number at the moment because at this time we are building the game and not our servers for the game.

But we are definitely going for an MMORPG, not a multiplayer game

Wow,the steemblockchain is growing rapiding,having known that chibera is gave you can earn steem tokens, is so Amazing.

Chibera would need incredible amount of resources to be good, even steem monsters, with a lot of money, is quite lacking in many areas. Chibera will only be worse in this case. We're literally seeing an asset running around and jumping and that's shown as progress. That would be joke in any other place but Steem.

Let's be honest, there's no way this "MMORPG" will finish.

But thedegensloth is eager for funding, that's always been clear, the way he handled zap and its funding showed us that. I wonder what will come after Chibera after publics interest dries up on this one.

Well, a game can outlast short-term interest by building a strong community that allows for mods and interactive social features!

We do not hide that we will need a large amount of resources and work poured into this project.
And the comparison between us and SteemMonsters is quite frankly a bad idea. The two projects have only two things in common - they are both games and both are connected to Steem.

The running and jumping asset is not being really presented as progress. This is just our way of showing the community that this is a project that is really being made and that we do have developers working on the actual game - precisely to avoid accusations that we are just asking for money without having the intention to deliver a product.

I can understand your skepticism with the project as it is huge - no doubt about that. Especially with the number of projects that are announced here on Steem and that never come to be. But we truly want to deliver an amazing game that will allow people to - for the first time ever - truly combine the virtual and the real world.

This is where backend funding is being secure we have a clear picture of the cost to get to beta. After beta is the part were securing on the backend. Also, this project was prefunded with $65,000 as well, so chibera is looking for half commitment from the community to get us to beta and rewarding them for helping us get there.

While we're trying to fund Chibera using liquid assets reward contributions for perks. were trying to secure delegation for our perk ranks as well. To be able to provide users with accounts free.

Everything we have designed is to give users value day one of launch.

Would recommend watching this:

I'm an "and others like"! There's nothing more thrilling!

I've been loving writing stories in this universe.

There are some pretty great others up there mate!

I hope we'll get to audition for Chibera: The Tentpole Blockbuster Franchise

Posted using Partiko Android

Voice acting is something else that I am always looking to do, but I would be a great bard or even plucky sidekick in a blockbuster franchise!

Excellent. I will play the unexpected hero. Too old to start a new life of adventuring, but finding himself swept up in something IMPORTANT.

The video looks pretty sweet! Even if it's just basic mechanics like running and jumping, if that's not tinkered till perfection before the game releases, then what can we expect from the end product? So that's why it fills me with joy to see what you guys have been doing and the aspect that things are being done in the right way. Keep it up team!

Thank you for your kind comment. We can't guarantee perfection :) But what we are aiming for is fun combined with real-world economy. And that's something Completely unique :)

Awesome!!! I can't wait...

Glad to hear it nokodemion!

looks good , i'm very excited :)

This looks super dope. I call being a Healer!!!

I don't think there was ever a party in an MMO that ever said no to a healer :)

Oh ya baby adding value lol

I am so excited to be participating in the beginning stages of what I believe will be a massive advance for not only the steem blockchain but for mmorpg gaming as a whole.

More and more people are going to be talking about Chibera because it is one of the most potentious steem-powered projects being developed right now. People get banned from Blizzards servers everyday for doing what Chibera will allow all to do: make a living, or at least some money playing an MMORPG!

Three cheers for the developers of this game! Let's make it a good one!

whoa nice payout and woot woot!! let’s go ChiberaLand!! I dont lurk, I engage 😝😈

Slander I say, slander 😭😝

How exciting. I'm going to follow them. I'd love to play it

Glad to hear it

Wow its a great project first of its kind. Hope a lot of support to come to you guys.

Thank you for your kind words :)

I've been programming games. How in the world do you connect purchases to the block chain?

Well wallet transactions for the auction house, and using posting method like how steen monsters do it. It's not really overcomplicated. Since its still tracked inside the backend it's just pushed to the chain as an open ledger.

This project seems great! followed @chibera and looking forward to the time it'll be playable.

wow the project is great. Have you some Information how you use the Blockchain? You save the Account data on it like Items and more?

And how you design the gameplay? Is it like Games we already see in the MMO area?

What is the Storry about?

I know you are guys at the start and you maybe dont have to all answers yet :)

Follow and Upvote from me.

And again, a really nice project.

Chibera, a land that is still recovering from being torn apart and mutated by an explosion that was caused by a mana experiment centuries ago. Because of this accident, a tree was mutated into what is now called the world tree, along with the mutation of humans, elves, dwarves, and animals which lead to the rise of multiple new intelligent bipedal species.

Some races are now fully dependent on the mana for technological, economic, cultural reasons and some even need to consume it just to survive. This has caused a rift between some of the factions and a fight for control over as much of the resource as possible. The only mana sources now in the world are hard mana crystal deposits and the power that the world tree provides which is the only replenishing resource. This has lead to factions fighting for the resource for their own selfish reasons.

sounds really cool. So the game is more about PvP?

It will have two worlds, pve and pvp

Really cool. I think the game can be really Amazing :)

How do you use the Blockchain for the Game? :)

login, smt's, auction house, cash shop, website, forum, and more. This is more of a integration not just purely blockchain. It's not possible to have a real-time gameplay on only blockchain technology so we have to merge the technology.

Pvp requires real-time syncing 1-3 second delays are not acceptable and too long for predicting where a user may or may not be.

What will be centralized:

In-game gold will be centralized
User stats
Weapon stats

Many of these things can be tracked and put on the chain, but it's not what you call a trustless system. Because anyone can post as any app as they want.

So it will be publically verifiable as trades and such are concerned.

But mostly handled on the backend with public Apis for the auction house and such.

This is brilliant! Your concept and planning must have been well thought out... Not only is this unique, it's genius!

This rocking concept is going to attract the teens and the techies tooo!! The kids would go mad for this if they are allowed to use the platform:-):-)

Also with cross-platform compatibility, it could be a huge benefit as well.

i cant believe folks dont really know about this project!! I dont have much do give but i will surely spread the word so that folks know about this. Its great to see someone adding gaming to the steem blockchain.

I wish steemit had a more active promotional arm, instead of just @ned

We were more focused on getting things done then doing a huge push in the feed. Now we're pushing more since we've got a lot done now.

It's all looking awesome people, keep it up, Chibera will be epic, I won't ever sleep again when it is out! haha :P

We're definitely not saying that you shouldn't sleep anymore :D

Ah don't worry, I won't blame you! :D

I already know I won't but they will warn us if we are playing the game to much ;-)

They? lol...

Our overlords :P

Dayum..this looks cool

Awesome update, Always like to see the progress. Just curious, any plans for doing an SMT for this project? That might put it on the radar of Steem Inc. and get a little whale blood, sweat, and tears behind it.

Yes, there is a plan for an smt, auction house switch over to a functioning smt is one example.

Going back to the community engagement post last week. I would push the SMT aspect a bit, I know there are politics involved all over steemit. I have noticed the 1UP crew supporting some of the SMT's they have some pretty good backing from a few people. I don't know the ins and outs, just an idea, I know utopian backs the 1up stuff. So it might have to be open sourced. again just a thought.
I wish I still had the datacenter, we'd spin up a witness node for chibera. I used to host a few project servers for people they just needed to provide an internet drop at $25 per month...

Well thanks for the information, we will talk about it. This is why we will run an alpha so we can test case all the uses of smts.

Hi i read this article and find it very interesting. this will be rocking concept of gaming. people surely like this game as well.

We're glad you like it :)

So is it just micro-transactions? Or is it connected to Steem in other ways?

Nope not micro-transactions, it will be an integration of technology.

it looks great! i hope you could launch the game soon, i would like to play it

It looks great! i hope
You could launch the game soon, i
Would like to play it

                 - gabelopez

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Wow, I hope this project remains strong. As a MMORPG lover I would love to play this.
Is there any estimated date for alpha or beta testing?

Alpha is coming up soon but only for the contributors who contributed 250 plus Steem. Beta is hopefully around Christmas if no big delays happen.

Currently, we do not have exact dates. But part of some of the perks you can get by supporting our project is early access to alpha and beta testing :)

Hello, I just donated $5 to support the project, but I don't see yet any perks on my dashboard on
How do I claim them?
Here's the proof:

Hello, ideally you want to come to our Discord and ask for @Chibera and we will get you sorted out. The process is currently manual, so sorry about any delays.

i love the project. It would be nice if the game also had the option to play multiplayer co-op story mode,

The game is all multiplayer

hey, i know its too early to ask something like this but, did you have any idea of the resources a PC will need to run the game ? like how many ram, video, all that stuff, i don't know if I'm explaining myself correctly.

Hello there

Sadly, it is too early into the development process to give you such information exactly. But look at other UE4 games to get a general idea :)

This looks like it has some amazing potential. That is the crypto space for you if no one else will integrate blockchain in to a game.. Well here we are. Awesome.

We'll also make it so others can make their own games as well.

voted and resteemed it

I'm super interested to see how Chibera turns out. Having a MMO on a blockchain will be really neat and I want to see how it compares to other traditional game platforms. Good luck with your project!

I was sent here by @reseller's steemit minute.

Oh do you have a link?

Took me a minute to find it! He must have forgotten to post your info into the post itself but its in his dtube video.

Oh, are you guys also planning to do a kickstarter campaign? Steem Monsters had both fundition and kickstarter campaigns going on and the kickstarter one was way more popular.

Yes we will be doing kickstarter after we finish up out crypto run. Even though fundition now allows for paypal payments as well.

That might be the case, but most people haven't heard of Fundition yet. Kickstarter is still the place to raise funds outside our relatively small Steem userbase.

What is the advantage to play games on a blockchain?

Decentralized auction house and wallets come in handy so you get paid instantly is one use case.

Can't wait to see where this ends up. I'm really eager to get involved when you launch the beta.

Glad to hear it

Great innitiative, whish you the best of the lucks.

I love MMO's and I love crypto. If this project makes it to an actual release, I'll play the shit out of it.

Really interesting concept! I like it :)

We're glad to hear it.

Interesting project!
Will you be using SMT in parts of the games? I can see things that could be tokenized but it just cold be me :P
It kinda reminds me of hashrush but steemified :P

There is a plan for the use of smt's

Cant really donate, but yall got my upvote ;)

One of the best project. Right

Glad to know about Chibera

This post are very use full 🌝 you are the best, and thanks for sharing this knowledge, this post is usefull for all student

Amazing 3D effects. cheers to the developers.

this project excites me. the first real MMORPG directly connected to the blockchain is truly incredible!! can't wait

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Great development once again..

Wow Great concept. I got inspired with this. Willing to search this more

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This is amazing, work excelent.

I'm still new here but how can we give credit to content creators we enjoy? Or do we just hit like a bunch of times?

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not bad content

interesting and keep us updated though :)


feeling postive for this project , lets support this community and earn successfully

You are on to something here! Looks like a great venture. I wish you luck and continued success!

I don't understand this whole connection to Steemit. Does it mean I would be able to make off-game auction house of in-game items in form of dapp?

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Man, if this gets to any playable form, it would be a dream come true for me. MMOs with my trusty Steem account? I'm on board in spirit, can't afford any monetary support atm though.

it is have just transcended that of piano master to EDM professional. This track is just pure magic and is everything that is needed to be a phenomenal track plus a LOT more! I am now just plain in love with this track, the piano version, and the animation! I love the story! Probably the best music video i have ever seen with how amazingly creative it is compared to most nowadays. Thank you for this perfect post.

Here and Steem We learned to cheat

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wow this is amazing how to coming this project .awesome post dear

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i'm not a gamer but this one interests me.. MMORPG being connected to the blockchain.. that's awesome!!!

This looks cool. I'll be interested to see how this develops.

you see my comment leave vote plz

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