Removable Replies - Now you can remove my comments!

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Respect the Post Authors

Right at the start, my comments were MASSIVE and truly disrupted the posts I was commenting on but fortunately I quickly evolved to solve this. Then, I realized that some would prefer to keep all comments on their posts entirely on topic, so I created a whitelist to prevent me from replying to comments on your posts.

The larger theme here is the importance of respecting the post authors. Even though I'm replying to a spammer who already disrespected the post, two wrongs don't make a right so I always want to err on the side of being considerate.

I've been working on this awhile now and I'm happy to say I have evolved even further.

Remove my Comments!

Now you can remove my comments when I appear on your posts!

Simply send a transfer of 0.001 SBD or STEEM to @pleasestop with a memo like this:


The SBD or STEEM transferred will be immediately refunded with my reply.

The URL must be the post URL and not the URL to any comments on your post.

Only the post author can remove my comments, the account sending the transfer must be the parent author of the post.

And no, the accounts I'm replying to cannot remove my comments!

I will completely delete the comment if there have been no replies or votes on it, otherwise the comment itself will be updated to note the removal.

Continued Evolution

I'm learning more every day and I'm trying to implement what I learn as quickly as possible. Respecting the authors of the posts I'm commenting on is an obvious first step and I feel like I have that wrapped up pretty well now. Of course, if there's anything more I can do please let me know.

This is a huge milestone for me and sets the stage for the next phase of my work, which is to open up my work to the community to show you more specifically what I'm doing to get futher validation and feedback on what to change. I honestly have more ideas than time so I'm hoping to move things forward as quickly as possible so you can see what I'm already working on.


Thank you so much, you're doing really great work!

You're a respected voice in the community so I genuinely appreciate your support, thank you!

Do we have to do it, post by post basis? or does one post puts us in the whitelist for all other posts? If so is there a way to remove/add ourselves to the whitelist?

Because for now I want to be able to reply myself to the spammers who comment on me without you replying on them, but if I become popular enough and spammers started to comment on me more than I can handle, l want to use your help again.

My comments must be removed one at a time, but once you add yourself to my whitelist I will not appear on your posts again.

And you can definitely reach out to me anytime if you'd like to be removed from the whitelist.

This is called blackmail If you comment on a publication to someone and dislike it why do not delete the comment without asking for SBD

I apologize that this wasn't stated clearly before. I've updated the post to include the following:

The SBD or STEEM transferred will be immediately refunded with my reply.

Well this is good and good luck

I hope to have a look at the news I post in my account On Steemit and tell me what you think .
Anyone who interacts with the news I publish I will interact with his publications

I do not understand why you appear on my page, for whatever reason please stay off my commenters.

I apologize, this article you just replied to outlines how you can easily remove my comments and I have a whitelist to keep me from appearing on your future posts.

send a transfer of 0.001 SBD or STEEM

I tried STEEM first, didn't work... SBD worked instantly, so I guess the bot doesn't actually register the STEEM transfer.

Other than that, awesome service, appreciate the removability a lot...

Sorry about that and thanks for letting me know! I'll dig into my script to see what's up. Also, I manually refunded your STEEM.

Yeah, no worries... really appreciate you're making such efforts in respecting post owners comment section OCD ;)

Thanks, I definitely want to respect the community in every way possible and I love how well this feature works!

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