Welcome to the halls of the Philoso-forum! A new Discord server dedicated to Philosophy and the Occult Arts.

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Greetings, my fellow travelers,

I have gathered you all today to announce the opening of the Philosoforum, and as the title states - we are dedicated to discussing and sharing our ideas and posts about philosophy and all things occult.


If there is not a room that is available for your niche, contact either myself of @theoccultcorner to have the room added so conversation and links can move appropriately.

While there is already one server for Steemit that is similar, the hosts and admins seem to have gone dormant. As any pheonix does as it ages, we are rising from the ashes of the old to build a more recent and active group of practitioners and philosophers together.

Let us help one another in creating a more whole experience for each other while being open to learning. Each of us has different knowledge and that knowledge can certainly help any one of us. Together we are strong while alone we struggle against the current.

So join us today, or tomorrow, but do join us. We are here for one another.

The Philosoforum Discord



PALPABLE POPE Ypyskypo Skwyrl, the Y'sas
Loser of Found Souls, Temple of Appled Thought
Erisian Ataxia Troupe

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So much love for this!

<3 Ty for your help with modding, I look forward to seeing this grow!

As do I. :)

It's a great pleasure to be on the team.

An inviting intriguing and appealing announcement ;-)

I'm not very much into the occult, but i'm always happy to dabble into philosophy... should i join discord or not?
PS- i haven't seen you in Steemstem's discord, everything ok m8? you probably just overworking cus of all the classes

The more the merrier! It isn't too lively yet, as we just opened - but hopefully the word shall spread and we will have a continuous flow of conversation and discussions.

I have had a really mentally challenging past few days dealing with PTSD. School and my relationship overwhelmed me and I shut down. I'll slowly trickle back in, though I did instigate a really good conversation on alchemy and transmutating gold using CERN the other night lol.

Glad to have the new space. Now if we can get the bots to cooperate that'd be swell.

Yeah, lol - bots are ridiculous. Hopefully we can get a good amount of members sharing ideas soon! Thanks for helping mod. :)

Ahh, sounds like a fun channel! I shall join, thank you for making it!

You are quite welcome. We look forward to your involvement. :)

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"Hello! I'm @shadow3scalpel and with the help of my protege, @chairborne, we are actively assisting veterans, retirees and active servicemen and women here on Steemit. We feel it is our 'duty' to support each other. Any questions or comments you may have, simply respond to this comment, thank you!"
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I afraid see your picture

Interesting great job with this article

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