Together, Can We Create a Steemit for Dummies?

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Hi Steamy Steemers,

I'm struggling to get a grasp of what this platform truly is.

I've asked a few people what Steemit means to them, read posts from many different tags, and I've read the Steem Whitepaper PDF, ( but I have to admit, I really do not fully understand what we are here for, or how this wonderful platform works to make the world a better place... yet!

If there are some other contributors who would be interested, I'd love to create a Steemit "Cheat Sheet" that speaks in lay terms, explaining the lingo as we go.

I'd love to learn all about Steemit and its possibilities, and then share what I, as a newbie have learned, with others.

  • Do you have any insights that could help me to understand how money is made and content is curated on Steemit?
  • Can you explain the entirety of the Blockchain in a clear and concise way?
  • Shall we work together to make Steemit more available to those people who want to be a part of this revolution?

I'd be glad to do the writing and editing, if you folks who know what's going on here can help break it all down for me...

Are You In?

Let me know if you'd like to help create this with me!

Be Well.

  • Bee
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Welcome Queen Bee!

  1. When you post and people vote for you, you get rewarded. The more SteemPower someone has, the more they reward you get.
  2. Blockchain is a public timestamped database that cannot be altered by anyone. No one can censor it. (Not like Facebook or twitter)...ideal to preserve free speech.
  3. Yes!

In many ways, I try to keep it simple. This ia my attempt: If you write something that people like, they upvote. The more attention you get, the more likely you are to make money on it. The content creator get 50% of the amount of money you see at the bottom of the post. The other 50% goes to people who upvote.

The reward for content creator come half in SteemPower and half in SteemDollars.

SteemPower: is your voting "klout". The more you have, the more money you can make by upvoting.

SteemDollars: can be exchange for $1 US.

First payout July 4th and then every 24h. Whatever payout you accumulate until July 4th will be paid then.

If you work on creating a "Steemit for Dummy" you could post 1 chapter at a time on Steemit and I am sure you will be handsomely rewarded by the community. :-)

Then, I and other would gladly compile it and promote it on social media.


This sounds great. I'd love to help with the project.

To get started, can you explain to me what Steemit is to you?

Beware: I don't really know what the terms "blockchain technology" means, so really break it down for me please.

You should join slack I think, you can get the info you need a lot faster there.
Get an invite at

This video has the best "what is blockchain" explanation that I've heard:

That guy (James D'Angelo) is a great teacher

Mind bending possibility. ...