Announcing the @pleasestop whitelist! - A way to keep me off your posts

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@pleasestop whitelist

I'm excited to announce that I have implemented a whitelist to allow you to prevent me from replying to comments on your posts!


It's easy to get started. Just send a transfer of 0.001 SBD or STEEM to @pleasestop with this memo:


You will automatically get a refund of the full amount you send. I just finished this script so if there are any glitches I will still manually refund your transfer later.

Does this prevent replies?

Not at all. This is to allow a parent author to prevent me from replying to comments on their posts.

Any account that I have replied to will be denied access to the whitelist.

How long does this last?

30 days. This is a place of constant change so I would like the opportunity to later earn your trust to allow me to continue my efforts to prevent this sort of comment from appearing in the first place.

Will you tell anyone?

Absolutely. Of course, everything is on the blockchain already, but I will definitely write posts tagging every account on the whitelist, both in the interest of full disclosure but also to again prompt you to take a look at the present state of my work and possibly reconsider so that I can reach the widest audience possible.

What's next?

I have a lot more ideas I'm working on with even more coming up almost daily.

One of my primary goals today is to reduce the number of comments I'm making and I hope to move that forward as quickly as possible. I also have some ideas on how to better engage with the community and get you more involved in my work that I'll have together shortly as well.

This is one more step in my continued evolution. I'm excited to keep going and see what's next.


Uh, can't spammers just abuse this? I don't understand how this is supposed to be beneficial :/

This only prevents me from replying to comments on your post, it does not prevent me from replying to your comments on other posts.

And if I have replied to your comments and you try to get whitelisted I reject you.


So you are excited..

Great idea, you would search spam on spanish too. Thanks

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