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-- JK you should read this whole thing.

Maybe that's why you aren't seeing good growth?

Everyone, if you read my last non-techy post aimed towards content creators on Steem you already know I've been blogging for over a decade. I've made all the mistakes, so please, please, please listen this is for you to shave off years of learning the hard way. Please learn from what I have experienced and put effort into your future here on steem.

Bots, Follow for Follow, and Upvote for Upvote


Don't waste your STEEM on bots. You are better off reinvesting you STEEM into STEEM Power and using that to help other people. Think about how you feel when someone with more reputation and more Steem Power than you comes along and upvotes, comments, or resteems your work.

You feel good!

Chances are you follow them if they make content. I Know I do and many others do as well. Having Steem Power is like walking around with a big stick. You get the ability to help the smaller bloggers on our platform. Sort of like protecting them from fading in to obscurity.

I know what you are saying, "but J. R. it's so little it's not even worth it!" Well guess what, if you keep spending it on bots you'll never have power worth looking up to. You'll only ever have minnow status or lower. Something you need to realize is the mentality you have when using these types of programs. You are telling yourself that you don't think you content is not good enough to get noticed so I might as well get every edge you can.

Please don't do this.

It is tempting, I know first hand. So much of my hard work over the past decade has gone unnoticed. Hours and hours of writing, editing, rewriting, and reediting just for no one to read it. It gets you thinking if you had a little boost you could break out. There is a better way.

Follow For Follow & Vote for Vote

I'm not even close to a whale by any measure of the term and I still get people messaging me asking me to upvote every post they make and they'll do it for me in return.


so please stop asking

The same goes for follow for follow and I know this will only get more and more prominent as my account continues to grow. You should reject these requests at all costs. Again it's tempting since it seems like it will give you a slight edge. I'll be honest, it could but it won't be as good as you expect.

There is also a site (maybe several) where you can follow and upvote other steemians for the same in return. I checked this out for a few days and I have since chose to not use it. All you get are empty upvotes and follows that don't care about you or your work. It is shallow and non-personal interaction via a STEEM blockchain app. Everyone is just there for the small edged they get in upvotes. These upvotes will not bring you any STEEM worth your time.

If you only in this game for the money, get out .

It will not work and you are better off trading Bitcoin. After a decade of blogging if it was all about the money I wouldn't be doing this.

What you should be doing to get some genuine growth!

When to upvote

First, let talk about upvoting the right way. You may know this but you may not. You should only upvote posts that give you value. Whatever that value is, be it information, a good laugh, or a good cry. You can tell who put the effort and their heart into their post.

It will probably be as long as this one...

They won't just be a video they pulled off YouTube (I'm not getting started on that) and they are not just taking a news article writing a paragraph and then linking the article. That's not effort, that's fishing for upvotes. I'd also like to point out posts that are just photos are often not worth the upvote. There are some rare occasions when the creator spent time on them and they give you value but if it's just a meme, it's most likely not worth your upvote.

I'd like to take the time here to say I disagree with the statement that Steem is "like Facebook but better". If you will compare Steem to anything it should be Medium, WordPress, or Blogger. It's that kind of content were Steem shines. Saying that is is like Facebook will only bring more and more low quality work that took a person zero effort to create.

Remember, when you upvote you are putting our reputation on the line.

To follow or not to follow?

Then we have following. This is not as imperative from what I can tell here on Steem as upvoting is but you should take this seriously too. I will often look over who a person follows after I follow them. This is because if I am taking the time to follow them it is because I like what they do and often assume that they will follow people who make great content too.

So do with that as you wish. I think seeing a person who is following an equal number of people who follows them is a sign they are doing follow for follow but that's not always the case. Use your own judgment when following and at least like the content of the person you are following. The last thing you should want is a bunch of empty and shallow followers that don't care about your content.

Go make some friends!

Finally, networking. This will be the most work outside of you making your content. I say work but if you do it well, it's just making new friends who also create content on Steem. If you go as a lone wolf you could still break out and have successful blog but it will be much harder to do so (unless you already big some place else).

People create many places where you can meet new others outside of Steem. My two favorites so far are both Discord chat groups. These groups have upvoting sections where you can promote your stuff and the community bot will upvote but that's not what you should be there for. You should come for the people and forming friendships with other creators.

The first group I'll mention is P.A.L and is the more active of the two. There are loads of friendly, helpful, and kind people in this group. They feature radios shows, topic specific sections, and a place to share your latest work with everyone. I recommend this group to everyone. PAL has some great wittness too, including @someguy123, @aggroed, @drakos, and @neoxian (I love neoxian's server icon, truly a steemian after my own heart).

The second group is Whaleshares. I was told about this group by @wandrnrose7 (great lady, go follow her). This group has many of the same things as P.A.L. They do a radio show within Discord that anyone can join and talk about one of their posts on Steem. I joined for the first time last week and it was a great opportunity. Everyone in this group is very nice and helpful just as in P.A.L.

All that being said if there is one thing that will take your Steem blog to the next level it is networking. Making friends with other creators should be your main goal on Steem after creating great content. Money, upvotes, and follows are fine and dandy but no one can succeed alone.

Thanks for reading! If you have a question or something you'd like to add please comment!

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The best thing you can do is to help someone learn, and pass on what you've learned in the hopes of helping someone out. You're too sweet JR <3

Writing's a passion for me and I've never loved anything more than Steemit here, and I've read quite a few posts that allegedly "help" newbies, but I must say this here beats them all. I learned a few things from this that I didn't know before. And I'm guilty of a few things like bot upvotes lol!

Is converting SBD to steem really helpful? I'd like to know more about this.

Thanks JR <3


Thank you for such a well thought out comment and the kind words! I really want to help those who are serious and you are one of them.

Don't feel bad about paying for upvotes in the past. Just take today and move forward. We all make mistakes along the way and one of my goals with this is to help get people to stop those practices sooner than later.

As for converting steem to power I do think it's a good idea. The more steem power you have the more your votes are worth. With that comes more responsibility to upvote and comment on only good posts.

If you ever need anything please let me know!
<3 J. R.


Ah, very true!!

I'll be bugging you with related questions. <3

This was informative. As a newbie I've been wondering about all those bots out there. I do like @OriginalWorks for the anti-plagiarism mission, but the others just seem like bribery (e.g., if you give me money, I'll give you votes).


The @OriginalWorks bot has determined this post by @jrswab to be original material and upvoted it!

To call @OriginalWorks, simply reply to any post with @originalworks or !originalworks in your message!

To enter this post into the daily RESTEEM contest, upvote this comment! The user with the most upvotes on their @OriginalWorks comment will win!

For more information, Click Here!
Special thanks to @reggaemuffin for being a supporter! Vote him as a witness to help make Steemit a better place!


Yes, thanks for bringing it up. Things like OriginalWorks and Cheeta are examples of bots that serve a great purpose on steem. We should not allow content that is copied from another source.

Some of my older posts about blogging were from an old site I used to own. I made sure to delete them there before posting here. Just to avoid duplicate content.

Thanks for the comment!
<3 J. R.


ive found the originalworks bot isnt very effective, i tagged him in a post that was direct copy paste from wikipedia and he said it was original content lol


I may be incorrect, butmy understanding of the originalworks bot is to check for duplicated content within the steem blockchain.

True bro, follow4follow or upvote4upvote doesn't help minnows in the end. And is also hurtful for the quality of steemit.


Exactly, we need to pay attention and give our power to those who are putting in the work. We need to rely on the f4f v4v stuff if we are making great content.

Thanks for the comment <3

Excellent job again J.R. You're awesome and so is your writing. Always giving advice to help others 💜💜


Thanks for the kinds words! My goal is to always give value. Even if you already know all this maybe it will at least solidify the ideas and give you (and everyone) more confidence in the work that actually pays off.

<3 J. R.


Thanks for the comment XD

nice post man, upvoted for sure. I agree with your sentiments and even made a very similiar post a little while back about how follow for follow is such a bad idea, and steemfollower is terrible. i made the mistake of follow for follow for a while and all it did was give me a bunch of people i couldnt care less about in my feed so i had to delete them one by one.
keep it up man good stuff. ill have a look at the rest of your blog and maybe even follow you :P


i made the mistake of follow for follow for a while and all it did was give me a bunch of people i couldnt care less about in my feed so i had to delete them one by one.

This happens to everyone who engages in F4F and that's just how things are not matter what network we are blogging on. Good thing is you got out of it, cleaned up your followers, and learned from it.

Thanks for the comment <3

im not a huge believer in bots, but first off some of them are free, or relatively inexpensive for the payback. second, if i drop 5 sbd into a bot for one post and get 8 sbd out a few days later because of the upvote, thats a good short term investment. there are a bunch of scambots that just eat money. the thing is to look for cost vs outcome with good potential paybacks.

'follows' you hit that right on the head. look at who you follow. why should you follow someone writing about beaded macrame if you are never going to read their posts? or a person who only posts youtube vids? look for quality, look for activity, look for shared interests.


Thanks for the comment. Yes, I have seen some bots that seem to give out more than you put in but a lot of research needs to be done before using them. My point was to let people now that they would do better most of the time just networking and using steem power as a type of leverage.



true. caution and thought when dealing with money are always in style

Wow I did notice you don't use any upvote bots! You're on such a sacred journey! That's what I'm trying to do in these few days! trying to networking in discord, it's always great to have someone in common to chat with rather a bunch of followers just commenting good post. Definitely worth my upvotes!


I have used the bots in PAL in the past but I have chose to not do so anymore. I think the last one I did so with was a poem. It's really not a big advantage when it all boils down. I find I get 40+ upvotes but most of those people did not even see the post and that's a shame. It's much more effecting to make friends and build our blogs organically over time. It's a long hard grind but the only way to have a solid base to stand on as we grow.

Thanks for your comment!


Wow I really hope I can find such friends. So far, I found none yet :( Just people commented and gone for the rest of their life. I was wishing a two way conversation, how do you make sure they still come back? I'm a complete newbie in blogging :( And I'm quite impatient though..


There is really not much you can do to keep them coming back. That's why most people quiet blogging. They have to work hard every time they create a post just to see it get no where. It's super common and is the norm. If you have discord send me a DM and we can get more in depth.

my handle is:


Ohh i just saw your reply. Sure mate. I'll add you. I love to talk about crypto :)

You mentioned some bots earlier in the comments, is it frowned upon to call the Original works bot yourself? Does this just prove that the work is yours? I have a WordPress blog and I typically cross-post what happens if the original works bot finds that?

As alwys, great post!


Great question. I have never actually called that bot myself but I know people have. If it finds your post on your blog and says it's not original I'd just mention that you own it. If you can prove ownership of that blog that would be even better. That way if someone sees that they will at least know it's your blog it found.

Thanks for the comment <3


I may just have to try that! Thanks for the insight.