Manual Curation with OCDB | #NewSteem full force

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OCDB is one of the most profitable Bots in the market, both for delegators and authors; we are able to keep the Return of Investment so high for both parties because we are Non-Profit stake distribution bot that doesn't take a cut from the authors nor the delegators; oh and one more thing, we give to the delegators 100% of our curation rewards.

The Steem Ecosystem is a free market and the community has spoken. Most - if not all - of the voting bots out there has been idle (without bids) several times during the past 4 days. It's the first time since the HF21-22 that OCDB is about to reach 100% Voting Power.

Since we give to our delegators all of the curation rewards, and since OCDB is a voting service created by OCD, and @ocd is a curation guild... guess what?

Instead of leaving the bot idle, every time OCDB is about to reach 100% VP, we will do some manual curation with it.

Following OCD's strive for transparency and keeping in touch with the community, here's a list of all the posts we have curated so far starting on Sunday, September 9th all the way through Sunday, September 16th:

@roelandpSteemfest update: Conference venue, new speakers & price hikeThe post rewards will go directly to organize the event and make the price tickets affordable for plankton and minnows.
@ocdOCD Beneficiary appreciation post #15The post rewards will be splited between @steemworld, @jga, @steempeak and @c-squared.
@steemchillerManaging the after-fork effectsOne of the most helpful tools for keeping track of stats on the steem ecosystem.
@drakosHardfork 22 tomorrowAll his help to get the Steem Blockchain working again after the halt that happened on Sunday.
@justinehRepresenting Steem at the bitcoin conference in LAAll her efforts to promote Steem on the Bitcoin conference in Los Angeles.
@steempeakSteem proposals rulesOne of the main interfaces for interacting with blockchain, very user friendly and easy to understand for newbies.
@actifitWeekly staff picked - Actifit reports 3One of the main dapps in the Steem ecosystem that deserves more rewards than what they get.
@travelfeedAmerica: Weekly round up 79Curation group dedicated to travel posts, amazing phone app launch a few weeks ago.
@steemitworldmapTravel digest 612Great tool to allow travelers to pin their posts in the Steem world map.
@curieCurators review AugustCuration guild doing non-profit curation on the Steem Blockchain for the past 3 years.
@steemstemSteemSTEM distilled #108Guild dedicated to encourage, curate and spread science accross the Steem blockchain. Running for years now!
@helpieWacky Wednesday artsy fartsy photo contestHelpie is a community focused in encourage interaction and engagement among more experienced users and newbies alike. Helpie's been running for more than a year now.
@splToday on LucksacksThe Steem Poker League is one of the communities with the most faithful userbase and has been running Poker torunaments every day for the past two years. The tournament prizes are in crypto!
@steemhuntNew Campaign hairfit, reviewhunt listed at bitberry, Steemfest contest updateSteemhunt is one of the Dapps with a huge Steem delegatoin and they do not boost their posts, we wanted to reward that selflessness.

Every time we cast a manual vote with OCDB, I will update this post so anyone who is curious can see the vote history.

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Nice work. 😉

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#NewSteem for the win 💪

starting on Sunday, September 9th all the way through Sunday, September 16th

Which calendar do you use? It would help if you can translate the same to Gregorian calendar.


Really appreciate manual curation of @ocdb and featuring author.. Also I loved the initiatives of helping planktons and minnows... Keep up the good work...

Thank you, we really hope this brings an incredible outcome for the Steem community!

I am so confused with all these things - do not know a whole lot about steemit and crypto and bots - I just post. How do I get this bot to vote for me or does he search his own posts?

You can start by joining the @ocd discord channel! There you will find an answer to every question you have about Steem :)

This is the link to the discord channel

I want to check this out more too. I'm glad I was able to fix a technical issue with my discord.

Lovely. Good News ♨️

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😊☺️😊 That's the #NewSteem!

Hopefully it's going to be more affordable. I am planning to attend steemfest but it's kinda ripping my pocket off from plane tickets, hotels and steemfest ticket. I wish someone could organize a public meetup as well hehe

#newsteem is looking pretty good at the moment :)

Yeah I did some vote buying yesterday from OCDb, it was indeed very good the ROI, i might delegate soon myself to take advantage.
Hopefully it can get some manual vote myself, I have quality though not popular niche contents

The ROI is currently great for authors! Whenever we do manual curation we'll try to keep it as impartial and unbiased as possible, just like we do manual Curation with OCD :)

Good stuff :D

Awesome idea, and nice work. GG to the @ocd / @ocdb crew
!giphy good+job

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Congratulations for an excellent work.

Doing a great Job. Kudos to you guys

¡Excelente! Siempre al servicio de la comunidad y sin desperdicio.

Saludos ; )

Once again, thanks a lot for your support to SteemSTEM! On behalf of the entire team, this is greatly appreciated!

So how do I learn more about @ocdb? I am still fairly new to how this all works and want to explore new ways of growing on steem.