Steem Music : Our Very First Contest (#1)

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The Initiative


The music community #steem-music has been growing from strength to strength. Apart from having an online presence, we thought it fit to bring music direct to the people and engage with different communities and for that we started having our fortnightly gigs.

Now we decide to take it one step further by announcing our very first steem-music challenge.

Rules and Regulations

  • Participants must use the tag #steem-music
  • Every participation must enclose a video either through D-tube or Youtube (embed) and the opening words before the music would be 'Steem-Music Challenge No. 1 by @(name of participant)'
  • Participant must resteem and upvote the post. Upvote need not be at 100%. It is at the discretion of the participant.


  • First prize of - 8 SBD
  • Second prize of - 3 SBD
  • 3 consolations of - 1 SBD each consolation prize winner

Every winner for each challenge will be entitled to enter a final round in Week 10 for the grand prize and the first season of #Steem-Music challenge for a grand prize of 80SBD.

2 Judges will be appointed to choose the winner. In the event of a disagreement, a guest judge will be invited to decide on the eventual winner. The judges will be announced 2 days from today.

All genres of songs are accepted. It can be classical, jazz, pop, blues or rap. For those who choose to use D-sound for techno music, the same rules apply, There must be an introduction first. You can sing, you can do a full instrumental, you can play the drum or a hand drum. The stage is yours.

(if your cat is also musically inclined, the post can be accepted, just get the cat to comply with the conditions stated above)

Write Ups

A good and decent write up would be appreciated for those who would want to share their inspiration or story behind the music. This would be even more so for those who are creators of original compositions. We give higher rating for original contents compared to covers. But good and outstanding covers do stand a good change in winning the challenge. In music anything is possible, the only rule is this, entertain us.


For those who would like to place their contribution towards the prize pool, you are more than welcomed. We seek your blessing for this very first initiative.

credit to @zomagic



Wowww this is gonna be big!!! All the best everyone!

Ur entry is very special...a new flavour to our dish...

I am very glad you enjoyed it! 🙂

Here’s My entry post for this challenge 😄 Hope you guys will like it 😁

Hope you get into the grand finals! Good luck!

wow tough competition from you sir...

Wowwww !!! Such lucrative prices to be won 😍😍😍😍😍 definitely joining this challenge ! 🤓🤓

Great idea! Good luck with this.

Wow....i want in!

Jom...u can take part


Wish I could sing or play an instrument.....

wow. talented family! I want to have your kids...

hahahahahaha..... you're funny!!... Thank you @soonmusic

U did very well with that carpool thing...i am sure u guys can do it. The rules are very relaxed...just enjoy urself.

OK, going to get some help from Daddio ... haha... and I realised that this gives the kids something to work on... I love it.... Thank you

OK, we tried to get the cat to sing but it has conveniently forgotten who's master... so you will have to settle for us @perennial 😃

all the best for the contest buddy. : )

I wish I can play music and join the contest... hahaha!

it's going to be exciting to see more and more talents on Steemit!

Banner Steem-Music (500x200).jpg

Wow a contest!! I would thought the founder will lead the initiative. But its good that someone takes the effort..😁😁 excited for this!!

haha! I can only say we have a lot of amazing people in #steem-music and on Steemit itself. that’s the beauty of this platform. anyone can start anything. you’re amazing too! :)

HAHAHAH you’re amazing too 😁😁
Anyone can start anything, but not anyone can make things move ..

couldn't agree more :) hats off to all the movers and shakers of the world! 👏👏

chill guys. we are all here for the music. movers or shakers, lets focus on what matters to us most.

Oohhhh! Can We join?

Most welcomed...we want u to make this happen...🎶🎶🎶🎸🎸🎸👏👏👏

Great initiative, a very nice challenge.


See if we can get some of members to join!

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The classical music community at #classical-music and Discord.
Follow our community accounts @classical-music and @classical-radio.
Follow our curation trail (classical-radio) at SteemAuto

Wow...many thanks for the support. We appreciate it. Pls do join...

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Hola, es permitido entradas en otro idioma?? por ejemplo Español??

hi sorry I dont understand spanish. english can?

Hello, i have time to participate?

There is week 2. Week 1 has ended. Week 2 closes next Thursday.

When will the results of week 1 be announced?

Hi @heatherthebard...the announcement and payout will be done today (15/4/2018) stay tuned.

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