SteemFest⁴ update - introducing conference venue, new speakers, ticket price hike 1 and TRF SPS

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What a week it was on the chain :) But hey, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger, right? Hello Hardfork 22! With Hardfork 21 came the new economic changes, downvote pool, some new api calls and the Steem Proposal System.


  • Ticket price hike #1 within 12 hours
  • Travel Reimbursement Fund - SPS Proposal open for voting

Sunset over a night market in Bangkok - by Florian Wehde - Unsplash

The Steem Proposal System...

... is the automated community voted distribution of blockchain created funds. I like the concept behind SPS's because anyone can write a proposal, and the community decides what will get enough votes and thus paid through the funding system in SBD requested (provided the fund has enough SBD available). A true democratic process, albeit a bit capitalistic, as it's stake weighted voting :) Oh by the way, if you have a Proxy set for your witness votes, that Proxy-account is also the proxy for your proposal votes, be aware!

For SteemFest's Travel Reimbursement Fund I setup a Steem Proposal System Proposal. Oh, if you don't know: the @t-r-f account is the community donation fund for SteemFest go-ers. Anyone who is attending in Bangkok will be able to register for their piece of this donation fund - which gets paid out after the event based on each attendees travelled miles. If the Steem Proposal for @t-r-f funding gets enough traction it will receive a modest amount of 77.777 SBD per day (once the treasure of the SPS system has enough funds) for 77 days. All garnered funds will directly be paid into the @t-r-f account.

If you like this idea and think it is helpful for the Steem chain to bring as many people of the ecosystem together, and give a travel relief by means of fund support, please cast your vote. But please whatever you opt for, thats up to you, but do take some time to also explore the other proposals proposed. There are already some interesting ones up for voting.

Read how to cast your vote in the dedicated SPS Proposal: SteemFest Travel Reimbursement Fund Post.

New Names announced for the SteemFest⁴ Lineup:

SteemFest: Conference x City Trip

The philosophy behind SteemFest is: conference meets city trip. I've attended many conferences. What I dislike about most of them is that you travel (in some cases) half the globe to arrive into a place you don't know. A culture you have not met, a city you have not seen. And what do you do? You lock yourself up in a hotel, preferably the same as the conference is held in, and stay for 3 days, and then,... go back home. Bye bye opportunity to explore.

With SteemFest this is different. By attending the event you already explore various facets of the hosting city. This is simply done by organising different parts of the event in physically different cities. It's a small logistical nightmare, but it keeps the dynamic of the event alive. Every time a new place. Some won't like this, but most of you do.

This is why even both conference days' venues are in different places across Bangkok. So you get to see the city already by just coming to the conference. Nobody said it was going to be easy.

Announcing Conference Day 1 Venue: Scala Theatre in Siam

Siam is the defacto heart of Bangkok. Filled with 4 (or so) mega malls, neighbouring the Chulalongkorn University grounds, the Royal Bangkok sports club and overheaded by the BTS Skytrain it is a bustling area filled with Thai locals & tourists.

Scala Theatre by Phil_Jablon on Cinema Treasures

Chilling between highrisers and malls is this beautiful (imho a bit thai kitschy :D) movie place called "Scala Theatre". The Scala is a historic cinema in Bangkok. Opened in 1969, the Scala is the last remaining operational standalone single-screen cinema in the country.

The venue has a nice semi outdoors lobby area with high ceilings and air-cooled cinema with stage, which will be the days' place for all talks & presentations. A huge screen for projections, it is a cinema after all.

Getting to Scala from the Prince Palace Hotel is rather easy: Only 2 boat-stops away from the hotel stop with the Khlong Saen Saep ferry (5 mins - 9 baht - 0,27 EUR) and a 3 minute walk. Note: it's gonna be wobbly ride :) But fun!

Khlong Saen Saep speedy ferry - by David McKelvey on Flickr

After the conference day more activities have been planned in the Siam area, but hey what fun is it to reveal everything right now?

Last call! Price Hike 1 is about to happen!

Please be alert that SteemFest ticket price will follow the pre-announced dynamic pricing schedule. From this schedule term 1 is almost finished. Actually by midnight tonight, but the prices will only be updated tomorrow CET morning, so you still have some changes to grab a ticket for early bird price until then.

The new price will be a 20% raise of costprice added to the "regular" ticket (+88 EUR)- out of which plankton (50%) & minnow (75%) raises are calculated.

SteemFest Competitions

Want to come to Bangkok, but are struggling for funds? There are some competitions going on:

That's it for now. Have a nice weekend!


Liquid rewards from this post will go to organising @steemfest

SteemFest's ticket reductions are made possible by generous donations from:

@bitshares-at-sf @steemit @blocktrades
@steemmonsters @smooth steem engine

Hi @roelandp !
Hi STEEM community !
I am @yann0975 co-funder of @cleanplanet !
As last year in KRAKOW I will be at STEEMFEST4 at Bangkok
I just had my tickets to... And I am so happy to participate again.
My wife and me will stay in place a few days more to visit Thaïland...
Hope to meet you there 😘
@yann0975 @cleanplanet

Hello, I'm attending but I'm still working on the funds to buy the ticket. I joined a contest already and will join more. I see the price for plankton has increased and now EUR 266.66, I think I previously saw 222.22. Is this now the final price or will it increase further?

Also, it says that plankton price covers 50% of the cost price. May I clarify what that means? Is that a discount for planktons or does that mean that I only get access to half of the event.

I voted for the reimbursement proposal :)


the price will rise a couple of times.

see for the FAQ and explanation of this dunamic schedule.

best is: dont wait too long.

50% means the other half is paid for by sponsorships, so yes thats your discount. everybody gets access to the same event and inclusives!

Thank you and to the sponsors! I have just bought the plankton ticket - this is what I can afford, it is relatively expensive for me coming from the Philippines (and I'm still establishing my new career/job).

I was also trying to vote for the Steem proposal but I'm getting an error. Is this still open? I have previously voted using my old account,@wanderlass, but I have created this new account as my main account going forward (I want to avoid possible issues with an existing 'wanderlass' travel blogger/ social media influencer as they recently contacted me, hence, I'm moving on with this new account).

Yes you should be able to vote! It's great that you obtained a planton ticket. Thats what they are here for. See you in Bangkok!

See ya in Bangkok! :)

Was trying to vote through different browsers but I get this error-

Oops, something went wrong. Here is the error message:
" now=2019-09-18T16:14:48 trx.exp=2019-09-18T16:10:10"

hmmm idk about this error...

Ayyyy @mynewlife.... Mad Dogs in Bangkok?!
Looks like an awesome venue for day 1!

Keep up the fantastic work Roelly!

Hey @roelandp! Thanks so much for what you do for the Steem community. As a token of appreciation your post has received a 100% free vote from @ocdb.

For transparency purposes I'll drop this link here in case anyone wants to read more about @ocdb's manual curation.

Hey @roelandp

I'm not at Steemfest this time, (but i was at Steemfest³)
I have already donated 50Steem to @t-r-f! Like at the Steemfest³

cheers 🤠


thats prerty epic!

on behalf of all SF4 goers: Danke sehr!

I plan to be in Bangkok from 24th of October. Does that coincide withsteemfest I forgot the dates. Sure hope so

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you are a bit early then. maybe some island before!

6-10 Nov are SteemFest Days.

join the newsletter!

Great I might leave a few days later then.

Posted using Partiko Android

Love the exploration spirit! Even though Bangkok is scary to imagine, I am sure it will be a blast to explore and experience together with other Steemians! Can't wait!

Hi @roelandp,

I am thinking breakfast is included in this day. If so, is the breakfast at the hotel and then people go to the theater? Or is breakfast at the theater?

Also - can you tell the hours of the theater events, or is that published somewhere already?

I'm asking since I will not be staying at the conference hotel barring a financial miracle. So maybe I would just go straight to Siam from where I am staying - probably by bts, not boat.

there will be some pastries included with the coffeebreaks but not a full fledged breakfast. depending on your morning needs consider taking care of this yourself!

the full timetables are only ready closer to the event, and will be published in the steemfest mobile app and online.

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