The Steemjet World Cup - Day 3 - Ronaldo inspires another logo contest (max detail) - 1500 steem in prizes

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@dimix3 just created this masterpiece for our open logo contest which was asking for a micro-logo. Instead, he created this maximal masterpiece.

Who does he think he is?

The Cristiano Ronaldo of graphics, scoring a hat trick in the Steemjet World Cup opening game?!

@dimix3 (SF6)

According to the official Steemjet World Cup Rule Book, we must now hold an additional contest in the style of the masterpiece submitted (max detail).

Please tell us @dimix3, did you give us the exact opposite of what we asked for because you are mad that I took your account name first? Instead of signing up on the STEEM blockchain as the magnificent @dimimp, I forced you to settle for the @dimix3 account name instead? Yeah, I am trash talking!


I want to be Ronaldo!

And I will put my money where my mouth is:

If Ronaldo fails to win the cup, then I will reveal my true identity.

This logo contest ends after the World Cup is over. Just look at the divine inspirations we feel:

1st (500 steem) @ragnar01 (SF7) (hired on his first real comment ever)

2nd (400) @jogreh (SF6)

3nd (300) @mbj (SF1)

4th (200) @angiebrown(SF7)

5th (100) @dimix3 (SF6)


Boyee Logo.png

Modified logo. 👆


WOW, as fast as I am traveling, you guys are STILL light years beyond me!

Please boss, I need you help.

Need more guys on my team as our work gets broad everyday.

I recommend..


@Philip6 as delegate and should work for me...


Please tell us @dimix3, did you give us the exact opposite of what we asked for because you are mad that I took your account name first.
Instead of signing up on the STEEM blockchain as the magnificent @dimimp you had to settle for the @dimix3?

Lol Sir @dimimp ....I gave the exact opposite because I could. winks*.
I am not mad that you beat me to the magnificient @dimimp. I believe it is fate and destiny playing their little games on us. I dont mind being second only to the magnificient @dimimp.

you make the best of us even better! Your talents inspire us to greater heights!

@dimimp Happy Sunday from my End. Been really Long. I have been Busy Hunting Airdrops and a lot Crypto. I hardly come online to check on you but Nevertheless,
I Believe you are doing Good.

Here is my Steemjet Audio Record Entry which says

"Welcome Aboard Steemjet, Fasten Your Seatbelt and prepare for take off. SteemJet!! On the Wings of Superstars, we are Words and Steem"

Listen to Steemjet Captain Message by User 196849134 #np on #SoundCloud

I really do Hope you Love This. Thanks

Thank you sir....So encouraging.

Thanks alot...
As for me, I'm really stressed out... Working hard to put every thing in order against the upcoming Cryptocurrency awareness program hosted by be with the cash you gave me.. It's gonna be a big one.

It's coming up on Saturday.
Iv Boyee.png

Will brief you in details after the event..


Lol.. You ain't seen nothing yet.
How do you like my logo?

Hello, I'm not sure if it's late but I made these designs a few days ago and I wanted to share them with you.

The first one is an evolution of my first logo, a new three-dimensional concept if it is wanted.


It is multifacetic as you can see it here


Hope you like it @dimimp @deandaniel @mbj

I also want to show you my World Cup themed logo. @dimimp @deandaniel @mbj


Incredible I love both, no doubt you always surpass yourself, my favorites. @dimimp have you seen these incredible designs?

You are not late man, there are many contests inspired already, which your logo was one of them. You've always been a front runner artist since we started. I like the way the steem logo is joining and holding firm the Horizons, which means our power of stability is steem. You can be the best. Thanks for your work.

Thanks bro. I love the way that you see my work.


Hello @dimimp

To further the goal of the global steem adoption, Seven of your delegates visited the orphanage today to do some charity work with the steem we have gotten from the steemjet community

We are :

We taught the children a lot of what steem can do for them , we made the children very happy and some of them even wanted to see you so that they can also get their own steem😁😁😁.

The visit was fun filled as we got to interact with these treasures, they also prayed for us and the steemjet community at large.

Dear @dimimp at a certain period of today's orphanage visit I was deeply touched by the fact that these little stars have no one to call Dad or Mom😭.

We enjoyed doing this and we want to do it again to revive good moments to this stars on earth.

We spent 500 steems today and we also would want to go to other locations to continue this great project we have started but we do not have enough funds to continue.

I humbly appeal for 2000steem to take the whole deal to next level.

Will you support us?

Please we need you here🙏

Here's a link to the OPHANAGE VISIT REPORT:

There was a kid on life support, I was too emotional I forgot to take pictures with the boy. I'm not appealing, but if there's help anywhere then that boy needs it. If the boss @dimimp needs picture proof I could go back and get it.

The outreach was awesome, indeed steem gospel needs to be spread all round. The elderly one's were interested in the topic but the junior one's were more interested in the sweets and cream we gave lol. Long live SteemJet.


Steemjet orphanage outreach was a nice kick

OK it was a success. Had a nice time meeting you guys. Was very happy to see the children repeat those set of words.

we love steemjet.

Steemjet : On the wings of superstars, We are words and Steem

Yeah we made them happy

It was my pleasure to meet with this children called the Orphans. When I interviewed some of the children by asking them what they'll be in future, my heart was enclosed with pity. The children were occupied with good dreams for the future. How will the realize their dreams as an orphan?. That alone was enough reason to revisit this children that they may be hopeful for a bright future despite loosing their parents at tender age.
The Visit was a huge success.

It touches my soul when I hold kids in my arms especially Orphans!!


They might be the hardest to control, but when you use the language they understands, you will find out they are the most beautiful and joyous creatures to stay with. we will continue being the reasons behind their smile.


#steemjet will make the needy smile!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Our aim is to reach out to the needy,and put joyous smiles to their face 😁

Hello @dimimp, here is my entry for the new steemjet contest, I decided to take my time to give you what you want this time.
Here is my simplified steemjet logo

new id.jpg

steemjet logo represented in a manner that it is sending out steem along it path of flight.

Here is a representation of hoe it will look on an ID card

ID CARD copy.jpg

steemjet logo printed on a business ID card

Here is another representation of the ID card inside an ID card holder. I printed and inserted it inside an ID card holder

id card with rope.jpg

steemjet spaceforce ID card printed and inserted inside an ID card holder

Hey @dimimp, How are you doing?
I understand that you're time poor and I sympathize with you for that. Yes I am time rich so I decided to use my time to give you my best. If you would have the time for me, I want you to look at this
Forgive me if my design is not pleasing to your eyes or if does not follow the rules you gave us about using shartzy's or jogreh's design.

I got inspired by @olivia-xo's initial design for steemjet, One of the best steemjet designs that I really love. I decided to think out of the box to modify @olivia-xo's design using @jogreh colours for beautification.

I do think this logo will look very cool on any ID card, be it business or school Identity card.

I'll be very glad if you accept my new design for the first time.
Thank you very much, I'll love to get your reply on this one. God bless you forever!

Steemjet Arts Department

Master @dimimp, take a look at my derived logo design
And also a business card sample
bizcardsteemjet Nalu.png

good one. every one now fire like CR7


Wooooow....Sooooooooooooooooooo glad my boss @dimimp loved the logo. Sir @dimimp, Your words can revive a soul. I have been uplifted by your words. I am really happy I could inspire a new contest. Thank you so much sir.

I would draw a plane in the blue sky. Black color symbolizes death.

I would draw a plane
In the blue sky. Black color
Symbolizes death.

                 - eduards

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Any bot like this should respect the community by providing a whitelist to prevent the post in the first place and then provide a way to delete the comment for those who find this intrusive.

Thank for you and most welcome to [email protected]

Angel Logo.png

This is my modified logo ☝...


how on earth is this even humanly possible?!


my paradigm is shifting daily!

If I did not know any better, I would say that I am beginning an ascension to transcend this dimension!

this feeling is INCREDIBLE!

Embrace my gratitude sir..
I must say i was anticipating your reply to my delineation...i knew i was up for the quest the moment i saw it...i submitted a bit late but im contented that you noticed my delineation and you liked it...

I cant wait to keep showing you what i can do

good job man. keep it up.

Welcome boss, hope you will be doing great.
Accept a little love from my side.
I will not say anything more. But it just took half of my day.
please checkout this link for full post.



Best of luck every body...

Here's a try to beat that boss..

Trademark Picasso style.


Picasso this is wonderful

This is excellent man. You got a real shot at it.

Thanks for the encouragement bro.

Good morning...



Steemjet Beauty-1.png

For the love of NIGERIA...which i pray and know will beat argentina...I UNLEASH!!!!

(unless, of course, you are using STEEMJET brand toothpaste)

Steemjet Toothpaste - for teeth as bright as the speed of light

Yes it is boss @dimimp
Have this.

For you boss.

Done!! The Slogan complete!!.


mbj 5.jpg

And this ..

mbj 1.jpg

on the wings of superstars, we are word and STEEM


Boyee Logo.png


More on the way @dimimp, I like to score goals too.


This is just one....Expect more entries soon


You may wana check out more entries here

Expect more coming through.

Good! I am also back soon with my logo design. best of luck.

@dimimp sir there is my 2nd entry logo for steemjet logo contest please sir check my design


Here's a design for the CEO of steemjet; @uche-nna the jet pack holder and his sidekick @jesse12..


Woooww, sir @dimimp that's a hec of a challenge to beat.. But, not being pessimistic I do believe I can match it, sir.

good fire design. keep it up man.

This is my logo sir @dimimp.
Edie Logo.png
And this is my business card with the logo in it, I hope you like it!!

@dimimp help make my music dream come true. Am a music superstar. Would you like to invest on my music career? So i can be the first superstar from steemjet to be created?

Btw i am not a graphic designer, music is what i can do, let there be other contest like music so others that are not good in graphics can participate!

This is my music piece

As for the world cup, i would love to watch Nigeria play against iceland some steem can sponsor that for me..

really amazing. enjoying man. good trying.


That's right, it's better since it's open source. I've given the account access details to @lordjames as you said. But, before giving away all your money, I'll appreciate you include me in your plans too.

The other music artists that received gears aren't staying close to me, so, it will be quite difficult going to their place to use their gears.

I have bought a PC already, I still need some gears to make it complete. Here are the things I need:

  • Focusrite scarlett solo {an audio box which comes with free recording/mixing software}. = 300steem
  • Samson C01 microphone = 200steem
  • Semi-Acoustic guitar = 150steem
  • KRK KNS6400 Headphone = 90steem
  • Microphone tripod stand = 60steem
  • Pop filter = 30steem
  • XLR cables - (Mic cable) = 25steem
  • Camera - {for a better video quality & editing} = 400steem

Which totals = 1255steem.
Due to the present price value of steem, seems the price of these gears.

Working as an SF member and working with you has helped me achieved a lot, I'll be grateful if you look into my needs boss @dimimp.

A drop of Color. @Dimimp I just want to say that new thing are comming.


Hello, I'm not sure if it's late but I made these designs a few days ago and I wanted to share them with you.

The first one is an evolution of my first logo, a new three-dimensional concept if it is wanted.


It is multifacetic as you can see it here


Hope you like it @dimimp @deandaniel @mbj

wow! brilliant variant!

the steem logo works becasue the tips are in the colored lines, a very dificult piece, but the way you left the curcle but implied the globe is certainly masterful. Beautiful image, and the steemjet font sticks out just enough against the green and blue with the steem logo being more subtle. Very cool style. man you are genius, how do you find the time my friend?

Time is very relative but I do what I can. Thanks for your support as always @dimimp




Please take a look at my video on ‘The importance of Communities on Steemit’

Thank you.

Sir dimimp I think you've not still seen my logo
And I made an art work talking about the SMTs. The steemjet coin coming into existence


I also want to show you my World Cup themed logo. @dimimp @deandaniel @mbj


The World Cup is one of those events that always unites us and keeps us happy even for a short period of time; even those who do not like soccer very much, they start to like it a little ... I love the first logo presented, the cup was very cool and the essence of STEEMJET is not lost, very good work that you achieved friend. Also the second one pleases me very much, the wake that surrounds the cup is very good.

now we're talking buddy!


I need material for 1 whole post a day (this is killing me, I am so unorganized, this show moves way too fast for me!) and these 2 images are perfect!

thank you so much for the help
wish me luck!

As I have always said, you are my great inspiration in Steemjet. You do not need luck because you have everything that is needed. I'm glad you like it I hope it will work for some post

Hello sir I really want to be an SF pilot and came up with a great idea, first of it's kind.. I have written a story for steemjet sir..

Please sir @dimimp do check it out and consider making me an SF.


Does this count @dimimp :)


New wings1.png


Let me introduce.
I am a teacher at a children's school in indonesia.
i present the song mariah carey for you @dimimp.

Glad you joined our Steemjet community. See you in the sky.


Wow, what a great design. @dimix3 is indeed a Ronaldo. Congratulations bro

@dimimp, I just received the 200steem now. This will go a long way. I'm very grateful
Steemjet forever ✈ ✈ ✈

color drawing contest at children's school

Yes I can @dimimp.

hi @dimimp i made this one for you specially.

I am seeking for your assistant to help me buy laptop with steem gift.

I did this art with just a phone and am willing to do more with a laptop if i am assisted with one.

Do well to consider me sir.


wow. really its an excellent design. like it man.

I concur. Inspirational, adventurous, exciting, peaceful.. all in one

1st place (500 liquid steem) ronaldo, I mean dimix3
2nd place 400
3rd place 300
4th place 200
5th place 100

I will keep putting my best to be a winner.

Hello there boss @dimimp You have created a very strong team that works tirelessly. You are an example for everyone.
Great initiatives from the art department once again and great contests once again also.
Sir I am struggling to get in touch with you lately. I try to move on with the longer version of the book you assigned me to do but unfortunately my computer is dead and I am using the phone lately. It seems that I cannot upload those ‘heavy images’ shrazi created until I am able to replace my pc....
Boss I need your help.
I also need your opinion and evaluation if the book is proceeding the way you want it to be and if you have any notifications and stuff that we need to change.
I ll try again to work from the mobile but it seems it is highly unlikely to manage it.
Here is the link once again boss
Waiting for your response.





I made a couple of this and I included the backgrounds it will fit in.

These are my designs for the logo contest @dimimp. You can check my post for other variations I made.

@dimimp, we have succeded in setting the steemjet music home record and also opened an official steemjet music account, we need delegation to run the account cause music department is very behind. We only have set the studio that you funded us for, we made a post you didnt see it and also you told @mrprecious and @etemi whom are the head and assistant of music department that you were going to fund us to get a compressor and other stuffs that we also need and also fund to kick start this department fully. You are paying attention to only graphics forgetting that not everyone can do that. Please look forward to this cause we are really dormant and you haven't paid close attention to the music department we are lagging in everything cause the communicatiom is poor


We have started production already as you can see from the image below. @mrprecious will also send you a compilation of our produced songs..


@dimimp please reply soon.

Here are my 3D designs for steemjet logo, I hope you like them sir! @dimimp





On the wings of superstars, we are words and steem!

OH! Put a Steemjet logo in an eye ball :)

for the love of steem global adoption
my entry for the contest


Steemjet yes.. 20180619_145706.jpg20180617_132246.jpg

pls sir do well to read this post FIFA World Cup.




I wanted to enter this contest in a BIG way so made a large high resolution logo for us, the dimension of this logo is 2000x1498 px...





maxlogo vector.png


I maximized the original logo and give it more detailing to look more realistic.



This last one you might need to toggle night mode in order to see the logo because it has no background.
I remain @kvng1 SF7-Security/PR department

Hello @Dimimp

Thank you for your continuous support. I also happen to be a big admirer of CR7 and i had to jump on.

Since it's a Ronaldo inspired logo; i felt why not use the icon. I used an art of CR7 famous overhead kick against Juventus in the quarter final of the UCL earlier this year. I also added the slogan which represent the true nature of both Steemjet and Ronaldo also peep the steemjet logo on the boots.

Below is the Logo






Thanks a lot @dimimp and Viva Steemjet. Viva Ronaldo

Hello @dimimp

So i decided to do a second Ronaldo inspired Logo. I hope you find it worthy. Thanks



will be more soon

Hello sir @dimimp i trust you are okay and enjoying the tour of the worldcup.that said and done would love youbtobsee the modified versions of my logo

steem mockup.jpg

Here is a world cup logo in the spitit of the competitoon


my design and entry for the logo contest. #pencil-art


You picked my entry for maximise version. Tried another logo with the same idea for the minimized version. my entry for the contest

contest 345.png


This is the former design I made.

The idea is gotten from the contest design


@dimimp this is my entry for the Maximize steemjet logo contest. I hope you like it.
efa fgh.jpg

This is what i came up with.
steemjet kenneth2.jpg

And this one

@dimimp, here is my entry for the steemjet logo contest


This is my entry for maximize steem logo

My entry for the new steemjet logo
Thanks to our Boss @dimimp for allowing us showcase our creativity on Steem Blockchain.

@dimimp I propose my design for this contest too.

Its a privilege for another contest..
Here is my entry for the contest IMG-20180625-WA0001.jpg

To my Boss @dimimp

Hello boss it's @yhaulez SF5 and here is my contribution to the world cup contest and I would be grateful to hear from you about it and also wish some love is shown really took a whole lot to get this done and I would keep on doing more Thanks

  1. GIF with Oliver ridding her bicycle 🚲 and the globe rotating with all the nations kits rotating too.
    Image :
    WORLD CUP.png
  2. @Dimimp star Ahmed Musa a short video (very short)

link to video
GIF (with no audio)
musa .gif
And seems you missed out on one of my cool contributions here is the link.

With just a pencil. Steemjet bringing out the potentials in us.
This is my draw for steemjet world cup contest.

My entry for steemjet logo contest hope you like it sir @dimimp ... my main aim is to be the part of Steemjet community and help to promote steem and Steemjet for its global adoption and for that I need your support
Sir @dimimp here is my link for Steemjet logo contest hope you will like it and hire me in SSF .... I hope you have seen my previous art work on Steemjet... I have been working on steemjet art work since I used Steemit ...i have been planing to promote steem and Steemjet in schools and colleges and for implementing such thing i need your support sir dimimp .... sir you have appreciated my previous work .... now I hope you will like my latest work too ....please have a look on my latest post regard to Steemjet logo contest... I will be so thankful to you sir


am happy @dimimp for bringing up such a wonderful contest.
you are always bringing out genius in us.

am glad you made like of @deandaniel @mbj @ ubongj to shine through.
sir i would like you to examine my logo which is my first entry in steemjet logo contest

i draw CR7 reaction when he score a goal against Spain



Did I just made the logo to beat? Who knows?...this logo is not all about the graphics designs but the content, it signifies the efforts of everyone in this community pushing hard to make it a better place for all...with the help of the boss @dimimp.

A whale like no other!


did the logo contest are still exist?

#steemjet project is big and it required a lot of effort to come up with a design that will beat others.

I will definitely put in my best too. Am coming back strong to keep the flag of #steemjet flying.

Kudos to you @dimimp for your efforts to keep this community growing and to impact the lives of people.

Boss I just gave you a steem bath with my least steem power. I know you it's do not have any value to you But it's just accept as a love from my side. I love to be here in this community till the end. I want help to in your goal "GLOBAL STEEM ADOPTION". May you succeed in your goal.
I will be feeling very happy to work with you.

As you say in your reply to me show some work then you will be in the steem force.
i want to be employee in the art department. I want to show my work to you please check it.

The first is the steemjet badge or what you consider it. We will use this on anything.


and this one is my love for the steemjet.
STEEMJET copy.png

I send these design to the HOD of Art department @mbj (two time) as you said to me in your comment but he don't reply me whether he may be busy or something else. So I request you please check my designs and give me a feedback.

Steemjet on the wings of superstars we are words and steem

@dimimp we need 1000 steem for our Steemjet Bangladesh community. please help us for this great work.