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Are you doing everything to maximize curation rewards? Heard of the 30 minute rule?

The 30 Minute Rule

If you haven't read the whitepaper, you should. Haha. But in case you haven't yet, here is something very important to note from it:

If you upvote a post that is less than 30 minutes old you loose some, most or basically all of your curation reward. Do not upvote any post unless it is at least 30 minutes old.

I recommend these two posts if you really want to understand more:

The routine as mentioned in the post from @johnsmith is what this tool will be most relevant to. If you follow his routine, this tool will help make it easier when you have a bunch of posts open and you need to monitor all their elapsed times.

Steemit CountDown

I have created a bookmarklet to make monitoring the elapsed times of posts very easy! Take a look to see how it works:


To install, create a new bookmarklet in your browser (it helps to have the bookmark toolbar always shown) and enter the following for location:

javascript:(function(){if(!window.status.length) {window.status = ""; setInterval(function(){if(document.getElementsByClassName("Post").length){if(!window.status.length) window.status = document.title; document.title = "[" + document.getElementsByTagName("time")[0].innerHTML + "] - " + window.status;} else window.status="";}, 500);}})();

Here is an example of how to do it in Google Chrome:

If you are using Mozilla Firefox, this bookmarklet will not work. If there are Firefox users out there who do want to use this tool, reply to me in a comment and I'll make an update for Firefox.


Let's say you have two posts open in two tabs and you wanted to monitor their elapsed times, it'll look like this:

As you can see, the relative elapsed time will be prepended to the tab's title. Also, the time will automatically update itself.

Shameless Plug

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Thanks! And Enjoy. Feedback is always welcome.

Follow me! @bitcoiner

P.S. Feel free to check out and upvote my introduceyourself post: HELLO, FRIEND

Here you go, with a built in alert at 30 minutes:

javascript:(function(){window.status.length||(window.setTimeout(function(){alert("Go vote on "+document.title+"!")},1000*60*(30-parseInt(document.getElementsByTagName("time")[0].innerHTML))),window.status="",setInterval(function(){document.getElementsByClassName("Post").length?(window.status.length||(window.status=document.title),document.title="["+document.getElementsByTagName("time")[0].innerHTML+"] - "+window.status):window.status=""},500));})();

The unminified code:

javascript: (function() {
    if (!window.status.length) {
        window.setTimeout(function() {
            alert("Go vote on " + document.title + "!");
        }, 1000 * 60 * (30 - parseInt(document.getElementsByTagName("time")[0].innerHTML)));
        window.status = "";
        setInterval(function() {
            if (document.getElementsByClassName("Post").length) {
                if (!window.status.length) window.status = document.title;
                document.title = "[" + document.getElementsByTagName("time")[0].innerHTML + "] - " + window.status;
            } else window.status = "";
        }, 500);

If you want to get in earlier than 30 minutes, just change the 30 in there to something else like 28, 25, etc.

Hey, I know I am little late buuuut ... I would really appreciate if someone can update this code! :)

I'm still using the human method, but I can see how this could help..

what is the human method?

See good post. Read it. Wait. Jump in at the right time by having it open in its own tab. Sometimes I will vote early to get a quality post moving that has no action. As dan calls it a "selfless" upvote.

@bitcoiner, wow! Very cool utility. I was trying to figure out a way to filter new and active posts by time to take advantage of the 30 min rule.

I broke the rule for your work here...you deserve the full upvote!

Thanks for the high praise, @cryptobro! I actually didn't know about the 30 minute rule for a long time hahaa

This is good stuff. I didn't really get curation.

Good work I did not know that about voting before 30 minutes.

Yes but do you know how to speed up time?

Nice post @bitcoiner, love the shameless plug. Seems like this will end up being a very useful post.
Upvoted for the effort for sure.

Haha, thanks @cryptovpn, I saw @jesta use it first so I thought why not? lol

Nice tool! Will definitely help in my curation. Unfortunately, I dropped Chrome long ago due to it's unacceptable resource hogging. Using Firefox and now with Windows 10 1607, Edge. Hope to see it on Firefox :) I believe Edge is pretty easy to port to from Chrome extensions as well, but I understand there'll be a limited audience right now.

Thanks! Glad to help it may be helpful for you! Yes, Chrome does hog a lot of resources haha. And Edge is pretty nice! It might work there, will have to try it. But just for you, i'll make this for Firefox too in a later update!

Wow, thank you so much. :) I'm sure there will be other takers too.

Oh yes, @teamsteem wanted my last tool for Firefox. haha

Haven't gotten to an update yet, but here's my new tool that also works in Firefox.. https://steemit.com/steem/@bitcoiner/steemit-random-discover-a-random-post

Great! Any chance of getting this working in Edge?

I haven't tested it in Edge, but from what I know, there doesn't seem to be any browser-specific code in my tool and so should work without modification. But I'll test it in Edge when I get the chance.

The curation time is not between 15 and 30 minutes? or over 30 min?

I think I'm going to reread those posts up above. Haha, I need to review too

Thanks - nice one - I hadn't seen steemdown before.

@azurejasper, thanks! Haha good thing I did the plug :)

i have some concerns sir. Why in my browser it always say 15hours ago even if it is newly posted. I tried it in my own post.

Can you give me a link to that post? I can try it out.

Wow! another great post by @bitcoiner keep up the great work! I never knew any of this :0

Thanks! Yes, we are all learning and learning!

Great idea, and thanks. Just set it up in Chrome :)

@nonlinearone, Glad you are liking it! Thanks for the support! =D

Is there any way to get it to do some kind of alert or auto-switch to the tab at the 30 minute mark?

Yeah, I wanted this too, so I just added an alert to it. Enjoy!

Actually, I think there is. I'll look into it.

Just left a comment with a timed alert. Thanks for putting this together! It's very useful.

Great post, I did not know you lose Curation rewards that quick. I really need to read the Whitepaper. LOL

Haha, it's a long read, but super informative about how the whole system works! And also read the two linked posts above for way better explanation!

Will do, Thanks for the tips... :)

My pleasure! =D

Hi! This post has a Flesch-Kincaid grade level of 8.8 and reading ease of 65%. This puts the writing level on par with Leo Tolstoy and David Foster Wallace.

Great tool!
But it seems to me that I received curation points even before 30 minutes, usually 3 o 4 minutes after it was posted.

Yes, you'll still receive curation rewards even before 30 minutes, but it comes at a penalty. But as others have said, sometimes it is worth taking the penalty, especially if the post goes viral and your vote came before a whale!

Hello there, this looks amazing and id like to try it out, but i am on Firefox in Linux !! could you suggest how i might go about installing into my browser please thanks !!

Thanks! This bookmarklet will not work in Firefox, but as there is demand for it, I will create a version for Firefox very soon! Stay tuned at @bitcoiner or follow me! =D

what I read from a post was that if you vote under 30 minutes you get the reword but you don't if you vote after that....huh

hmm, from what i've read, you get a penalty if you vote under 30 minutes but you'll get a penalty too. But sometimes it's better to take the penalty especially if the post does well. Can anyone verify?

The original whitepaper says that before 30 mins it goes to the author (with penalty lessening over time) and after 30 to the curator. Steemit.com also says in the faqs that the whitepaper is old and that some of the content may be outdated. And... they say a new whitepaper is going to be published soon, which should clarify on matters such as this. For now, I'd suggest that if you're concerned about maximizing your curation reward to wait til after 30 minutes. However, if it's more your style, just don't worry about it and use the site in a more "leisurely" way and just earn what you earn and not spend your energy trying to manage this aspect.

very good post and info

thanks. looks interesting. i'm using eyeballs on my post and this should help much.:-)

I see this post is a year old and is this information right or outdated?

me too, i mean this information useless now, cause avery post have a coundown now..

Does this still apply @bitcoiner ?

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