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Are you an adventurous Steemian? If so, discover a new, random post now! No more scrolling through lists and judging posts based on titles, thumbnails, and openings.. Instead, jump right into a random one and give it a chance!

Steemit Random

I have created a bookmarklet that will redirect to you a random post in a certain category, with optional tag. Take a look to see how it works:


To install, create a new bookmarklet in your browser (it helps to have the bookmark toolbar always shown) and enter the following for location:

Please see http://pastebin.com/HCCy762T

Here is an example of how to do it in Google Chrome:


In Google Chrome, just click on the bookmarklet and you will be prompted with what category (and tag) you want, click OK or hit Enter to continue, and the page will then fetch the random post and redirect you there:

In Mozilla Firefox, due to some restrictions, clicking the bookmarklet while on Steemit.com will do nothing. Instead, you must load the bookmarklet in another tab or window. To do this, you can middle-click, control-click, command-click, or right-click and choose Open in a New [...]:


This is similar to the "Random article" link you see on the left sidebar on a Wikipedia article. Here it is if you're interested: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Special:Random.

Like clicking on Wikipedia's Random article link, you might run into something very exciting for you and learn a new thing or two.

Tools Used


Here are some of my other tools you may have missed..

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Thanks! And Enjoy. Feedback is always welcome.

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P.S. Feel free to check out and upvote my introduceyourself post: HELLO, FRIEND
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Can such javascript programs have security vulnerabilities to eventually steal your password?


Yes, it is possible. Users should always be cautious before installing programs and addons. If possible, examine the code!

This is a great idea. It is sure to uncover some hidden gems that people would otherwise miss. Will this work with Safari?


Yes! With this tool, you will instantly be directed to a Steemian's creation you might have never clicked on due to bad thumbnail, title, or opening. Most of the time, there is judgement from the cover. I'm not sure about Safari.

Oh wow this is pretty bad ass we will be using this for sure.



Very cool idea! This will really help people find undiscovered content. I am paranoid about installing plugins into my browser though. Any chance you could make it into a website? I bet you could get it added to steemtools.


Thanks! Yes, it's good to be paranoid! Haha. But I'll definitely look into doing this as a separate website instead of utilizing the browser. Just got to clear a few things on my Steemit todo list. Follow me to stay informed! =D

I think this is a great idea however doesn't seem to work on my Chrome browser.... do you think it's because I'm running incognito?

Really great idea and so helpful! thank you :)





@tuck-fheman, THANKS² !

I like this one. Can you make something similar that works well on iOS?


I'll see what I can do there. If all else fails, this could all just be done with an actual website.


Maybe it should open four random ones at once m. I think a random post is likely to be bad but I bet 1 out of 4 would be nice. Also maybe you could set parameters to filter out post with high value on them or other filters. Keep up the good work.


Thank you! I think with these extra options, it would be more intuitive to have this as a website. Great suggestions!

This is great to see :)
Thanks for dropping this into the SteemIt Forum I'll add this to the cool tools section :)


Appreciated, @steemitqa!

Amazing concept @bitcoiner!

Very nice idea, I love it!

great tool for curators! and whales, probably...


haha maybe!

Thanks for this nice post. ... very interesting.

Very interesting! Supported!