Best of Steemit Manic Monday: Don't Worry 'Bout a Thing

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Every day, I bring you eight posts you should think hard about upvoting and supporting. These are quality posts, well written and good examples of the best the community has to offer. Please consider checking them out, and if you agree, love them up.

It’s all about the love today, nothing bus positive posts from Steemians working the system with light hearts and happy faces. We have newbies, we have a couple of dolphins, and everyone’s message is the same--keep going. Work hard. We’re here for each other. We can do this. I echo and amplify this with all my heart. No matter what happens to the price of Steem, we’re not here for the short haul, anyway. No place is more supportive, and no place has more potential. Take heart, my friends. The sun always rises.

Today's Best

Writing (Fiction): Mr. Willis: 50-Word Story by @gmuxx, who doesn’t need the love, but it’s a solid story for being just 50 words. This award is also for the tireless work @gmuxx puts in on the Discord channel for Writers Workshop. Can’t love this Steemian enough.

Writing (Nonfiction): What I Accomplished And Learned Today On Steemit, And The Roadblocks I Faced by @legosnjoysticks. Good post, with realistic advice and good humor. Follow along here--this Steemian is going to be good.

Writing (Craft): Pre-Publication Sacrifices by @talanhorne. Full disclosure: I don’t agree with everything this author says in this article; I think some of what he’s going to do before this round of querying is wrong. However, he never says anyone else should do it, too--it’s just a relating of what he thinks he should do before he gets a pub contract, and why. It’s good stuff (especially the end) and I’ll be following along the journey here.

Steemit community: How I Became A Millionaire In 9 Days On Steemit by @heart-to-heart. This might be the most delightfully positive, real, joyful account on the site today. Seriously, do your heart good and read all about it.

Introduceyourself: Around The World by @marfilena. Great intro post--short, but happy, and I’m thrilled to welcome a new Steemian to the party.

My Feed: Minnow Voting: It Is Still Okay To Vote 40 Times A Day by @timcliff. Resteemed by @whatsup and @aggroed, whom you should be following. It’s a down-to-earth look at voting, and what is still a sensible thing for a minnow to do--vote like mad. Don’t hoard your cash--it’s not like you get to keep any of it anyway. Strongly recommend this post.

Photography: Not Going to Turn Out So Well by @jbcoin. Two things: one, I love cats, and don’t judge me. Two, this is a good example of how a headline can get a click. I got caught between “turn out” meaning the photo itself, and “turn out” meaning the subject of the photo. Clever, if intentional. Either way, it makes the list.

Special Prize: Brushy One String, The King Of The One String Soul by @biddle. Sometimes a post comes along highlighting someone that just makes your life better. This is one of those.

As always, suggestions for posts to honor are gratefully accepted.

Rules of the Best Of:

I don't like grammar and spelling errors. I make them, but I hate them. Unless the post is supremely brilliant, even a couple of these--especially in the title--will mean it doesn't make this list. NOTE: if you're writing in your second language, significant slack will be given here. When I write in my second language, I'm lucky if I can be understood at all.

Minnows--I am a minnow, and I'm all in on support for the newbies. Doesn't mean I won't curate a whale post, but it's unlikely. If your rating is over 70, you don't need my help (for whatever it's worth).

I don't do porn, however artful.

Original content only.

I take requests. Gratefully. But not for your own work. Push someone else into the spotlight.

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Great good information greetings

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Thank you. Good day today.

Thank you for the shout out, happy you enjoyed my little story

Thanks for the write up! I'm honored to be mentioned. Steemit needs more good curators like you. I teach writing to high school students. I would love to introduce them to the 50 word stories and writers workshop. I'll check out the rest from your list soon! Thanks again!

I'm a junior high teacher (history), but I taught AP English for a while, and there's nothing like it. I'm really glad I met you.

Good reads and new folks to follow :)