Steem Music Challange Week #1! Piano cover of Bangarang - Skrillex

in steem-music •  2 years ago 

Steem-Music Challenge

Peeps and people of steemit-land, after a few millennia of inactivity on steemit, I'm finally back with my first piano cover of one of dubstep's legend Skrillex's most popular tracks!

This is a entry video for the first Steem music challenge, hope you guys enjoy!

The last couple of months have been taking a mental toll on me as my finals is next month and I've had to cramp a busload of revision into a sardine can (my brain). Nevertheless, I figured that everyone needs some form of relaxation and timeout in order to perform. To me the piano is the best relieve for me both for the soul and the brain.

Sooooo I decided to make a short cover (with scatterred misplayed notes and offbeat scales) and here it goes...


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All the best bro :) You’re piano skills are insane 💯💯

Thanks babe, hope you win the contest!

damn this is crazy. how did yhu learn to play so well?

Thanks bro! Been playing since I was 4 😂