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Have you ever been on chat and someone wanted you to look at their latest post on their blog, but can't post the link due to channel rules? This will make it easier and free of typos. You don't wanna go to Steemlt.com now, do you?

Steemit GoToBlog

I have created a bookmarklet that will prompt you for a blog to open. Take a look to see how it works:


To install, create a new bookmarklet in your browser (it helps to have the bookmark toolbar always shown) and enter the following for location:

Please see http://pastebin.com/ApFYVUy6

Here is an example of how to do it in Google Chrome:


In Google Chrome, just click on the bookmarklet and you will be prompted with what blog you want to go to, click OK or hit Enter to continue, and the page will then redirect you there:

In Mozilla Firefox, due to some restrictions, clicking the bookmarklet while on Steemit.com will do nothing. Instead, you must load the bookmarklet in another tab or window. To do this, you can middle-click, control-click, command-click, or right-click and choose Open in a New [...]:


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Thanks! And Enjoy. Feedback is always welcome.

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P.S. Feel free to check out and upvote my introduceyourself post: HELLO, FRIEND
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I have like 3 of these javascript apps installed. There's a serious steemit manifestation in my toolbar, thanks to developers like you.


YES! The Steem world takeover domination is happening!


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Great addition !
As usual, you do a great job with Mozilla plugins.
I am impressed.


Thank you for the high praise, @sebastien! Glad you like it =)

you have very proposals

Good job as usual. :) Let me know if I should add it to steemlets.com


Thank you! Yes, plz add, always! =D


Finally, someone did this. I've been trying someone to did this. Adding this to Tools & Websites on the forum.


Yes, great work from @lantto and should submit this to steemtools.com!


I think you should submit steemlets.com to steemtools.com by @roelandp, which is called 'Steem App Center' on the hammer sidebar!

Ha! Another amazing one! great job :)


@steemitqa, thank you for the kind support, as always! =D

Very cool. I love these kind of little tools to make life easier.


@thecryptofiend, thanks! Glad you find it useful

Still trying to clutter up my browser.. Thanks!


Lol, yes, I've been doing that for the last two weeks! Thanks! =D

Could be useful ;) If you could add a input to add names would be nice.
That way the user could scroll and choose what blog to choose


This was something I was thinking about. But I was thinking that most of the time the user would go to their followed page to find a specific blog, or already have a few bookmarks of their favorite blogs.

Thanks for this! Following you now :) Bookmark cashatags: $b.tools $b.steemit $b.bookmarklet


@nonlinearone Thanks so much! I'm followed to you too!

How did you make those animated gifs from screen recordings? @nonlinearone


Yes! On my mac, I'm using QuickTime Player. It can do various captures but mine is the screen recording option that you can get to on File > New Screen Recording. Then after recording, you can trim the clip to whatever is desired and save the video file. For conversion to gif, I just use ffmpeg but there are only tools like those online.


Thanks @bitcoiner, bookmark cashtags: $b.screenrecording $b.video $b.tools


I might have missed something.. what are the tags? Is it a feature for searching?

Thanks! This is very useful. Keep up the good work!

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everything move TOO FAST and twitchy
damn near triggered an epileptic seizure
I couldn't understand a thing.