Are You Excited About SMTs?

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Steemit has a date for SMT launch now and it's great news to everyone of us that SMT which was largely considered vaporware by some due to the delays is finally getting closer to reality.

I'm quite excited because if the Inc meets the timelines that means we're likely to catapult forward with a ton of dapps on the blockchain as well as seeing greater marketing initiatives.

There's a project from India as well known as 1ramp. It was previously known as HapRamp. I'm quite excited about these guys working on this project. You can read more about their project here and test the app as well.

I hope when SMTs are launched we can find newer incentives to hodl and power up STEEM cryptocurrency. STEEM is the main currency for this blockchain and it's important that there are far more incentives to buy and hodl STEEM tokens.

Steem blockchain has higher on-chain transactions compared to some top blockchains in the world today such as Ethereum. Most users of STEEM tokens can use them in different ways including fundraising through dapps such as Fundition built on Steem blockchain or gift people uploading videos on - another dapp built on Steem blockchain.

Overall I think we're heading towards accomplishing many of the tasks listed in the roadmap, even though we're a bit late. Hopefully in the next 12 months Steem will catapult forward as the number one most-used blockchain in the world!

Hopefully Bitcoin and the entire market will turn around to increase the price of STEEM as well.

Meanwhile if you are from India I request you to head [here] and test 1ramp's mobile application (currently in alpha version).

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In China has another one base on SMT also named MIT. They are one step forward about SMT. But I guess that Steem has a great potential after that. 😎

How come I do not hear any controversial voices on SMT?
I think that Steemit is designed for SOCIAL MEDIA - it is a fork of graphene (from Bitshares) which was empowerement for trading engine and coin creation in the first place.
Everything was trimmed off to be a pure social media blockchain engine. Now ned comes ahead and plans SMT's ... which totally do not make sense to bring all this functionality back in ... taking 3 years of the development.
Steemit could be so big when ressources and developers would be targeting to make awesome from the beginning.
Such a sad story from my point of view.

thanks for best information!

on the one hand this is good because they have been talking this thing up for so long on the other hand its a crap shoot about how they work out when adopted. Anything that takes 5 minutes to explain is probably too complicated for most people.

Hi @firepower, Glad to followed you from Sri Lanka. Firstly I added you vote for witness list from me.

We all waited when will launch SMT. But within two days @steemblog shared SMT will launch March of 2018. Why we don't celebrate it? After release SMT steem token will come top of the cryptocurrency list.

I hope when SMTs are launched we can find newer incentives to hodl and power up STEEM cryptocurrency. hope also the same one. I will hope to read your previous posts also.

Steemit was going that way and I am really excited about the launch of SMT. It is good to know that it will boost Steem snd the ecosystem in general.
Thanks @firepower for the excellent post!

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This is really great i am excited about it.

I Haven't got a clue what SMT's are all about....But i am looking.

Yeah it's in January next year and still we have to wait for few months...

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Wow,steem will be rock very soon.I am too excited about the launch SMTs and Hardforg 20.Thanks for the inspirations and informations of happiness.Good luck to you too.

so this is Tumblr on blockchain ?

will try out the app , it will really take off when STINC enables communities , I think that's part of hivemind..

Once more you given the best and useful. there is no link for the 1ramp app in the post. please check it out.


Hello @sabari18,

You can download the 1ramp app from Play Store. Here is the link: