Steem-Music Contest #1: The Kid on the Mountain

in steem-music •  2 years ago 

Here’s a fun traditional Irish slipjig in a minor key, perfect for a rainy day (like the one I was out in to record the video!). 🙃



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How I wish I could learn how to play the flute 🤣
This piece reminded me of one of Ed Sheerans tune -Nancy Mulligan hahaaha

If you are truly interested, follow me on here or on Patreon — I’ll be posting instructional videos teaching how to play. 🙂

Reminds me of the Corrs. 👏👏👏 really perks up my day!

Thank you!

I love all things Celtic....the music especially....always has such an effect on me.

Jigs are always so uplifting, listening to you play instantly put me in a place where my senses we're dancing along to the tune.

Good luck with the contest @heatherthebard

Thank you! I am glad you enjoyed it!