How to transfer Steem from Binance to Steemit

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Hey Guys Alpha-Man is Back Here With Another Blog!!

Today I will tell You How You can Transfer or Withdraw Steem From Binance To Steemit.

I Know that this is very easy to do but this blog is for those who have never done this and are confuse that What if something goes wrong?

Well Do not worry bro it is very easy to do and This Post is for begginers..

So Guys Lets Move to the topic!!

1 Login to Your binance account and go to Balances then Click on Withdraw Button Next To Steem , When You will Click On Withdraw Button this page will be opened..


2 Now You Have to Fill It!
You Have to give your Steemit account name and then you have to give memo.
You Can type anything in memo or you can click on No Memo and then You have to Write the amount of Steem You want to withdraw and Then Click on Submit..
I have Just Filled Them See in the Picture.

3 After Filling if Up Click on Submit When You will click on submit button then It will ask you to give 2FA code..


4 After giving 2FA Code , they will send a confirmation email to you.
See Picture Below..

5 Now Open Your Gmail and there you will have received a mail from Binance,
Open that mail and Click on Confirm Withdraw..


5 Now you have to wait Some minute to get those steem.
I Just Received them in my wallet Within 2 minutes.


So Guys By this method you can withdraw Steem from binance to Steemit.

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All images are taken from Binance Website


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