A Curated Guide For SteemIt New Users: My Journey To Becoming A Better Steemit User. Your Recommendations Are Highly Needed.

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As StreemIt goes mainstream, there would be several new users who are complete newbies. Those who know next to nothing about StreemIt.

When I first joined Steemit, I only had a vague idea about cryptocurrencies (I'm creating a curated guide for that too) but I loved the idea of a social network that rewards its users.

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I spent hours moving from one post to another, like a search bot, trying to get a hang of how the whole Steemit revolution works. And I'm still learning.

This guide would provide new users an all-in-one guide to becoming better creators and contributors. Without the stress of jumping through links.

What finally pushed me to create this post was posts' replies like this by @cryptoctopus :

wow, that was an awesome post! I wish I could bookmark it and link to it whenever a new noob come in. :-)

And this by @steemrollin.
Great post! I've been around a while, but you communicated the what & why better than I could. Welcome aboard the Steem train!
See. Even Long term users would benefit from this.

My plan is to update this post as soon as new recommendations are being made by you, the expert. :)

Lets Get the Steem Rollin' :

Here are some official resources:

a. Markdown of the Steemit Whitepaper by @liondani https://steemit.com/steem/@liondani/steem-whitepaper-download

b. An interview with Ned Scott, CEO of Steemit. A must read if you want a watered down explanation of the whole idea behind Steemit. I found the conversation very interesting.

Resources by Steemit users:

The Awesomeness of Steemit

How Steemit Scooped Wall Street and Trumped Its Hottest Idea @donkeypong

Steemit Is On The Verge Of Disrupting Social Media @stellabelle

The Basics

The Secret Formula to a Successful "IntroduceYourself" Post...And The #1 Mistake to Avoid by @cryptoctopus

Steem for Noobs by @aem https://steemit.com/steemhelp/@aem/steem-for-noobs

STEEMIT ESSENTIALS: How to Submit A Blog (with Screenshots) by @nanzo-scoop https://steemit.com/steemhelp/@nanzo-scoop/steemit-essentials-how-to-submit-a-blog

Format Your Steemit Articles And Gain Steem Power! By @cryptogee https://steemit.com/steemit/@cryptogee/format-your-steemit-articles-and-gain-steem-power

An idiots guide to what the Dollar figure ($) against your post means by @nanzo-scoop

Together, Can We Create a Steemit for Dummies?
I'm including this because @cryptoctopus gave a very brilliant response in it. Do check it out.

Steem and Steemit - In a Nutshell Infographic by @ranko-k


No upvotes? No problem – YOU WILL be King makers! By nanzo-scoop https://steemit.com/steemit/@nanzo-scoop/no-upvotes-no-problem-you-will-be-king-makers

Getting Rewarded ;)

enter image description here

The Truth About Ridiculously High Steemit Payout - Another awesome post from @cryptoctopus

Voting Cheat Sheet: How to Follow Steemit’s All Star Posters @steemship

How to Interpret steemit's post valuations by @dantheman

Buried Treasure: Make Money Upvoting Reply Posts on Steemit @steemship

How do I get the money out of Steemit? By @pheonike

N.B Overhaul of Curation Rewards by @steemitblog
The could potentially override all the previous posts under this subheading.

Am I missing anything? New changes? Do you have other helpful resources? Please make a reply.

P.S Help make this visible to new users as they join.

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This is a good post! We are in the process of completely changing the curation reward. Please update your post when you feel a good post as made it easy for people to understand. In the meanwhile, here is the annoucement post: https://steemit.com/steemit/@steemitblog/overhaul-of-curation-rewards

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Thanks, cryptoctopus. The link is in the original post. Would remove other posts under rewards if they contradicts the new changes. Also, is there a way to edit the summary? Only the tag, title and post sections are available for edit.

Great collection of links. Thumbs up!

Many thanks, this platform is amazing and this is great help to start.

You're welcome. It truly is amazing

this is awesome! thanks for compiling this. i was thinking of compiling stuff, but appears you've done it for me. well done

Thanks, stellabelle. Glad I was of help.

Good summary, sure that it helps many people, regards and spirit!

My first recommendation would be to fix the formatting of this post.
For plain text there is no need to use a font style meant for section headers.

Thanks. Fixed?

Yes, it's much more readable now. Thank you.

We need this. Voting trusting you keep formatting and updating this post!

Currently the first paragraph is written twice :p

Thanks. I've fixed it. I'm always on the lookout for more helpful articles as they come up. Would appreciate a reminder or two though. :)

This is great and detailed reference to other resources as well. Thanks!

Wow. Thanks. That's my evening's reading sorted.

Great info here. As a new user, this site and its functions are difficult to grasp.

Thanks for this! Will be reading some of the links. :)