🎂Happy Birthday Steem - 3 Years Old!

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Hi fellow Steemians! Today is the 3rd year anniversary of Steem blockchain 🎂🎂

Although it has only been less than a year for us since our first Steem post, we absolutely have had a lot of fun being part of this community!

Genesis block mined on 24th March 2016!

We were very delighted that the community has found our content (crypto news updates & contests) to be useful, fun, and entertaining. Definitely hope to continue to engage with the Steem community further in the upcoming year!

How has your Steem 3-year anniversary experience been like? Do share with us what you think.

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Wooo! 3 Years!! That's Awesome!!!


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Its nice to have been part of STEEM for most of the 3 years(I joined September of 2016). If I remember correctly, first payout was in July. So much has changed since then, no more 1 day/30 day payout. The SBD peg was broken, the broken the other way and now is close to the $1 it should be. STEEM rose to new heights, then came down and is back up on the rise. Met so many great people in the chain, joined so many great communities. Theres so much good stuff thats overcome the bad stuff and the drama(@whatsup, you love the drama don't you).

And having you guys here is awesome too. Get some great insight into the crypto world. I love your crypto news posts, keep myself up to date on whats going on. Would love to see them daily.



Someday some will notice @dramatoken is giving out a 4 cent vote in return for issuing DRAMA and they will get busy handing it out.


7 more to go before I can start handing out these tokens.


You've got DRAMA!

To view or trade DRAMA go to steem-engine.com.


Great to see this perspective from a very eary adopter. I have been on over a year and share a similar experience that demonstrates how this place has evolved and created value for the community! Thanks for sharing!

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Yup, so much has changed. Being an early adopter has its benefits.

Yes, today is for #Steem and Steemit, soon it’ll be for our friend @coingecko!

I like celebrating good stuffs that adds value to life!

Happy birthday 🎊🎉🎈🎂🎁 Steem and Steemit

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it's good news for all steem lover

I have only been here a bit more than a week but I really like it here already :)

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Happy Birthday! The Steem blockchain is running for 3 years.
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Great and it is a rare chamce for me to be in a part of this hreat community. Happy birthday to steemit

This is a pleasant surprise!

This was when @dantheman / @dan gave birth to the genius that is Steem.

Next Anniversary to look forward to: First Post!!! (March 31st)


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