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I'm actually quite excited now as in expecting my status change. From previous information, I was informed if one SP attained 5,000 Steem Power, they will automatically being called a Dolphin. In this #steem ocean eco-system, dolphin can be easily referred to as a teenager, atleast that's what I referred it to. Let's get down to my way to address respective status.

StatusmVestMy term
Orca100Young adult
Whale1000Grown up

So you'll be saying why not refer to STEEM? Well, as far as I know, Steem value changes the way mVest represents. If you're thinking 5000steem to be 10 million vest as always, you're dead wrong. Because it changes according to the backend valuation of #steem. As in how it was calculated, sorry I have no interest diving into that. I know there's bunch of scientific explanation for these super technologies which I can't be bothered to learn Y E T, who knows may be someday I will.


See this? And I'm still a minnow. This is what exactly I'm referring to, when you think 5000sp is a dolphin, then you're wrong. It can be lower, or higher depending on how much mVest represent a steem. So, the most reliable way to find out your status is always refer to mVest. But-but, how?!


Fear not, here's @steemitboard to your easy reference and at your service. You can use their website for easy access by going to https://steemitboard.com/@davidke20 change my user name to yours and you'll be able to see the detail immediately. So, I'm still 50kvest short, before I upgrade my status to a dolphin. Hehe.

Will I be doing another post to celebrate when I get that status? May be, but most probably not. I have so many other things to post. If you wish to dig down more information about how to categorize status, you may find these old post useful.




Last but not least. @steemitboard is brought to you by @arcange, feel free to vote for witness in support of development. I really like the way they comment and encouraging people to achieve our next milestone.


你那里天气如何?欢迎在steemauto里设置跟赞 @cnbuddy 给整个cn区点赞倘若你想让我隐形,请回复“取消”。

Welcome to the dolphin club :)

Not yet. Still 50kvest short 😂 . Thanks for curating!

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Oh darn, does that mean I'm not a dolphin either? Well, I don't care either way. Lacking of caring results in lack of disappointment.

No not a pinch of disappointment. I'm just stating the fact that, SP does not represent status, vest does. In the article said, it's easy to refer to steemitboard website, and the mVest value is shown under the badge. This post was done this morning, but I held it back and purposely spend time doing my tasteem post. And all the super "curators" went and vote that piece instead of this, which I put much more heart and soul here. Oh well, I guess that is how it is. I really appreciate you come by and drop me a vote. @tipu nominate

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Thank you for the information, and thank you for the tipu curator nomination. I'll do my best :)

P.S. I finally just got around to putting you on auto, now I will check your posts after steemworld notifies me of the vote. This means I will be made hungry more often by your beautiful food pictures.

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Terima kasih

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