Blockdeals is POWERING DOWN - Please revoke ACTIVE delegations

in #steem2 years ago

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Firstly on behalf of the entire Block Deals Team, I want to thank the supporters of this project from it's inception. But unfortunately we weren't able to get this Project over the line as we had hoped.

Perhaps it was a naivety on our part, but we've seen the delegation landscape change over the last few months and although we showed a steady development pace in the early stages, it was the lack of delegations, that made us hesitate and question our project goals.

Although, I suspect if we were around at a time before the bots, the delegations would have been much easier to come by. Or maybe not.

Sadly, now the lure of making a small income from Bid Bot delegations is a much bigger incentive than support developing projects on the STEEM Blockchain.

And it's not just us, as we see this with other Steem projects too. You certainly don't need to look too far to realise the only STEEM applications flourishing are the ones with a sizeable delegation to back up their communities.

This could be a problem in the future for the STEEM Blockchain if it wants to grow outside of it's bubble.

Anyway, I'm just here to let you know will be turning off the servers in the next week, and to remind anyone still with a delegation to remove them from the @blockdeals account.

You can use the following link to remove any active delegations.

And on a personal note, I'm looking to continue with the deals idea perhaps in another form.

Although I'm not a developer of code but rather a developer of ideas, so I'll turn towards the open source community for a suitable platform I can use as a base. So keep an eye out for me.

Again from the entire Block Deals Team, thanks for supporting us on this journey.




Sorry I wasn't able to do more to support you. Wish you guys would have gotten a big delegation from @ned or @misterdelegation.

Yes, well what can I say, it would have been nice to get some support from the big boys. I imagine the focus going forward will be on SMT's and apps promoting SMT's even though we don't really know enough about them yet.
And we could have gone down this path too, but it feels to soon to promote something that hasn't been fully explained or released.

Sorry to hear that! I hope you get success with a later project.

Also, good job on doing the right thing and "closing down" properly, letting your delegates know to get their delegation back, thanks!

Thanks for your support, and although the easiest path would have been to keep it running, giving back the delegations was as you say, was the 'right thing to do'

Yes steem power seems hard to get for most projects at this time. And seeing steemhunt giving a return to peaple that delegate SP must make it hard.

I really happy for SteemHunt, they are really going for it and deserve all the support they are getting.

Are you all going to look into maybe redoing blockdeals down the track or is steemhunt to close in concept?

Sorry your project hasn't taken off the way you would have liked. Hopefully you can a platform for it

It's fine, it just needs another approach.

I’d wondered how you guys were getting on. Thanks for the heads up @just2random - and good luck with the next idea you’re developing

Yeah, I was wondering the same thing. Thanks for being an early supporter. Your generosity won't be forgotten. If you get something going don't forget to reach out.

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