Steem-music Challenge No.1 - River Flows In You

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I take my hats off to @perennial and @zhusatriani for doing what they did for #steem-music. @zhusatriani has been going around to public universities and inviting his other friends to join the steem blockchain and we started seeing people like @korie, @zulkiflisaadan, @mohar, @enazirma, @xavierguitar, @grayarty and many more.

Then to @perennial for organising this. I don't have many communities to call my home except for #teammalaysia and #steem-music so, to show my support for this effort I am ensuring my entry is here today.


This composer and pianist is a South Korean. His famous songs are Kiss the Rain and The River Flows in You. Both of these songs I have performed to live audiences but this time around, I did some slight improvisation by adding some percussion to it and hopefully it will put me through to the final round.

Our Community

I am quite proud of this community that I have been apart of. We have performed together in Sultan Idris University and Liberal Latte. I wish to see it to continue growing. It is quite sad that only some people really push forward this initiative when the community could be used as a platform for everyone. Lately #teammalaysia through @bitrocker2020 has been very supportive of this community and I hope to see more artists joining this platform.

On the other hand, we do see people who really do their part without any recognition, one guy I consistently see behind the scene in almost all #teammalaysia event is @orangila. My hats off to this guy.

Time to Enjoy

To those who will be attending the event on the 14th April, 2018 in Liberal Latte, I will be performing 2 songs. Please come and enjoy your coffee for only 1 STEEM and I hope sireh is there to draw a caricature of me so that I can show off to my mom. My mom has also been very supportive of what I do in steemit and lately she bought the idea of investing in steem. I hope that it will be a good one.

See you guys...

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Another great work! Teach me guitar one day(for real)😂

He wont. He wants u to listen 4eva...

HAAHHAAHA I’ve been teaching her on and off for 3 years liao

means you didn't discipline her to learn

Cuz I still want her to listen foreva

Muahahahahah ok lor i listen

great challenge

Thank you 🙏🏼

wow, you are good edward! I want to see you in London. Lets do busking together. U keep the glory, I keep the money.

HAHAHA we’ll keep both 🤓😝

what a style..really love it edward!! yr hardcore fan!!

Bahaha thanks bro I’m your fan tooooo 😝 you really should teach me how to draw 🤣 problem!!

Your guitar playing is really cool .... You are so amazing my brother ...
Warm greetings from me @ipolatjeh1988.

Thanks bro 😁

Thanks bro for the mention:) I made promise to attend a BBQ event on the 14th, but it is not yet confirmed. If the BBQ isn't going as planned, then I'll definitely be at Liberal Latte and will be finally able to meet you:)

it turns out you guitar god is amazing

Ahahaha hey bro thanks for dropping by, hahahaa I’m not God , God is up there 😂 I’m just newbie muahaha

Im a newbie toooo

Your guitar skills is really amazing! Keep it up @edward-ong! 👍

Thanks Michelle! Hope u enjoyed it 😁 Your singing is gooooodd too!

join us at liberal latte this 14/4/2018, @edward-ong will be performing

Oops! Sorry to overlooked this. Ahhh cant make it this weekend. :/ Nevertheless, thanks for inviting and all the best for your performance Edward! :)