Travel with me to the North Carolina suburbs

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This is not your typical "Travel With Me" post. This is a hard hitting reality check post about Steemians who have non-Steem full time jobs. RL has gotten so busy for me lately that I have only posted twice in the past 2 weeks! My goal was one post a day, so I'm failing miserably. I originally wanted to post about Finance related things...but screw it...I'll post about my life in the burbs and reintroduce myself.

If other Steemians can post about their trip to hotel pools, or time share spam, or videos of them chilling in their garage, why not me? I could potentially be interesting to some readers...I might have curb appeal.

Before you read anymore, I want to set some expectations.

  • There won't be pictures of me in a bikini at a pool. Btw, I'm a dude so probably a good thing for you!
  • I'm not going to post pictures of what I ate for dinner. My perception is that most Steemians are dudes, so you probably don't care?
  • I'll keep it real
  • If you are dying to see bikini pics, just google it...or go to youporn.

So, what have I been up to in RL?

Mrs FinancialCritic is preggers and nesting

Wifey is due in a few months with our first kid (baby girl). She just began the "nesting" phase. I assume the term "nesting" is derived from birds who build a nest before laying their eggs. For those of you who don't have kids, it means my wife wants to drain our bank account to buy every baby item in sight...paint for the baby room, furniture, baby clothes, baby salt and pepper shakers, baby napkins, baby related shirts for our dogs, etc. There is way too much baby stuff out there.

We are selling my bachelor pad

I bought our current house when Mrs FinancialCritic was a girlfriend, so I wasn't really thinking about kids at the time or staying long term. My primary concerns when buying the house were to see how big a party I could throw, making sure the kitchen island was a good height for a beer pong table, getting a good price, and wooing Mrs FinancialCritic.

Great Success! We have a big 20 year old house perfect for parties and Mrs FinancialCritic married me. But, now the house is 4 years older and needs a lot of updates. The heating/cooling units had to be replaced, the roof was replaced, the siding probably needs to be replaced's a complete buzz kill and leaves no time for flip cup. We have done a ton of updates, but I just don't have time to do more updates with the baby coming, working, side hustles, and Steemit! This means we need to finish any projects we started, hide the portable outdoor beer pong table, and allow our realtor to convert our comfy home into a hotel lobby.

We are buying a new house

We are buying a newer house (less than 5 years old) so I don't have to worry about fixing anything for a few years. We also want a better school district and a bunch of other "wants" because we have gotten very spoiled the past few years. I have a dream where I'm writing a blog while sitting with little baby FinancialCritic in our screened-in deck while the puppies play in the yard....and my boat is parked in the 3 car garage. Naturally, there won't be beer pong in the house with a the boat will have the portable outdoor beer pong table on it.

Buying a new house is really fun and we are fortunate enough to be able to afford most of our wants. But, when your wife is pregnant and nesting, the pressure is on to find a new house really fast!

I work...and it doesn't involve blogging

I work in the tech industry in operations/logistics. WTF does that even mean? In big companies, there are lots of moving pieces with multiple organizations and projects. I help organize, measure, figure out which organizations should get more money, which ones should get less money, and help guide them to follow the company vision.

Sounds boring to most people, but it's a really fun job because I love business, technology, and analysis. I also get to travel to new places to visit different teams within our company. Sounds great, but it does means I sacrifice sleep on these trips a lot.

I love side hustles!

I have always worked on some kind of side hustle on the side since college. From developing apps, to selling t-shirts, to buying a rental home, flipping a fixer upper house, to investing in small businesses. My current side hustle is blogging on Steemit, passive investing in crypto/stocks, and learning technical analysis. You can find me on @TheChartGuys chatroom trying to absorb as much info as I can.

Time flies when you have no time!

Between buying a house, selling our current house, working full time, trading crypto/stocks, and trying really hard to not get a dad bod, there has been a shortage of time to blog. A lot of my previous posts involved researching for hours for each blog. For example, my posts on Steemit Stats and number of active users each took 5 hours to find and analyze the data.

I'm going to have to change how often I write research blogs to maybe once or twice a week because there is just not enough time.

For the Steemians who have full time jobs, how do you manage your time?


@financialcritic - Beer pong on a boat. Sounds most excellent.

Thanks for sparing us the graphic photos. I am a fellow NC resident. With a full time job. I juggle and hustle too. I get on when I can...but I like to submit decent content as well. And that takes time. Precious time. So, I don't manage my manages me.

juggle and hustle

Never heard that phrase before, but it's genius!

Just random babbling that I tend to do...

Oh...I followed you too homie...

No bikini photos ? Ahh i was expecting that so much... lol joking.
Buying a new house sounds really cool and I dream to buy a house one day (maybe when steem price rises to 100$ ? Haha).
I can imagine it's hard to keep blogging while having a full time job. I don't work currently so I can invest a lot of my time here on steemit !

Haha...does a bra pic count? How many hours a day do you spend on Steemit? Do you have a Youtube channel also like some other full time Steemians?

I spend quite a lot of time here, sometimes up to 8 hours. When I just joined I was here day and night :D No I don't post anything on Youtube :/

Welp, good thing you have a job to buy a house in the NC suburbs. Depending on where you are at, available houses are limited. I know I couldn't afford my house now and I just bought it 3 years ago.

Anyway, welcome to STEEMit and fatherhood.

Good to see another NC person on here! Prices have gone up for sure...but since we are also selling our current house, it all evens out.

Unfortunately for me, I had to sell my bachelor pad before the major spike in prices. But, luckily I bought the current house before we were priced out of the market.

And...we got lucky, since the kids will be assigned to a very nice school.

This whole school thing is kind of over whelming these days. So many choices and districts...I don't even know where to start researching.

If you use Zillow, you can scroll down on the house and see the Nearby Schools, that should be a quick look at what schools the house is assigned to. Also, depending on the county you are in, you should be able to look up the assigned school by street name and number to verify that the house is in that district.

I did look that up...but there is the whole complexity of public vs charter vs magnet vs private, and some schools are year round vs regular vs who knows what other schedule is out there.

When I went to school, you just went to your local public school.

public schools encompasses : magnet, year round and regular schedule

Charter schools do not rely on assignment location.
Neither do private schools.

This is a hard hitting reality check post about Steemians who have non-Steem full time jobs.

LOL...very hard hitting!

Congratulations on the little girl, and new home! I wondered how you were doing, and this was a nice post to give updates on the FinancialCritic Family.

I hear you about working full time, and still writing. Unless I jot down ideas on Sunday or Monday for articles, I don't get a full week of blogging done.

It's not easy being us! I'll have to start jotting down ideas when I get them...

Wooing mrs. financialcritic sounds like quite a task. I wish you good luck in fatherhood and I hope you survive the nesting.

Thanks! ...still looking forward to your blogs, whenever you decide to post!

Some time before the next full moon. Words will be written, comments will be read and I'm only stating the obvious!

Love your post man. I work in the financial industry, and similar to you my original plan was to post mostly on financial matters. Unfortunately things have been hectic recently and with the 9 to 5 I haven't been able to find the time to research, write, and edit good quality financial posts so I've mostly been sharing my photography which is something I love and that is much less time consuming. Anyways I definitely relate to your post, thanks for sharing. It actually made me feel a bit better about my situation =) Hopefully I can take a day and write some solid content soon. Good luck with the house and the baby.


Thanks! That's not a bad idea. I've started writing in the evening...I just wait til lunch time to post. Seems like a better time to post than at night.

Nice. Do you find that you get a better response when posting at lunch time? I assumed that people would be at work during the day and on Steemit later at night, but if what you say is true then I've been doing it all wrong =/

Feels like it's better, but I'm not sure. My lunch time on the east coast could get west coast readers in their morning and Europeans in the evening. My evening would mean Europeans are already asleep. I don't have any data though.

Yeah that definitely makes sense, I'll give it a shot =)

That's good to see a post from you been following you i know managing time is a little bit difficult but i will be checking out your post's

Thanks for the comment! Will check out some of your posts...

Hi @financialcritic, I am not sure whether to welcome you or say it is good to see you after a short break. Sounds like you are doing a lot of fun things. Congratulations are in order, for the marriage, the expected baby girl, upgrading and selling old home to the purchase of the new home! That is a lot and you are doing great, hopefully between all of that you will be able to write more because you are a fun writer. I laughed out loud a few times lol. welcome to Steemit. Multitasking between a full time job, marriage, parenting and side hustles takes a lot out of a person, all I can say is be patient, take your vitamins Andy keep your awesome personality. I hope your content is as funny to you as it was to me and my spouse. Read and laugh it helps. Have fun buddy and keep writing. This post is a definite upvote from me and a follow :)
Please Follow me @Fshllc so that your posts can appear on my feed and I can see them, read, comment and upvote. I look forward to good partnerships here on Steemit because together we are strong!
I hope you will find a sec to check out my recent post and hopefully upvote :)
Have a wonderful day :)

Thanks for the nice comment. Will check out your post.

You are welcome. Thank you for checking out mine, I appreciate it :)

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