[Steemit ↔ Steemd] - Quickly Switch Between Steemit.com and Steemd.com

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Even been viewing a fellow Steemian's profile and wanted to see it in steemd.com? Normally, you have to replace the domain on the address bar, but that takes time and could be prone to typos. You don't wanna go to steemlt.com now, do you?

Steemit ↔ Steemd

I have created a simple bookmarklet to make this super simple! Take a look to see how it works:


To install, create a new bookmark in your browser (it helps to have the bookmark toolbar always shown) and enter the following for location:

javascript:(function(){location.assign("//" + ((location.hostname == "steemd.com") ? "steemit.com" : "steemd.com") + ((location.pathname.split("/")[1].indexOf("@") == -1) ? location.pathname : ("/" + location.pathname.split("/")[1])))})();

Here is an example of how to do it in Google Chrome:


Let's say you were looking at @jesta's blog and you wanted to see some of his stats on steemd, it'll look like this:

This bookmarklet is not limited to profiles, but also other things like posts and tags. But not all pages on steemit.com have a corresponding address on steemd.com and vice versa. Though the worst thing that can happen is bumping into a Page Not Found page.

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Haha, this is something that @jesta does so I guess I will do it too.

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Thanks! And Enjoy. Feedback is always welcome.


P.S. Feel free to check out and upvote my introduceyourself post: HELLO, FRIEND

Thanks a lot :-)

Thank you! =D

Well done! Cut some typing and improve productivity. I like it. Give you my upvote!


Drat, I finally hid my bookmark bar and now I have a new reason to enable it again! Thanks!

Haha! True, hiding the bookmark bar does make it look a lot cleaner! Glad you like it. =)

so the next days will sell, and steem will go down?!!(i visited steemdown)

I think everyone needs to have their own course of action! Correction seems inevitable, but hard to tell.

Simple and elegant!! What a great idea!!!

Thanks for the high praise!

That's a handy tool. I'll have to add it. Thanks for sharing :)

Another good ap . You are on fire.

works in Chrome but not Firefox for me ;-)

I'll check it out, thanks for the heads up!

Didn't work for me either. I didn't tried it on Chrome! This bookmark is awesome! I hope you'll be able to solve this! Keep on the good work!

My pleasure - I'm using FF version 47.0

Useful tid bit

Thank you, @blueorgy! A huge fan of your work!

Very informative and useful, thank you!

I searched everywhere. Is there way to view the first steem block say block number 1?

Thanks this saves some key strokes

I only have mobile phone so cannot use it.
Very handy, respect.
Forecast: Post could go over 1000

Actually if you have mobile Chrome, it may work, you just have to create the new bookmark! Then on the target page, bring up the bookmark.

Thanks for the forecast! Heheheheheee

Yes, I thought so too after I clicked send but am in zombie mode

Haha, need the braainnsss

This was very helpful, thank you! Great tutorial on how to do it as well, that's appreciated :)

WEEEEEE !!!, I can flip pages by pushing a button !!!

LOL it's way fun, huh?! =D

WOW! This is going to be super useful, I had been reaching up and changing the d in steemd to it or the it in steemit to a d, but this will be way better.

damn ... wanted to do that for quite a while, i guess you beat me to it! :P

Everything you've created kind of blogs my mind. How did you do it and where did you get started?

Thanks for the compliments, friend! I've been doing web dev since I was in grade school, now professionally. It's quite fulfilling to be doing things that others find useful!

works smooth like a breeze, thank you!

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