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Hello STEEM Community,

We are excited to announce that the 1ramp (alpha version) is now available on Google Play Store.


1ramp alpha is now available on Play Store

We were waiting for this day since we joined Steemit and published our first blog six months ago. In this duration, we got in touch with the people from Steem community, the developers, the creators who are posting interesting content, the supportive curators and makers on the platform.

While building the 1ramp (previously HapRamp) and gearing up for this day, we have come a long way and there is still a long way to go: To build a community; To improve the underlying technology; And to help more people in building solutions on the Steem blockchain.

HapRamp is now 1ramp

Another important announcement is that we have renamed our platform. HapRamp is now called 1ramp. There are multiple reasons to do that.

The biggest reason is, 1ramp explains what we are building, better. It is about providing all the creators on Steem with a platform that is exclusively built for them. 1 place where all the creators can come together, join their communities and share their work. That is where the Internet is heading: closer communities, easier collaboration and more interaction with those who matter to you.

Our idea is to create one place for the creators to collaborate with each other, share their work, compete in contests (we are building something related to that too) and grow together as a community. That thought has motivated us to rename HapRamp (your ramp to happiness) to 1ramp (1 place for all the creative communities). Don't worry, the happiness is still intact.

What is 1Ramp?

1Ramp is a social media platform for the creative communities powered by Steem blockchain. On 1Ramp, you can join the creative communities of your interest, share your work with them and grow together.

Here is the link to 1ramp: Install the app and try it now.

What's new on 1Ramp?



1Ramp has nine different communities for the creators to join as per their interests. When you sign up for the first time on 1Ramp, it'll prompt you to pick communities. Select communities of your interest and continue.

As of now, these communities on the home page helps you to see posts created with a specific community tag (explained in post/blog creation). You can switch between your selected communities from the top bar to explore the work shared by other people.

In the future, we'll play around the communities to help people discover other creators on the platform. The communities will transform into a collaborative space on Steem blockchain.

Post/Blog Creation


On 1Ramp, you've two ways to share content: Post and Blog. When you'll click on the (+) button on the bottom navigation bar, two options will pop-up for you: Post and Blog.

Post creation


When you select Post, it means you can post a single image or embed a video or create a text-only post. It is quick and suitable for sharing small content on 1ramp, so you can share your pictures and your words on the go. Before publishing, you need to select the communities in which you want to share the post.

Blog writing


When you select Blog, it is similar to writing a blog on Steemit with multiple images, multiple videos embeds, and text formatting. You do not need to write markdown on the 1ramp's blog editor. You simply use the provided text formatting features to arrange your blog the way you want it. Also, select the communities in which you want to share the post. You may choose maximum 5 (space separated) tags before publishing.

Rating as up-vote


The creators and artists need much more than a like or an upvote. They expect a feedback, to provide that experience we introduced rating feature.

On 1ramp, you can rate a post (blog) on a scale of 5 stars. For now, a 1-star rating is equal to upvoting with 20% Steem-Power, 2-star is equal to 40% Steem-power and so on. 5-star is equal to up-voting with 100% Steem-Power.

To rate out of 5 stars, hold/long-press the star icon and select the rating you want to give on a particular post. In the future updates, we'll add a feature to upvote posts with variable Steem-Power too.

Thank You Steem Community

Thank You Utopian-io

This wouldn't have been easy without the timely feedback and support from the people at @utopian-io. They are among the best communities in Steem that is helping the original creators and supporting really good contributions. Thank you so much for your support.

Thank You Steemit

The feedback from the @steemitdev team in our initial days helped us a lot to set the right direction for building this platform.

We need you -

1. Give us feedback and suggestions

We want to know your thoughts on the 1Ramp. What you like about the app and what bugs you while using it. Install the app from Play-store and try it now.

After using the app, please do us a favor by submitting your feedback in this form: feedback form.

This won't take much of your time. And It'll help us a lot to improve the platform faster and add everything that you need to share your work and engage with the community better.

2. Join our Discord

Want to connect with the team behind 1ramp, you may join us on Discord:

Join our Discord server to stay updated on the development progress, give us feedback-suggestions or to learn more about 1ramp.

3. Contribute on GitHub

1Ramp is an open-source platform. You can find our open sourced projects on GitHub.

What's next?

Android updates

Our internal and close group testing before the alpha release helped us in identifying some crucial bugs and issues in the app. While we've fixed most of them, our team is completely focused on making the Android app robust and more user-friendly.

There will be frequent updates coming for the 1ramp Android application with new improvements and bug fixes. In the meantime, keep suggesting us the features that you need by sending us a message on Discord or by writing us at [email protected]


The work on 1ramp's web app is on-going and it'll be out for the public use within the next 30 days. Stay tuned for more updates.

GitHub 1ramp Web-app--

Find us on -

Visit: for more information.

Note: For now, we'll post same updates simultaneously on both (@hapramp and @the1ramp) of our Steemit accounts. In near future, all our updates and blogs will be posted only on @the1ramp Steemit account. So, to stay updated, please follow our new account @the1ramp.

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Congratulations on the name change and the alpha launch. This is an exciting project, which I rushed to install in my own phone. It was also, of course, very nice to see the thanks go out to the Utopian community. We're here to help, and it's always great to be appreciated.

I am worried about the potential impact of the impending launch of Steemit's "communities" feature on a project such as this, but I trust you've thought about that and are ready for it.

That said, the announcement post could have used a bit of editing for style and grammar, as well as a round of proofreading. It certainly conveys the information clearly, but especially for such a major announcement, it's good to dot the i's and cross the t's, so to speak.

I'm going to give a couple of examples:
"We were waiting for this day since" should be "We've been waiting for this day since"
"one place for the creators to collaborate" should be "one place for creators to collaborate"

These aren't huge issues whatsoever, but it's good to pay attention to the little things.

I look forward to seeing more updates from you about this promising project.

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Thank you for your review, @didic!

So far this week you've reviewed 28 contributions. Keep up the good work!

Hey guys! I got here from the post by firepower. Nice to see this. Will check out the app now!

Hello @mydivathings,
Glad to see you here! 😃

Hey @hapramp
Thanks for contributing on Utopian.
We’re already looking forward to your next contribution!

Want to chat? Join us on Discord

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Just installed this on my test device. Looks clean and comes with an easy UX-design.

Will play a bit with this one and come back to you qith some feedback!

Hello @detlev,

Thank you for using the app!

Please join our discord to give us feedback. Do let us know what features will be most useful to you.

We'll give an update in a couple of days with some improvements.

Invite link to our Discord:

Or you may submit your feedback here:

Are you guys working on ios app too?

Hello @moneyminded,

Not right now. We'll start working on the IOS app soon.

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