Davincij15 the famous "crypto oracle" namedropping STEEM...

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Famous "bitcoin oracle" davincij15 talks about the current state of the crypto-market in this video "My comments on bitcoin down" published on Nov 27, 2018, he also mentions a few other coins, like three or four other alt-coins STEEM being one of them! (at 16:16).

Remember this guy was promoting bitcoin back in 2011, he also allegedly warned people about Mt.Gox before February 2014 when they suspended trading. He has an official account here that has not been used in 2 years, but he might have other accounts or maybe he is looking to invest or suggesting that STEEM might be a smart investment right now? 🔮

Some "conspiracy-theorists" even think that this guy is the real Satoshi?! Anyway, take it easy and don't believe everything you read or see or hear, not even here on steemit the most trustable new international news agency on the inter-web... 😅🌎


He also mentions STEEM as one of the top three alt-coins in this newer video (published on Dec 14, 2018), where he admits he is Satoshi, (as a joke of course, or maybe not? ).

By the way this is not financial advice...
This is Davincij15's current project:

Peace, Happiness, Love & Abundance to all steemians!

Please, (Im asking nicely this time).

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Howdy sir friendly-fenix! That's surprising that he rates steem in the top three alt coins, dang. I don't have time to watch the video but it sounds encouraging so good job!

Yeah it was unexpected, you should probably watch at least one of the videos, he is a bit of a mystery-man when it comes to cryptos, maybe the second video is more fun, not sure, the interviewer has concerns about STEEM being inflatable, but he says "we have to try it in different ways"...

Thanks for the comment!

lol very funny and fun interview, great post mate ✌️

Thank you Im glad I found something uplifting to post about, makes me happy that he mentions STEEM, I actually think he did mention STEEM, partly because he is noticing how "normal social media" is getting censored real quick, also STEEM & steemit and the other STEEM-based platforms have been around for quite a while now (At least since March 24, 2016), so the whole thing is obviously not a weird-scam or a bubble, it has been through ups and downs and "payed its dues" but who knows what the future will hold... Please feel free to resteem...


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Great interview! Great post man! @freindly-fenix
Glad to see steem beign rated high. There's unlimited hope for steem

I like this Davinci character, there is something special about him...


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Is this e anti fud one? Baha
This is suited well for #openmic!! 😁😛

Yeah why not, send him an email or something?
Maybe you can get him to go on live? 🔮


Would you prefere it if I wrote more, instead of posting the video straight into the post, like @nemo just did he basically used the same topic as me but excluded the videos and put more spin on it, is that better more value etc?:

Your post is open mic material not his 😂 tho that was funny

Okay, sometimes I don't always catch on to things... #Openmic was mainly dudes playing guitar and such...

It can be comedy too. Anyhoo it was a compliment not necessarily too serious.

Okay, thanks I guess @eaglespirit! 😊


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