Hardfork 22 Tomorrow

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I was about to take a nap earlier, yesterday's HF21 transition was tiresome, then bam, we get news of a critical bug that requires another hardfork! No, we're not out of the woods yet.

As described in https://steemit.com/delegations/@steemitblog/delegation-issue, there's a problem with delegations and account creation.

Currently, the way the blockchain is checking downvote mana returns false negatives which causes it to “believe” that an account should not be allowed to delegate any Steem Power.

It's fixed and needs to be done urgently. It's been decided to do Hardfork 22 tomorrow, Thursday at 11:00 AM EDT. The hardfork will activate when we have a supermajority of the top20 witnesses voting including one backup, that is 17/21.

My servers are updated and ready, no replay needed, just build and restart. As usual, always keeping up with the events.

Again, respect to the developers and witnesses for staying on top of things. Hopefully we'll have a quiet weekend.

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Hey @drakos! Thanks so much for what you do for the Steem community. As a token of appreciation your post has received a 100% free vote from @ocdb.

For transparency purposes I'll drop this link here in case anyone wants to read more about @ocdb's manual curation.

Oh. Well. Aren't hardforks fun? Said no one, ever.

Haha, isn't that the truth! Amazing efforts and thank-you's to Steem Dev's & witnesses ❤❤❤

To be fair, I don't mind Hardforks. It shows improvments being made, everyone flocks to discord channels & talks & plays games, it's like when there's a power outage so you actually leave your computer and talk to your family.

Good times :^)

Good luck to you & all the devs, godspeed!
(and you might require some !BEER when this is all over ;^))

And just when I thought all of you would be out celebrating your success! Wishing you and all the devs a quiet weekend when this is done!

Well it's wasn't a success, the blockchain froze shortly after HF21. Let's hope nothing goes bad like that in HF22. Thanks for the lovely thought.

It was so much better than last time that I guess it just came in way above my expectations! Building the future is hard work. Thanks for all you do!

Keep up the great work and thanks!


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I thought that everything had been a success according to what Steemitblog could interpret.

Hopefully everything goes well in the second attempt.

lol that dog is cute!

I give it a lol.

Goodluck forking steem man😂.
I just voted you as witness

Thanks :)

Thank you for all You do and I bet that Hard fork was a bit HARD 😜 it sure wasnt a success but hope things goes more smoothly in The future.
Mad Respect!

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Drink lots of coffee bro! No time for sleep

How about hf20 instead?

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No, we can't go back at this point. It would mean wiping thousands of transactions.

No, I just mean hardforking to the way things were under hf20. Sure, I'll give it another week, but I can't imagine many users sticking around if things continue apace. HF21/22 has surprised people who didn't quite understand what the new rewards curve meant. Which makes sense because I think it was not what people focused on. Even the people explaining why 50/50 and downvotes were a good idea tended to just leave out the rewards curve in their explanation because that had "concerns" of their own. Which means people didn't get it. And, sure, all those people who didn't get it also didn't have enough stake to move the needle on Witness votes. But we need more users, not fewer if Steem is going to grow, and people are upset (myself included) to see the rich and/or ruthless doing better in this economy than the previous, while the poor and/or considerate do worse.

Le sigh. Steem is a different beast than the whales understand, and instead of seeing what it is, they see what they want it to be. And that dissonance is creating a lot of friction and, IMHO, is why it's not becoming what it could be.

"...we need more users, not fewer if Steem is going to grow..."

When exercising due diligence it is important to compare rhetoric to action. When the two diverge, action tells the truth. Speculation as to why they diverge is necessary to investors, but it is only useful when conducted objectively. There are specific metrics that drive adoption and retention. All aspects of HF21 diametrically oppose both.

Plan accordingly.

I agree. The problem arises when staking actions are the overt best course, and one goes from trusting the designers to not trusting them over a relatively short period. My due diligence happened over the course of a year before I decided to invest heavily. The about-course from the leadership was relatively abrupt. All we have left are our hopes and dreams, and the friendships we form in times of crisis.

Hi improv:
I've seen you around, but don't "know" you.
You're right. We didn't understand. However, unlike with government, where we have a duty to study and assess, Steemit is a hobby (for me). And that hobby does not require due diligence. Just good-natured, sincere interest.
Wow am I disappointed in those who steer this ship. It's only been a couple of days, but my fun has diminished. What's the point of a hobby without fun?
Now, the impression might be, who needs hobbyists on the blockchain? I submit that the future of Steemit lies in hobbyists. Hobbyists, just like those who populate Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (I only do Twitter). Numbers, I think, mean money. Advertisers like numbers, don't they?
Well, I'm not going anywhere, because I have friends here that I value. And there are actually people who need the small revenue stream Steemit provides (heaven help them). I'll blog much less, mostly with my friends in mind. And I will support them, as well as those (less popular) bloggers who need revenue. But my behavior will definitely change.
Was that the intention of the developers? Did they want people like me to be discouraged. Am I a nuisance blogger?
I don't know. Just giving a response to your comment which I found to be meaningful. I'll give you an upvote later (won't be worth anything) when I have more steem power.

Thanks for your response. Yep. Disappointed is the word. And I certainly wish I had continued to be a Steem hobbyist instead of deciding it was a good investment a year ago. Live and learn, I suppose, but I'm not sure what the lesson is.

How about this: we can always make a mistake. Dust ourselves off, and move forward. I've been around (on earth) a long time. After a while, the mistakes are humbling. Which may be good :))

Yeah. I just keep making the same mistake... except when it could be good for me. My investing history is riddled with them, and I don't seem to be learning.

Or, maybe I am, in that, now that Steem price is crashing, I'm resisting the temptation to buy more.

Investments? Not me. I've never won at that game. I wish you great success, wherever you put your money :)

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